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Herobrine Is Real! Minecraft The Herobrine Mod Showcase [1.6.2]

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Can we reach 250+ Likes for a herobrine survival series? Download The Herobrine mod: http://www.minecrafthippie.com/herobrine-mod-download/ Minecraft Mod Showcase The Herobrine Mod. The herobrine is real and does exsist! Summon the herobrine at your own risk this scary mod adds the herobrine into your minecraft world and he wont stop haunting you until he kills you! My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm All music used with permission from its creator. Music Used: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx0ZjLpTzi4
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Text Comments (319)
Adrian! ! (1 year ago)
kto z polski?
Adrian! ! (1 year ago)
kto z polski?
Cuck (1 year ago)
Your army name makes me wonder if your girlfriend is 8 year old
Roundhouse kick
Ahh I'm sorry I ate so much bacon
GhostKiller 7485 (1 year ago)
Ive had the mod the words are weird
Katelyn Altimus (2 years ago)
I laughed so hard at the beginning hahah xD
NotSoCrunchyTaco (2 years ago)
Plz StopCursing im 8
NotSoCrunchyTaco (2 years ago)
Cool so downloading this.
Joey caridi (2 years ago)
enirboreh ad nees u eveaH
Joey caridi (2 years ago)
Have u seen da herobrine
Joey caridi (2 years ago)
Chat said kcik–esuohdnuoR
Christopher Davis (2 years ago)
thare not lil herobrines that possesed villagers
one more time he makes that you can take your stuff and stuff
however spawn herobrine cuz if you're in creative mode have no heart he can pick you up so you see kids you can do and you can have to eat something and is he got magic so every time we're flying very high he can still get you he can kill you you can put somewhere there's only one time but not too much cuz time she says sometimes you can't get them sometimes you can and stuff so be careful
ChenQi Zhang (2 years ago)
chat said roundhouse kick xD
wessam ehab (2 years ago)
u suc
Dr Gaming (2 years ago)
mother fucker herobrine his not real in real life
Arath Alvarez (2 years ago)
Is it ps4?
AsteroidSun 6145 (1 year ago)
No it's on computer that's why you can here computer clicks it's not ps4 or PS3 or on Xbox one 360
Emily Rose Pineda (2 years ago)
Girly girls (2 years ago)
U moma not responsible if ur ugly buttcrack gets the poops out yo or even the shit or crap outta ur disgusting crack thingy
AsteroidSun 6145 (1 year ago)
Alexis Williams but how will you fine him if you don't know were he leaves
Jeff The Killer (2 years ago)
girly girls you're a fucking piece of shit. You suck ass and you shouldn't be living if you're not nice to this swaggerlicious man. I will fucking murder your family and smash their heads in and make you watch it
Jesalscobri Lohr (2 years ago)
herobrine joined faze clan
Texpino RBLX (2 years ago)
you will play coc
David Fan (2 years ago)
Next and Last (2 years ago)
Fuck you
Cristina Georgopoulos (2 years ago)
herobrine is a pickpocketer from new York!
AsherTheDemonic (2 years ago)
Herobrine is scary.do you believe he in the game I do but don't judge me
Katelyn Altimus (2 years ago)
I do, it even says in the game launcher that he is. And in some updates it says he's been removed so xD it's extremely rare for him though
Rigoberto Ramirez (2 years ago)
I hope you survive and de carful Dude that is so scarry I wish you luck your gona need it 😱😱
that is just stupid. you can get rid of him so why in the world would you summon him? if you could kill him/hurt him enough so that he goes away after flashing the message "I'll be back for you" and he drop something valuble then it would be worth it but as is this mod is just pointless destruction and death.
JUNGKOOKS COOKIE (2 years ago)
NightmareBunnie 123 (2 years ago)
( ・ืω・ื)
Tom TH (2 years ago)
i need dis MOD!
NightmareBunnie 123 (2 years ago)
I mean mod
NightmareBunnie 123 (2 years ago)
I have the mode
Loretta Clowes (2 years ago)
How do you get this mod ive been dreaming about it in my life
Piang a (2 years ago)
Shawn Clem (2 years ago)
is the mod in the hole game
cameron Gordon (2 years ago)
more vids on herobrine
Luapkcuhs (3 years ago)
You are awesome!
TheRjPlays (3 years ago)
old mod Lol
Husain Vasanwala (2 years ago)
see the date of the video
unlucky eddie (3 years ago)
David Senderson (3 years ago)
That dude Herobrine is real creepy.
catlove67 (3 years ago)
so that's it I just translated everything herobrine said I just wondered if you were interested :3
catlove67 (3 years ago)
then when he is talking to notch "how are you?"
catlove67 (3 years ago)
then the first thing he said again
catlove67 (3 years ago)
next "I will get you!"     yea yea herobrine
catlove67 (3 years ago)
he edited again to a part and a couple secs later herobrine said "listen to led zeppelin!"      what the heck is "zeppelin" herobrine X3
catlove67 (3 years ago)
when jared edited to a part you can see herobrine say something and its "I am herobrine!"      yes herobrine we know your name . u .
catlove67 (3 years ago)
next word "where I am?"
catlove67 (3 years ago)
the next thing he said is "creepy"   . u .
catlove67 (3 years ago)
herobrine said something and this is what he said unbackward "roundhouse-kick"    :O
Joseph Kustreba (3 years ago)
at least act scared
Daniel Vernica (3 years ago)
herobrine only wanted chetoes
Jonathan Bellomy (3 years ago)
I liked your other intro better tbh
venturiantale (3 years ago)
Lol ugly squidwards
Michael Minecraft (3 years ago)
It is not noch!!!!!!
