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A learry bad fight in Rife Rine

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Text Comments (310)
jdudeoes (4 months ago)
This game would have been so much better if it didn't have voice controls.
demonSweat & things (6 months ago)
his fucking morale slowly falling throughout the 7 minute battle
John B (1 year ago)
haha reroad.... shoot oolala
Jake Branthe (1 year ago)
"Take off your top" lol
AmnesiaFear (1 year ago)
I never played this game but i think ur supposed to say where to aim first and only then say shoot
Gotham City Panda (1 year ago)
2:00 - Reload... Reload... REROAD!
Soda Mind Reader (1 year ago)
I like how Brad's panicking slowly turns into boredom and frustration.
SuicidalPuppy (2 years ago)
what a perfect game
KatoBytes (2 years ago)
Chode Master (2 years ago)
waffleless (2 years ago)
To be fair you have to say the part you want to target before you say "shoot", but then again you have to say "reft eye".
TheGamingBaconator (2 years ago)
Rife Rine was befole it's time.
Darkkit268 (4 years ago)
I present to you, the most patient man in the world.
KuroCartoonist (5 years ago)
shoot Left eye! not TLC !
Gj23jk2 (5 years ago)
You literally have to talk like a stereotypical Japanese person who learned English as a second language in high school. That's...beyond hilarious.
Aaron Wes (5 years ago)
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ReMeDy (5 years ago)
They experimented with this on a few games back in the PS2 days. The first game I recall was SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals that came in a fairly big box with the mic included. Nowadays, my mic is broken and I can't find a replacement, so I can't play Lifeline, even if I wanted to.
Observational (5 years ago)
omg this is hilarious, didn't know they made a game where you use your voice o.o
Duck Wizard (5 years ago)
2:48 Turn left. Turn right.
Flancake (5 years ago)
Reload doesn't respond until he says "reroad"
Aaron Wes (5 years ago)
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pixartist (5 years ago)
What the hell is this shit ?
TurnBased Combat (5 years ago)
This video made me scream at my computer.
DialTheDude (5 years ago)
"I can't do anymore!" *shoots table*
KniHowChowCow (5 years ago)
KniHowChowCow (5 years ago)
"REROAD" -reloads-
Frederik S (6 years ago)
yes.. i heard him say that
Manthony Higgs (6 years ago)
SonicTracks (6 years ago)
It's called "Lifeline" and it's for the PS2. :D
Minato Arisato (6 years ago)
LMAO that was the funniest thing i have ever seen. Games like are worth it for the laughs.
Nemesiss120 (6 years ago)
NerokhanJC (6 years ago)
For the most of the time, she was shooting the table. XD
AriochStarr (6 years ago)
Aww, fantastic! I would love this game. What's it called? And for what console?
mirandaluna22 (6 years ago)
Shoot gun... own mouth! Shoot gun... in head! Kill self!
night4345 (6 years ago)
brad: "go fuck yourself" girl: "back" lol
zack9642 (6 years ago)
so the controls sound pretty good right guys?
BlubbaJoe (6 years ago)
Even watching is a pain in the Ass
Melamamoduro (6 years ago)
Brad: Turn Left Rio: Turn Right Me: Lol?
DinosaurPirateX (6 years ago)
This game looks like an ass sundae.
Collector (6 years ago)
"Kill self" ROFL-COPTER
Red Dragonius (6 years ago)
This was frustrating even to watch....I can't imagine playing this game.
Evaa Summerz (6 years ago)
ugh. she's sooo stupid!
Ashrie Wahid (6 years ago)
bonechiller0 (7 years ago)
"Quit shooting at the FUCKING table!" . . . . . *shoots table*
Ian McIvor (7 years ago)
Say the part, THEN shoot, Brad! Remember your training! AAGH
Shuufly (7 years ago)
This game is infuriating.
Phil G (7 years ago)
He said Reroad and she actually did!!! LMAO!!!!
Chloe Ackerly (7 years ago)
this game would have annoyed me, she turned right when he said left lol
KCZ95 (7 years ago)
later that day, his xbox got red eye. u asked for it she says.
Sheld Owned (7 years ago)
you shoukd have said "Shoot head ale",maybe the game could understand =p
Mhn Five (7 years ago)
what game is this!!!!!! *looks at title* damn im lazy
Mhn Five (7 years ago)
what game is this!!!!!!
