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Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”

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An explosive train robbery gives McCree the chance to settle some unfinished business with a few former associates in our latest animated short: Reunion! Learn more about McCree: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/mccree/ Begin your watch: http://buyoverwatch.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playoverwatch Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/playoverwatch Join us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playoverwatch
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Text Comments (37828)
DayBot (3 minutes ago)
So this is what they’ve been doing besides fixing matchmaking
Zachary Johnson (1 hour ago)
It’s seem like we got Athena back?
Ya Boi (1 hour ago)
IngoPagels (2 hours ago)
Zacky T (2 hours ago)
Every like I will add a 🐢
Nemesis (4 hours ago)
He is a mother trucking badass.
Rayere (2 hours ago)
He's a BAMF
Kazim Jafar (4 hours ago)
Great! Blizzard launched another R34 waifu just to stay relevant!
SALT (4 hours ago)
is it just me or does mcree's mouth not quite move right for the words he saying. i donno it just looks off
jams D20 (4 hours ago)
At 6:10 did anyone else notice that Ashe said I'm going to rebuild Bob and then have him rip of your OTHER arm?
Flightmaster683 ' (5 hours ago)
What is she. I wonder if she will be another hero
M!!NG0 (5 hours ago)
What's the song at around 5:00 minutes?
B A (5 hours ago)
Arthur in his next life
Daniel Bickford (6 hours ago)
Why does she have heels?
Bienn Vinh (7 hours ago)
Nerf doomomfist pls
SnapD (7 hours ago)
Stopped playing the games but I still love this story so much man. The characters and abilities are dope. Lego overwatch comin' soon too so yee
The Big Fizzy (7 hours ago)
Is this a complicated way of saying that they are removing Mcree
M1nd M4n (8 hours ago)
*i totally didn’t think echo was just robot mercy-*
Oscar Oscar (8 hours ago)
*_BuT I AlReADy CHOse McrEe_*
Aleesa Jordan (8 hours ago)
Song is Pale Rider by the Heavy Horses Your welcome.
Big B (8 hours ago)
4:41 IT'S HIGH NOON In all seriousness, this is absolutely stunning. This is what's getting me into Overwatch. I'm probably going to buy when it goes on sale for Christmas. (Want to main Reinhardt, McCree, D.Va, Mercy, Moira, and Sombra.)
Jumpingbadgerzilla (8 hours ago)
Marco Del Vecchio (8 hours ago)
I listen to this and only hear Hope Volta from Broken Age
Catilena1890 (9 hours ago)
"Hey! That's MY bike! MCCREE!"
JKing (9 hours ago)
Bro if that robot that was with McCree at the end isn’t the next hero after Ashe I’m going to be MAD
Mundane (9 hours ago)
im glad to see im not the only one really into that pie animation
McCree be lookin’ like a snacc.
Luis Lopez (9 hours ago)
I don't even play this game why am I here?
josy silva (10 hours ago)
Blaze Tran-Ulibarri (10 hours ago)
Who is this new robot person
Lufasu Mafalu (10 hours ago)
Ashe's voice dripping with sarcasm and hidden cruelty , perfect voice acting here
Akhilesh Saravanan (10 hours ago)
If only I can eat pie like that, so effortlessly and with satisfaction.
Chocolate Nub (10 hours ago)
New support hero???
Nacho Dip 83 (11 hours ago)
Blizzard: Lets make the movie about *BOB* Title: Bob! He does something
Got a bit Courier vibe.
melonmasta (11 hours ago)
Just make a movie already blizzard, you're sitting on a goldmine if it was the same quality as the shorts you make
Acero Takio (11 hours ago)
Can’t believe Ashe solo ulted
Ben C (12 hours ago)
Oh look, its high noon, lets finally start fighting
PixelBuster (12 hours ago)
i feel like allll of this could have been avoided by McCree simply saying "an old friend" when she asks what was in the crate..
Bing Bang (12 hours ago)
hello! Do you also make fiction shortfilms ? I have a a short film I would like to share with you 🎥; you could look for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on YouTube Or send me a message to give you the link, Thank you! !!
alex morffizete (13 hours ago)
Just tell me, why from all the names you could have invented u had to choose the exact same that one of the very first champions of league of legends... same spelling and same pronunciation. Bruh
CamCampbell23dynasty (13 hours ago)
Me waiting on the doomfist and talon movie like 🤔
Mortal Kombat Kode (14 hours ago)
Pie looked groooooss bruh.
SolarBlaze (14 hours ago)
Who is that robot?
And let the shipping begin. I'm talking about Mcree X apple pie of course.
Mr.pugster Gaming (15 hours ago)
And the badass gets even more badass
Sasha Maddah (17 hours ago)
anyone else catch that Kerrigan tattoo at 1:49? lol
Alien Stukley (17 hours ago)
First impression when i saw the miniature of movie- its Call of Juarez Gunslinger?