Jalen (3 years ago)
Put it on survival
NoobyGames FTW (3 years ago)
Mine does not work he doesn't spawn when I build the totem
QuirkyAdventures (3 years ago)
+blue ocean flower then wired stuff starts happening
Jaylewis30 Cassidy (3 years ago)
Who saw the backwards writing it said creepy
Suzanne Melbourne (3 years ago)
dang i feel bad for you man that sucks cause diamonds are really good
gamers beware (3 years ago)
I can read backwards, forwards, and upsidedown if I please so I know that some comments of herobrine were "roundhouse kick" or "creepy" or "listen to Led Zepplin"
fadel atwi (3 years ago)
6:47 it says I WILL GET YOU!
GeekishGoddess (3 years ago)
don't think i'm crazy but i like herobrain
Jessica W. Bane (3 years ago)
I'm a fangirl so I'm crazy anyway. But ya he's kinda hot XD
Nightmare Girl (3 years ago)
I like herobrine but he said to me once I watch you in your sleep I can read backwards so I know what he said
sergio benitez (3 years ago)
Gaming Chicken (3 years ago)
Cynthia Yunke (3 years ago)
Emma LeClair (3 years ago)
+ZeusPvP Yeah they are :I
ZeusPvP_Ninja (3 years ago)
no there not...
unlike!!  I hate you! herobrine is good...well he is bad.but he dose not have friend's so he get's mad... and sad! I can tipe backword's so I can talk with him!! 
P.S. enirboreh lliw llik UOY... herobrine will kill you...HE WILL KILL YOU!! >:D
Cocoglam (3 years ago)
Smudger (3 years ago)
needs to be more subtly because it would be more confusing and the traps are lame 
Tiago Ortiz (3 years ago)
+pinkamena Murder GOTTEEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smudger (3 years ago)
its because the traps are really obvious 
Abagale Gillis (3 years ago)
at 6:12 it says Listen to Led Zeppelin backwards lmao
AwesomeGaming58 (3 years ago)
plz check out my channle
William Gessman (3 years ago)
I could read backwards!😨😧😦😥😩😰😇😇😊😇😊😅😯😐😐😐😐😐😁
You're not my momma (3 years ago)
NOTCH! i am your fan.
You're not my momma (3 years ago)
one time while my friends and I are playing minecraft (in the ipad), there was a sign outside our house that said, "you dead" so we got spooked and hide in our house for minutes, than when we returned outside to check our treasure chest, our diamonds were gone!
Tiago Ortiz (3 years ago)
Probably Because You Left It Outside. If you hid it then it would kinda be hard for him to find it.
You're not my momma (3 years ago)
i just discovered i was just trolled. im a noob o,o
QuirkyAdventures (3 years ago)
+Vlad Dracula it was probably his friend trolling him XD
Vlad Dracula (3 years ago)
+hulk bruce don't lie stupid noob. this is a mod and you can't get mods in ipads
Ethan Knight is back (3 years ago)
The backward message says ROUNDHOUSE-kick
Isa Mahmood (3 years ago)
This video is shit
Trew Ten (3 years ago)
then why are u watching this?
Qurnock (3 years ago)
+TheMinecraftHippie | Minecraft Mods You wanted 250 likes instead you got 3,959 likes
RiskBunny (3 years ago)
Trew Ten (3 years ago)
Harmony Gagnon (3 years ago)
This annoys me, whenever I try to download it, it brings me to the stupid app download. Please help ;-;
Aidan Berry (3 years ago)
So you can read it if you read it backward
Aidan Berry (3 years ago)
He types backward not in symbols
Aidan Berry (3 years ago)
He said creepy backward so he said ypeerc
Axel Arnold (3 years ago)
he sends messages backwards dude READ THEM!
King Swoozey (3 years ago)
Trew Ten (3 years ago)
can u give me a autograph of him
King Swoozey (3 years ago)
noch vs herobrin
Pandamce (3 years ago)
Herobrine crash my minecraft D:
Michelle Flores (3 years ago)
hahaha lol
Gabriel Torres (3 years ago)
They say that if u go to the Sand biom Satan will Spawn other
Flame (3 years ago)
hanahb sam (3 years ago)
hanahb sam (3 years ago)
Realy man it's dark
RED VENOM (3 years ago)
I want,that mod
RED VENOM (3 years ago)
I want you to get 50,000 likes
Mia Nova (3 years ago)
Scary what is the legend
G K (4 years ago)
minecraft is creepy enough slenderman mod is on me and lucky block mod
West211412 (4 years ago)
West211412 (4 years ago)
Brandie Kitkat (4 years ago)
He spells back words did you know that
ExGirl (4 years ago)
Adil Feratovic (4 years ago)
Hey herobrine says stuff backwards
Boggerking (4 years ago)
cool I tried it and died within the first 60 seconds of spawning him he pushed me into lavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Trew Ten (3 years ago)
dude he killed me with those chickens and grief my house and he killed NOTCH when he spawned rarely
Flash Live (4 years ago)
He said creeper
Yazan Yousif (4 years ago)
Accutaly he said creepy

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