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Minecraft Flans Mod: World's Biggest Tank

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Prototype has finished modelling the landkreuzer p.1000 ratte super-heavy tank for minecraft flans mod. https://www.mediafire.com/?jtqkk6hi64fj6ci
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Text Comments (214)
But can it beat the Landkreuzer p1500 Monster What about the Landkreuzer p2000 Gott
крыса ссср (1 month ago)
cool ratte
The InternetProdigy (1 month ago)
*how does this massive tank move and turn it's turret as fast as it does here?!*
Patricia Barker (2 months ago)
In real life if Hitler never canceled it, it would have been bombed to smithereens anyway. These super weapons were all useless.
Terminator (2 months ago)
i remember messing around with this thing a really long time ago. good times.
DarkMario123 (3 months ago)
Is it for 1.7.10????.
Drift King Fujiwara (4 months ago)
what ver?
VASTO LORD TV (6 months ago)
Ratte was theoretically 11m high. Gustav 30m
tennisshoetoad (7 months ago)
The firing and the reload sounds like war thunder
legend_ cz (8 months ago)
KSHMR Music (8 months ago)
Is real life the schwerer gustaf would be bigger
Patricia Barker (2 months ago)
The schewer gustav was a railway cannon, not a tank. If you mean the P 1500 then yes.
Alecsa melgarejo (1 year ago)
If the Nazis continued that landkreuzer then hell will be brought in Russia and Europe but damn that thins fuken big if that thing wasn't a big target
Garvett (1 year ago)
Lankreuzer p.1500 monster was based on dora. The largest cannon ever made (807mm). And was quite more large than Ratte. So think about this.
RojoFern (1 year ago)
Wait, the Gustav was smaller than the Ratte?
alexscientist (1 year ago)
The Landkreuser P. 1000 Ratte would have had failed if it was made, it was basically a walking target for bombers, also, just imagine the cost of the oil that was already scarce around that time, you would need a lot of oil and also imagine the cost it would take to mass produce. Also the project would've took years, maybe even decades just to perfect it. Also, Germany was also losing the war at the time, and most of their resources were in Allied and Soviet hands. If this tank actually saw battle, it would fail.
Biased History (8 months ago)
Some Dude You Don't Know Sin for this comment for using too much "also".
Lieutenant_Sepp (1 year ago)
ThatRandom Gamer
K Marsh (1 year ago)
can you stand on it?
Police Vauxhall Astra (1 year ago)
FuckinAntiPope (1 year ago)
Can't find it in the pack for 1.7.10. Was it taken out or do I need another pack?
Roki Vuloboi (1 year ago)
lol that will crush a ms1
ツADDIKSHOW (1 year ago)
The voice of movement and recharging is taken from the War Thunder.
Pontus Häggström (1 year ago)
The tank was planned by the germans, tho it waas never buildt. So the "worlds biggest tank" is still the maus.
ExplodingSpinach_YT (1 year ago)
you may call it rat thats why ratte is called in germany
ツNaQ (1 year ago)
freedomknight (2 years ago)
Wtf this mod so awesome
Gen 1 Synth (2 years ago)
I like the last one
JD 5000 (2 years ago)
How to you fire a Normal Gun from the cockpit of the Tank?
not big enough for my liking, not big enough
not even close
dude guy person man (2 years ago)
this thing vs too mechs
MH prod (2 years ago)
fuck french tank
darkySp (2 years ago)
That tank was planned, but never build really. But damn, ain't this a behemoth O_O
StarDestroyerMegavore (1 year ago)
it was canceled
what Minecraft?
Łuky Řada (2 years ago)
Nice mod but the sounds are from War Thudner LOL.