Magnetar 117 (17 hours ago)
I watched this for the first time last week with my friend and his 6 year old. He put in on his biggest screen in the house. When that shot scans up on the hero. The 6 year old girl asked what does B.A.M.F mean? his answer was Bad American Muskrat Fighter , and that actually worked.
elaine Monteith (19 hours ago)
Bob do something
Juke (21 hours ago)
Bob: *does something* Ashe: He would make a good sidekick Leave a like if you are depressed
OmegaBlack2609 (21 hours ago)
Too bad they didn't add the extra post credit scene.
Rob Goodsight (21 hours ago)
...very good animation!
Die Katze (22 hours ago)
I want that rifle .
Darth Reem (22 hours ago)
SuperJohn12354 (22 hours ago)
Well Darling, guess ur just gonna have to come get your bike from me
Soapyninja (22 hours ago)
Kialos (23 hours ago)
Mcree rework confirmed
pidgeon rage (23 hours ago)
dunno why but 1.25x speed make this vid more enjoyable
Maestro_Lime-Cat (1 day ago)
Wish i could play again but the lobbies are empty... here in NZ btw
cynran fantastic (1 day ago)
businessman (1 day ago)
i already chose mccree
Rominou (1 day ago)
Tsundere confirmed
PokeMaster DAX (1 day ago)
PokeMaster DAX (1 day ago)
eely (1 day ago)
man the new red dead game looks sick
Simbahh! :3 (1 day ago)
2:40 Get it?
James Brown (1 day ago)
the time spells BOB
Cringy_John (1 day ago)
i think that white and blue character is going to be a new hero soon on overwatch
8BitSeel (1 day ago)
6:45 Now introducing the brand new Amazon Alexa
GamerDude (1 day ago)
Quick Bob's Mustache or Crayator's?
Dr. J Franz (1 day ago)
6:10 Now we know how McCree lost his arm!
Dr. J Franz (15 hours ago)
Really? I wonder why they would put this in an "Origin" video then. Can you please link the confirmation?
FN Danmark (1 day ago)
Dr. J Franz No we don’t. It was confirmed that BOB didn’t rip off McCrees arm.
InamiLluvia._. (1 day ago)
Mateo Medina (1 day ago)
new characters?
Gary Flanagan (1 day ago)
Also, does this make McCree and Echo a Romo-sexual couple, to quote Futurama? Plus: Suggestion for the title of the next deluxe edition of Overwatch for release: Stolen Bike Edition
Rasmus (1 day ago)
Just do a Fricking overwatch full movie ffs... this is way to much teese!
朱棚博 (1 day ago)
Who is the AI at the end
Myrna Avalos (1 day ago)
I hate Ashe. Absolute garbage. Hey Widowmaker, McCree, Ana, and Hanzo mains, remember how you busted your a$$ to be god tier snipers? Well, say goodbye to hard work because Blizzard introduces Ashe! Want an easy snipe kill? Can't cut it as a legit sniper? Want a character easier to play than Soldier 76 or Mercy? Here's Ashe!
soju69jinro (1 day ago)
so... he just left that robotic chick in the middle of nowhere...
W P (1 day ago)
This is awesome I can't wait to play the new hero class McRee.
Figo Alvino (1 day ago)
Karakter barunya jelek
Aerix (1 day ago)
They should have just shot him at 11:59 without any trouble
Carlos Poch (1 day ago)
If they don't make the movie ''Overwatch'', then I'm going to make my own stories, comics, and movies about Overwatch. :)
Bob don’t do something
Brewergamer (1 day ago)
Blizzard doing great as always.
Easy (1 day ago)
Queen of the rednecks
AleGamer 345 (1 day ago)
Rowan Kunz-Peek (1 day ago)
If you look at the texture of ashes hat it’s more basic and out of focus than the rest of the cinematic
TheBlueOne ChrisJT (1 day ago)
*Looks like we got ourselves a good ol' mexican standoff*
Mason Seidler (1 day ago)
The best one so far
Dark PePe (1 day ago)
So Red Dead Redemption isn't the only game that lets you tie up angry feminists?
thegamer 8722 (1 day ago)
Its true she will be a part of over watch!
Josephi Krokowski (1 day ago)
Name a more iconic duo. Mcree and the apple pie.
Job Nana (1 day ago)
Anyone realize they gave Echo an asscrack?
austin G (1 day ago)
Is that Numba 86 from Codname Kids Next Door?
Sono (1 day ago)
kev (1 day ago)
Amanda Nies (1 day ago)
Ashe and McCree may have had a falling out, but that picture on the motorcycle may show some unresolved feelings between those two.
Gerom Larayos (1 day ago)
6:04 To get the payload moving just tie up your team to the payload *This is beyond science...*
Mingi The Ninja (1 day ago)
Here come the scunt mains from TF2!!!
Nathan24-_- (1 day ago)
Remember when everyone thought Echo was Ana before she was released
Nodel Oliver (1 day ago)
That is some fine looking apple pie.

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