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Minecraft: Tutorial 2 - Advanced Machines and Oil

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Another tutorial for the Technic Pack. This time its Advanced Machinery, Engines and Oil. Thanks for supporting guys, more vids will come. :) Made by Vertica Filmworks (www.vertica.webs.com) Recipies: http://www.mediafire.com/?h2971sq8gbv9um4
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sean mccown (6 years ago)
Thanks this really helped me
MrUcario (6 years ago)
I came from the first video you made!
Dominic Galiano (6 years ago)
Damn this is confusing to remember all yhe crafting
TheGaldrigando (6 years ago)
And this week, definetly
TheGaldrigando (6 years ago)
Hey, Stone and wood pipes don't have to alternate. however you cannot place 2 wooden pipes next to each other, You can't place cobblestone and stone pipes next to eachother as well as obsidian pipes. other than that your AWESOME!

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