Police Vauxhall Astra (1 year ago)
+Poisnu ishere because War Thunder Have Russia Bias
Poisnu ishere (2 years ago)
i dont get why its funny tho
D. E. (2 years ago)
Still needs an P.1500 Monster And the legendary P.2000 Gott
Vojin Ristic (2 years ago)
Air Shark (2 years ago)
thos things are not tanks they used in world war 2 as a moving base s its looks like bunker
stronk germanium (2 years ago)
These Tanks were never produced
Air Shark (2 years ago)
the boss of the tanks
Valentine (2 years ago)
"most overpowred artillery piece" Ooo~ the Gustav? "No, fuck you :D"
Majki1239 (2 years ago)
Joaquim Gancia (2 years ago)
how do install l it do i put it in mods or flans and do i have to make it a jar file
Marius Katutis (1 year ago)
MonorisuFilms 0:44 800mm schever gustav
Joaquim Gancia (2 years ago)
tnx, the tanks awsome but you cant really get in it in survival mode
Monorisu (2 years ago)
+Joaquim Ayrton Gancia Flans mod go to mod folder, content pack go to flan folder
Damin who cares? (3 years ago)
worlds bigges tank prototype taht didnt fit on planes :D
Why is the Gustav next to ratte is small
Austin Duong-Van (3 years ago)
Ratte goes too fast, reload WAY too fast, need more flak,turret traverse too quick And its not big enough
Dr Dank it's more acuret than many this way why fore flak when you have huge battleship cannons
lol idk (2 years ago)
Dude, making mod about vehhicles are not easy. It took many hours man.
Florin Marandoiu (3 years ago)
This was really basicly an ship on land which was as heavy as the X-10(or K-10 or something like that) which was an battle ship included in the BBs plan(in the plan there were the Bismarck and the Tirpitz/the battleships weight would have had been 250 tones)
Troll Labs (3 years ago)
XD why is the Dora gun so tiny?
babacsali (3 years ago)
a minecraft meg a wot két külön játék A KETTÖT NEMKELLL KEVERNI !!!!!!!!!!!!
In the mod RATTE too small!
uh could you show me how to craft because i can't get it on the creative menu
Air Shark (2 years ago)
+TID - TheIronDog lol you need forge and no inghof items
Kwolokrock (3 years ago)
It actually took 5 minutes to reload the main cannon. and it was much slower.
Dead Memes (3 years ago)
Did you guys know,that lankuasur was actually a real tank, but they never built it
BirbKangoo (3 years ago)
You may aswell call it a fucking battleship.
MURFGAMING1228 (3 years ago)
What packs were the other vehicles used from? Extra Zero 8's Cold War Pack?
Amanda Cerny (3 years ago)
hey yeah! As the rat carries everything =)
VA DIM (3 years ago)
А это Ратте !!!
ANDROMADA (3 years ago)
128mm Pak 44 Gun. Sound is from War Thunder.
Pedro Sabadim (3 years ago)
fcvfgfgf    gffgdf   efdrdf  eergv 
win life (3 years ago)
the reviewed vehicle is not a tank its a mobile base with 4 inch armor the widest treads its pioleted by at minimum 20 people and maximum 38 and can carry 80 men it only moves up to 12 mph but its main cannons are 128.2 cal cannons and the back cannons are striped off of a small tank no one realy remebers it and it has anti air capeabilites the reason its not popular is becuase it was to expansive and was only used 20 times in the war so it failed but theres still 13 out there being held by the govorment at the moment
Your Local Idiot (3 years ago)
Hmm ok Here the front armor of the Ratte was also much more than 3in, 3in is about 76mm the front armor on this baby was about 280mm-350mm and angled very well which is very impressive for a tank of its time. Please continue its fun to hear an 8 year old like you cry...
