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Minecraft Mini-Game : DO NOT LAUGH! (LUIGI FAILS AND HEARTBREAK) w/ Facecam

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WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER DO NOT LAUGH! TODAY WE ENJOY MARIO JOKES, AND TRIP YOU OUT IN THE DESCRIPTION! SkyVSGaming - http://www.youtube.com/SkyVSGaming Check out my Friends channels Chris - https://www.youtube.com/Chrisandthemike Ross - http://youtube.com/RagingHouse Jin - http://www.youtube.com/JinBopGaming Follow me on these cool things! http://www.zergid.com/sky http://instagram.com/skydoesstuff https://twitter.com/#!/SkyDoesTweeting http://www.facebook.com/realskydoesminecraft Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at http://www.incompetech.com Music Used NoiseStorm - Airwaves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x9VeneffTM NoiseStorm - Renegade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjOeSzktwJs Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - http://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Hey guys, SkyDoesMinecraft along with JinBopGaming, RagingHouse and ChrisAndTheMike! And we’re all here for a big stupendous 11th installment of Do Not Laugh! Before we get things started, I just want to say thanks for much for all your support you guys have been showing for the SkyDoesMinecraft channel! Fans of Do Not Laugh, and I do mean fans, no pun intended, will know that the first person with 3 points wins and, in order to get points you have to make the person in the center laugh! Make sure to slap that like button and leave comments down below! Hey, if you have a joke, you can also leave that in the comments section and we might end up using it for the next Do Not Laugh! JinBopGaming is in the center and RagingHouse tries to make JinBopGaming laugh! But, it looks like ChrisAndTheMike have a head start on laughing out loud uncontrollably! Anyway, RagingHouse has a prop to show to JinBopGaming and needs some help from ChrisAndTheMike but, things don’t go as originally planned which can also be hilarious! In fact, the 11th installment of Do Not Laugh has some of the best moments ever of botched jokes and gags! The results are too good to pass up! You won’t want to miss this one, guys! Thanks for watching this Minecraft Do Not Laugh 11 video! And don’t forget to slap that like button!
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Text Comments (11873)
Damion Klein (2 days ago)
At 5:23 after Chris tells his joke I got an ad
NobodyUNeed2 Know (7 days ago)
Wolfgirl21 gaming (8 days ago)
I got a joke its for Ross give him a hot dog and face your minecraft butt to him and let him guess wennie_butt
The Cantina (9 days ago)
that butt chin though
lucky (9 days ago)
What was happening at the start of the video?
Mario Escalante (16 days ago)
Putt a dead skelliton next to a mailbox,putt a mail in and say sorry serr then walk away
XxMeadowxX (17 days ago)
Ross ships Ty and Sky too guys (omg this was soo long ago)
magen the bee booper (18 days ago)
/Madeline Yeingst (18 days ago)
Hey sky we want some more do not laugh
Chrissie Santiago (19 days ago)
I heard barny
Rabbit4 Kitty2 (22 days ago)
Must read comment if u want this series back like and comment on this
Allen (25 days ago)
Hudson Reasoner (26 days ago)
Hello hello big day I am so sorry to bother anyone else with that one I would appreciate that you would do a big one and I would do a big one for me tomorrow I would do a great time to do a lot more than you do I would do a great time to do you want me and you would love me more I would do anything to you I love to talk about you I love it and you can tell I can’t wait for it more time you would do that and you would do you I would do that for me I would do that I love to do you know how I do I know that you I would do that you love you I would do that for me I would do that for me and you do it for us I would do that I love to do you people
KC travels2000 (26 days ago)
Hey, sky, we want some do not laugh
SkidaivingVS gaming (27 days ago)
Casey Thompson (1 month ago)
otonames rayer (1 month ago)
Hey sky we want more do not laugh
AmberDoodleKXS (1 month ago)
Yeah chrisandthemike!
11:44 we died here so hope y’all enjoyed
Simone Lawrence (1 month ago)
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo DAD jokes
Journey Morrow (1 month ago)
I laugh at the end and here is a joke for you What is a jedis favorite dessert and ob 1 knolly
Fang Gaming (1 month ago)
Why did sky quit YouTube? he was bored
Soren 303 (1 month ago)
It's cringeandthemike!!!
Hayley Wood (1 month ago)
Diamondeye 4780 (1 month ago)
Hayley Wood he's not doing anything more minecraft videos
Andres Carrion Jr (1 month ago)
Hey sky we want more do not laugh
Pro Pypper (1 month ago)
Skys face just kills me it’s like NEE NEEE NEEE WEEE
Welcome to Ten Minutes of Giving Up
Kryztaline (1 month ago)
Ohh, that’s what the reference was.
Jayden Rainwater (1 month ago)
Hey, Sky, we want more do not laugh!!
EcologicNickel (1 month ago)
Hey sky we want mo... Oh wait the channels gone........ Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!
Iron Does Stuff (1 month ago)
Chris: Uh-Long time! AD PLAYS AND I DON’T SKIP IT
J3317 U3317 (1 month ago)
1 joke:hey ross what's that behind ear (then find a mini ross then show it to him)
Dgenaqs (2 months ago)
Ross makes jokes in other people’s jokes in 11:45 and 7:22, he is the king of do not laugh
Raptor bear (2 months ago)
No no no no... Your tiny face like ross
Dark Wolf (2 months ago)
Omg at 5:24 when he said his joke I got a tea ad and the dude who made it was from China I’m dying
Cole- Chan (2 months ago)
I'm pretty sure Chris is drunk.