Gandor Doomstar (7 years ago)
reroad ftw l0l
Msbubu (7 years ago)
lol this make me laugh
Kwan Chheang (7 years ago)
lol CC is funny brad said shoot shoot shoot it said ju ju ju
Meow Laksap (7 years ago)
"soot led eye" hahahah xD
Raveman01 (7 years ago)
reload...reroad lol asian style put on cc and lol
Raveman01 (7 years ago)
reload...reroad lol asian style
OMGIAmNaked (7 years ago)
@SuperLimJJ Lifeline
Conroy Torres (7 years ago)
Freza (7 years ago)
what is this game call?
FakkuElite (7 years ago)
Hayden Yost (7 years ago)
Brad:Turn left Girl:Turn around Brad :Walk Girl:Turn around Brad:Walk Girl:Turn around Brad:No! . . . Take off your top Girl:Turn right
Jiffmeister (7 years ago)
This game reminds me of Hey you pikachu
movieboy6 (7 years ago)
kill self! Shoot self mouth! Shoot, shoot, shoot,shoot ohlala! lol
Smashboxgames • (7 years ago)
This Game Needs To Re-load!
Alex Gueno (7 years ago)
i thought brad would be some japanese steryotype this whole time like in the other videos
AKTR (7 years ago)
@Breeanski red eye..., shoot
Breeanski (7 years ago)
@PinoyPogiman turn right
David Patterson (7 years ago)
How do you work this remote? Help me!!!
blazed911 (7 years ago)
This game would fuckin suck!!.... if Brad weren't playing.
AKTR (7 years ago)
lol... take off ur top
simbalolo (7 years ago)
The is ridiculous I would be fuckin pissed AHAHA
Jarnecke24 (7 years ago)
Reload! Reload! REROAD!.....Reloading. LOL!!!
1123RuFus (7 years ago)
Shoot shoot shoot "Where?" Anywhere I cant believe she shot xD
facePuncher5 (7 years ago)
Space Channel 5! :D
Gothicfun104 (7 years ago)
Watching this is fun. Playing this is anguish.
TheNIEXTER (7 years ago)
reload ... BACK!. reroad ... RELOAD!
this is the easyest way to kill this thing in real life... GET ON THE TABLE THE THING CANT JUMP
brad: TURN LEFT girl: TURN RIGHT omg it went on foreva
right... TURN AROUND! right! TURN AROUND! RIGHT! shoot!
VeggieKarate7 (7 years ago)
shoulda been like a normal pimp and tell the bitch to rub her vaj'-off on that monster's weiner.
deserada (7 years ago)
"QUIT SHOOTING AT THE FUCKING TABLE" *shoots table* This is fucking classic.
Kenny Wyton (7 years ago)
Lol at "Shoot gun, own mouth... Shoot gun in head... Kill self... Kill self... (Later on) QUIT SHOOTING AT THE F**KING TABLE!!!" :D
sprylittlething (7 years ago)
my favorite was REROAD!!
Axolotl (7 years ago)
@MagicAssasin I think more people would know what you were talking about if they could afford to pay their online bill after buying all the stuff it takes to get crysis to work
TKXD (7 years ago)
@Sushiix3bby *Cough* Blondes *cough*
TheRussianWarlord (7 years ago)
I love that Brad:Quit shooting at the fucking table *shoots table*
Mothman (7 years ago)
alright who divided by zero?
thecrazyloner (7 years ago)
i can't tell what was dumber, the girl, or the monster that had just spent seven minutes running around.....(but then again smarter enemies might have made the game a "tad" to hard)
MagicAssasin (7 years ago)
Is it just me or is the AI worse than Crysis's. Jesus fuck.
Beat Priest (7 years ago)
shut lead ai
Mikhael Yu (7 years ago)
shoots self...shoot tail!
hidrokiliak (7 years ago)
Reload!!!! *Shoots it in the face*
Maxaxle (7 years ago)
This is hilariously bad.
NimbleSeaUrchin (7 years ago)
Brad: go fuck yourself Girl: back! lmao
007Lupu (7 years ago)
Brad:Red eye Girl:Left Brad:Red eye Girl:I can`t do anymore Brad:Led eye Girl:Right Brad:Led eye Girl:Back Brad:Shoot led eye Girl:Where Brad:Led Eye Girl:Mouth This game can`t be more fucked up then it is right now
Mad Hatter (7 years ago)
Medical Vacuum Cleaner (7 years ago)
This game is so fucking bad, its shittier than s6!

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