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Environmental Tech Tutorial - FTB Beyond - Mods A to Z

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In this episode we cover a mod that adds some amazing multiblock structures. The Lightning Rod and the Solar Array create power, while the Ore Miner and Resource Miner produce resources. Finally the Nano Beacon gives great buffs Mods A to Z is a series that will hopefully make you an expert in every mod included in FTB Beyond
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Goku (2 months ago)
my friend spent a week doing one of those to level 6 but when he was done he realized it was the resource one and he wanted the ore miner one
Kato Rone (4 months ago)
An argument against focussing a lot on recipes is that other packs can change them. For instance SevTech. I'm not sure if there's added value to doing a spotlight specifically for the FTB Beyond pack, unless this pack doesn't change the default recipes.
Chad Schmidt (5 months ago)
Great video, thank you
Brandon Job (6 months ago)
hey if you could put time stamps in the description it'll be less of an issue having bigger videos
ImmaterialChildren (6 months ago)
I am really not sure why are you laughing randomly every couple of minutes but other than that, good and useful tutorial
PenguKeks (6 months ago)
says long video but so that i can skip around to a specific part; doesnt provide timestamps in description. whats wrong with you. get your sh!! together
John Smith (7 months ago)
Want to know the best way to when you should listen to Youtubers advice about video length? If they have less subscribers than you do.... don't
Frank van Hoof (8 months ago)
The length of the video is fine, but if you want people to be able to "skip around" to find what they're looking for you should probably have a "Contents"-annotation-bit at the start.
Don't Cross the Sauce (8 months ago)
Your episodes are NOT too long. PLEASE keep doing exactly like you have been. I LOVE that you show the entry level recipes just for the reason you stated. Thank you sooooo much again for these videos and this series. #newfanhere Ryan
rolling good002 (8 months ago)
i love your videos bud!
TwstedTV (9 months ago)
Please, you need to stop moving so fast with the camera, ....lol thx Anyways - Awesome tutorial
lies damnlies (10 months ago)
It’s “pee-eh-zo”. Man, that hurt my ears. The blocks really should have said “piezoelectric” anyway.
liquid klone (1 year ago)
the length of any video should be however long is required.
Cody Smith (9 months ago)
Correct. It should be then bookmarked where each topic is covered so someone knows where to look if they're searching a specific topic.
liquid klone (1 year ago)
the length of any video should be however long is required.
Marvin L. (1 year ago)
Hey can you please do extreme reactors next?
FunshineX (1 year ago)
It was lower on my priority since its been around so long but since you asked I'll bump it up a few on the list
iggy12345 (1 year ago)
Love what you've done so far, can you do a video over OpenComputers?
FunshineX (1 year ago)
Its on the list for sure
Krishanu Ray (1 year ago)
I prefer longer videos, as it is more in-depth. They probably should be kept at around 30 minutes, though.
Brawl20's Channel (1 year ago)
LOVE THE VIDEOS! please do more series!
ItzForshen (1 year ago)

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