5:26 8:28
Heyden Gilkerson (2 months ago)
what exxactly is ross' skin
Jeanette Neri (2 months ago)
I like how when Adam plays do not laugh he always laugh but the name called do not laugh lol
Kawaii Potato (2 months ago)
Jayce DeLisle (2 months ago)
Ross the Sloth JunBoop SkyDoesMinnCruft Chrisandthemuck
Alexander Esteves (2 months ago)
Hello Sky Does Minecraft iron Puppet Master and I just wanted to see if you can do is try not to laugh about me when it's going to be hard with all of us do you want to go to funny he always wanted to do one but and then he's going to shut off
Maggie_Draws (2 months ago)
Hay make more try not to laught YA
Fainted DayDream (2 months ago)
at 9:08 when sky dies if you pause the video at the right moment it shows the chat... in the chat it says "YellowSnoFlake left the game" WHO IS YellowSnoFlake?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?! EXPLAIN!!!!!!! Please.
Fainted DayDream (2 months ago)
as soon as Chris said: "oooolong time!" i got an ad and in the ad the first thing it said was "why are you doing this to us..." the ad was a trailer for the movie "The Strangers"
Zoe Tremain-Woodcock (2 months ago)
Anna Meisenburg (2 months ago)
I miss berny
Oguzhan Mete (2 months ago)
Hey sky, we wont more do not laugh
Toriawsomeness Crystal (2 months ago)
So I realized when Ross said bye everyone else said bye at the same time
DragonMasterGames (2 months ago)
As soon as Chris did his China and tea joke an ad for a college and the first words where graduate right now with the proper education.
5:19 at first when chris say'd the joke i didn't get it at first but now get lol
The Edgy One (2 months ago)
Hey Adam we want more try not to laugh but thanks for bringing this back to us.
king blake (3 months ago)
im in 2018 atm and i miss these really just the stupidity of theese always makes my day
Derpy Artist (3 months ago)
I love these old videos
Megxox (3 months ago)
jennifer mcnamara (3 months ago)
I hope at the beginning Ross knows that that’s a stinger it’s locks on to air velichles
Mr. Squirl (3 months ago)
When Ross said Sky I thought he said Chi
SebThePleb69 (3 months ago)
Who watching this in 2018 and missing Adam :(
Keiron Griffiths (3 months ago)
Ross the ring but down a bookshelf I'm so died I laugh so hard I died
Keiron Griffiths (3 months ago)
I have more confidents in u if u didn't suck hehe that had me died
Woman Lol (3 months ago)
Person 1:Knock knock Person 1:Who's there Person 2:THE DELIVERY MAN EVERY TIME WITH THIS WHY LIFE IS NOT JUST A JOKE!!!!!!!
Carson Johnson (3 months ago)
Pause at 8:30
Takata Cheroki (3 months ago)
Adam's face at the end just kills me xD
Bubble Gumm 10 (3 months ago)
"OOLONG TIME!" *Ad plays*
steven stoud (3 months ago)
My favorite part about jins toilet joke is the achievement he got XD
Awaken Panda (3 months ago)
Always making me smile, thx!
Cake liongames (3 months ago)
Chris! 😜
Caitlin Griffin (3 months ago)
Welcome to ten minute we can't English
DIAMONDJOHN 01 (3 months ago)
Coolkid66 Ferginson (3 months ago)
Ok here’s a joke:make a mini maze then just add basic logic to escape it
Maithedragonpants Meme (3 months ago)
I luv da old adum
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
Potholes p
Dings Dongis (3 months ago)
E Or not to E (3 months ago)
3:27 sORry SiR ThUS iS A ChRIstiAn Mc SeVEr
Clovercat 408 (3 months ago)
You look really handsome with your beard
Goodbye forever do not laugh.
Emir Vreto (4 months ago)
all hail netnobody
Daredevil Sweetheart (4 months ago)
Adam had a good run. He really did, but, he's doing music now. I'm proud of him. It broke my heart when I saw he changed his name to "Sky Did Minecraft". But, I'm happy he didn't just quite YouTube. Hope You never stop :3
Lorelai Mesecher (1 month ago)
Daredevil Sweetheart now its just adam
If you did still play Minecraft I feel like I would say if it was for rooster Sky: Hey rooster Ross: says something Sky: wanna here a joke? Ross: sure? Sky: **sad** my life I don't know xD
the scout youtuber (4 months ago)
when ross says sty my name is actually ty so i'm happy about that
Casey Thompson (4 months ago)
Abigail Wyatt (4 months ago)
Here's my joke: sky: will you forget me in a day? Ross: no. Sky:will you forget me in a week? Ross: no. Sky: will you forget me in a month? Ross: no. Sky: will you forget me in a year? Ross: no. Sky: knock knock? Ross: who's there? Sky: why Ross why you already forgot me *then puts on a completely black skin and falls of the platform*
Paige Russell (4 months ago)
I didn't laugh the entire video except for when Adam just POOFS out of no where at the end! Adam: *pops up* Me: *laughs* -video ends- Me: Dang it! I wasn't supposed to laugh! ... Well played, Adam Kun -_-
Love Lol101 (4 months ago)
Get Chris out of thir
Spicey Henning (5 months ago)
more do not laugh
Luca James (5 months ago)
R.I.P Chris XD
Sansy boy Man (5 months ago)
Who's watching in 2018? Yeah, me neither
Spooky Sisters (1 month ago)
Sansy boy Man I am

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