win life (3 years ago)
Your Local Idiot (3 years ago)
"win life" you should really do research next time, everything you said was wrong. :/
win life (3 years ago)
+Thekeyboardwarriors 2 fucking LOAWNG
Your Local Idiot (3 years ago)
Ah the ratte she was the product of a research project by Krupp and the findings were that the T-34, and KV-1 tanks were precursors to much heavier tanks which ended up being wrong :/ She weighed 1000 tons unloaded and maybe roughly 1400 tons fully loaded she also had a top speed of 20-25mph because she had engines taken off U-Boats Her main weapons were 2x 28cm (280mm) SK naval guns which would have been in a double mount turret taken off a heavy cruiser (not 16 inch guns like on a battleship) these guns could load quite fast making it a deadly artillery platform if she had been put into service For anti air she had several quad mount 4x 20mm Flak gun turrets from Flakpanzer 4 Wirbelwinds or some turrets from the anti air Maus variant (2x 88mm guns each) these would have trouble even reaching some medium bombers (except the maus turrets) but would make fighter pilots think twice about attacking without back up For her secondary guns she had either 2x rear mounted panzer 8 maus turrets (128mm gun in each turret along with coaxial 75mm) or a from bow mounted 128mm gun All in all she was useless 1x tall boy bomb from a Lancaster bomber could knock one out with ease The project was canceled in 1942 I believe by Albert Speer Germany's military weapons project director he canceled both the P-1000 Ratte and the P-1500 monster
JordanGamingLive (3 years ago)
Holy. Freaking. Crap... Wow. Just wow.
Lazy Gamer (3 years ago)
World`d biggest tank was and still is the maus, ratte was little more than a paper project. The only reason why we even know about ratte is beacause of its absolutely absurd size. Unfortunately for the ratte even if they actualy built it, it would have been fairly useless. WWII was not good for many things, but for tank development and tactics it was pivotal. Heavy tank proved inferior to more mobile and easyer to construct veichles. Stuff like this would be a massive, war loosing drain on the economy. Still fun to see them in minecraft lol. : )
Härskiboy1803 (3 years ago)
Ratte and monster were never built because they would be easy targets to airplanes and they would get stuck to mud and of course, who needs so big tanks ?
Richtiger Kevin (3 years ago)
a german one of course!
Bilal Kazan (3 years ago)
how can i get in dude i couldnt get in tank plz help me 
Monorisu (3 years ago)
Right click at the exact point Steve is facing the moment you place the tank.
_Brusilov (3 years ago)
What about the super fighter bomber the horten ho 229
1248graal (3 years ago)
No offense but it looks like a boat
Prototype Theta (3 years ago)
You see Ivan, you make tank look like boat, when enemy soldier sees it they think they are at sea and drown.
Hobo Flying (3 years ago)
Holy Shit,
Melle Gort (3 years ago)
What a small thing XD
alin stefan (3 years ago)
the last tank si big
Al Collie (3 years ago)
u suck monorisu films! u upload vids so freaking slow!
Poisnu ishere (3 years ago)
Id like to see you upload faster 》:(
Monorisu (3 years ago)
How about I delay next video as a reward for your whining?
Bob Bauer (3 years ago)
p1000 landkreutzer ratte (big), p1500 landkreutzer Monster (bigger), p2000 Landkreutzer Gott (biggest tank ever).
vargman str (3 years ago)
can you make a video when you show how to make npc use tanks 
Monorisu (3 years ago)
NPC's can't use tanks.
StefanGames (3 years ago)
WackyModder84 (3 years ago)
Wrong, Monorisu! XD The Ratte is only the World's SECOND Biggest Tank. If you wanna bring the world's biggest tank into Flan's Mod. The one you're looking for is the big brother of the Ratte. The Landkreuzer P.1500 Monster. ;-) If you ACTUALLY managed to make that in the next release, I will seriously shit a brick.
Villisika (2 years ago)
+Matt Szkolka You are wrong too. Those all massive tanks wasn't never build.
Prototype Theta (3 years ago)
Except the P.2000 doesn't even exist as a design. The P.1000 and P.1500 were genuinely proposed designs.
Matt Szkolka (3 years ago)
youre all wrong. the largest tank on earth would have been the landkruizer p.2000 gott. double the size of this thing.
Your Local Idiot (3 years ago)
+Le Doge never planned, thought of, or ever a concept
Jand Exconde (3 years ago)
How do u install them properly so pls reply
Prototype Theta (3 years ago)
extract the folder from the .zip file and put inside Flan folder.
Jand Exconde (3 years ago)
Seems these extra addons won't work for me
this is for newest version right? but hey that tank is EPIC
Kevin Yang (3 years ago)
TF-15s pack crashes in 4.8, can you give me the download link? THX
Kevin Yang (3 years ago)
Can you please give me it!!!
Monorisu (3 years ago)
It's part of task force's 1.7.1 pack. I got permission to redistribute a haxed version that is for 1.7.10, but I refuse to release it until my next server update is ready. 
Kevin Yang (3 years ago)
Could u give me the download link to the B-52 and XB-49?
Kevin Yang (3 years ago)
task force 51
Monorisu (3 years ago)
who is tf-15?
Omnipotiontated (3 years ago)
Labjac what class offense would you consider my ban reason?
Michael Wittmann (3 years ago)
Geometry Rocker (3 years ago)
Is that b-52 from taskforce51?
Monorisu (3 years ago)
koalyat (3 years ago)
Looks lile an apc
hey hot girls (3 years ago)
Halo Elephant in a nutshell...
Gabe Rogers (3 years ago)
Just to let you know that tank was never made because it would just sink into the ground and be too slow to Evan see combat
Киря :з (3 years ago)
Quintin Blake (3 years ago)
This german tank never excisted,I know that for fact,have you ever seen one of those in battle before..hmmm?It's a freaken fake.
Jeanne Anstyadi (3 years ago)
I found out that this video is good with classical music.
mtr messel (3 years ago)
lemme guess one of the things your adding on the next update of your pack is the flying wing-nazi wonder weapon and pinnacle of the b-2 spirit
mtr messel (3 years ago)
Monorisu (3 years ago)
No, but I will add the flying wing thing that was featured in this video and the actual B-2.
Titus Cerveil (3 years ago)
holy tank
randy goorcharran (3 years ago)
what pack is the nuclear missile in?
Booderman529 (3 years ago)
I love that nuclear ammo it does SO much havoc
randy goorcharran (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms plz help i cant find the download button
randy goorcharran (3 years ago)
+randy goorcharran on your page wheres teh download button for the modpack?
randy goorcharran (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms and your mod is 1.7.10 right im really getting you mad not lol so many questions
randy goorcharran (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms lol i still dont know how to download it cause theres no modpack there and on your forums it syas theres an other way to do it other than tecnic launcher
paras khan (3 years ago)
Do a monolith flans survival plz
David Sanfaçon (3 years ago)
paras khan (3 years ago)
I better tell that to my friend he is going to freak out
LlamaStein (3 years ago)
Good thing they didn't finish a real life version :3
LlamaStein (3 years ago)
Daan Vos (3 years ago)
oh sorry for lieing and my bad english
LlamaStein (3 years ago)
+Daan Vos  sh*te cause i missed my history class..
Daan Vos (3 years ago)
They did
The Page Squad (3 years ago)
imagine if theres p1500 monster
halftimegamer (3 years ago)
Please add next the Karl-Gerät 040. thanks
Tijn Wevers (3 years ago)
EBay da FAQ
urmoderngamr (3 years ago)
Can you add that pack with the b-52 to the server?
Monorisu (3 years ago)
That will be included with the upcoming mega-update.
lopsided10 (3 years ago)
Hey, what mods do you have installed on that? Besides flans mod of course.
Killer Wolf (3 years ago)
Now make a p.1500 Monster :)
fps충 (3 years ago)
where can I download this modpack?
Monorisu (3 years ago)
It is for flans mod 4.8.0 for minecraft 1.7.10.
fps충 (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms how about the version?
Monorisu (3 years ago)
The ratte can be downloaded from the link in the video description.

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