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Call of Duty: Black Ops - World Premiere Uncut Trailer

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Watch the World Premiere Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops - Uncut. Register on www.callofduty.com for Exclusive Wallpapers. Follow us @JD_2020 and become a fan on www.facebook.com/codblackops. Coming 11.09.10
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Text Comments (21887)
Detroyer 2034 (1 hour ago)
Chingar A 20 (19 hours ago)
November 2018!!!! 8 years later bitchesssss!!!! Fornite is Deeeadd
Petros Mavros (1 day ago)
Illidan s voice from warcarft 3
G-Man Gaming (1 day ago)
2018 y'all?
Michael Juhl (2 days ago)
Who’s watching after Black Ops 4 is out??? I miss this though but bo4 is surprisingly not that bad
Michael Juhl (1 day ago)
Yeah it was my favorite in bo2
KysymysMerkki (2 days ago)
Blood of the Dead is absolutely amazing!!
The Jean Show (2 days ago)
man to think back in the day, these graphics looked so realistic😂😂😂thats crazy
JCMJ 916 (2 days ago)
Alexander López (4 days ago)
2018? :V
Ryan Brimelow (5 days ago)
2018 anyone?
claptap 2 (2 days ago)
Ps4life (5 days ago)
So hyped for this game.
Top Notch Gaming (5 days ago)
Screamliner _ (5 days ago)
Im getting nostalgia i played this game game when i was 3 or 4 (yup at a really young age)
ReyIsKindaLame :/ (5 days ago)
Just watched BO4 for 2018, jeez an 8 year long game series..
Jason Mycroft (7 days ago)
2010, it's been a while.
BIkopsking (7 days ago)
When does this come out?
Cabo Desce o rolo (7 days ago)
Still playing this game
Woah, I can not wait more to play de new zombies maps, this new cod looks amazing!
Joe_breezy 97 (8 days ago)
Crazy to think I was in middle school when this amazing game dropped. I'm 21 now lol
Xx_MeSTeRYO_xX 1 (8 days ago)
احلى تريلر لاحلى لعبة بالعالم 😔 تبا لكم ياهكرات 🖕
Sean longoria (8 days ago)
thank you treyarch for your great work throughout the years all they way since black ops 1 and black ops 4 not to mention the great zombies storyline and maps❤❤
jobless jew (8 days ago)
Blops 4 doe
lonestr1 (8 days ago)
*Playing Black Ops 4 in 2018 :-)*
Mister Premium (9 days ago)
1:02 lmao i remember aiming for their legs to blow it off
Uzify (9 days ago)
2011. I was 6 and my dad loved cod. He let me and my brother play split screen and my brother always beat me and in MW3 too
I need to clear my mind after this fortnite shit goying on...!
Mrperfect445onps4 (11 days ago)
i look back where it all started. bo4 hype
Matías Nuñez (13 days ago)
October 2018, anyone?
GoldSwaggamer 400 (14 days ago)
Bo1 was an amazing game and I still play it today.
lil cheezuz (14 days ago)
Adam Mann (16 days ago)
Who else is here after watching the bo4 trailer?
pablo silveira (17 days ago)
This was the shit back in 2010 pulling all nighter with my friends kicking ass online and zombies lol
Donovan Grabill (17 days ago)
Anyone here for bo4???
Dilmika Weerasinghe (17 days ago)
those were the days please make another game like that
Alpha Male69 (19 days ago)
Best COD game, period.
WindedLattice76 (20 days ago)
Got bored and decided to watch this after watching so many videos of black ops 4 lol
Gianni reyes (20 days ago)
I can't wait till this comes out hyped!!!!
Smoking Beacon (21 days ago)
Who still has this game?
Lil Dumbass (23 days ago)
The only game that is even close to this game, is mw2
Lil Dumbass (23 days ago)
Best cod ever😔
cesar hernandez (23 days ago)
SNIPER DOES GAMING (24 days ago)
i still watch this and get chills. that game was amazing
Akeem Rizk (27 days ago)
Best cod ever
PaleteroMan5 (27 days ago)
this was the first game i ever played and i was 5
Bo4 Hype (26 days ago)
PaleteroMan5 omg same
Amell Modz (27 days ago)
Thunder Gunna (29 days ago)
Why is this all of a sudden in my recommended?
Waiting for bo4
Vv Masonator vV (1 month ago)
Anyone here after bo4 blackout beta?
8 putos años! Que chucha
GrayAssassin13 (1 month ago)
This makes me want to play black ops again
Carlos Bravo (1 month ago)
Nostalgia 😌
Daniel self (1 month ago)
OMG can't wait for this game to come out
قبل 10 سنوات (1 month ago)
💔💔need bo1 and bo2 in ps4💔💔
Linguini (1 month ago)
The classic
Roundmold34180 (1 month ago)
8 years...
DecadentPimp (1 month ago)
Michael Kukor (1 month ago)
2018 anyone?
iNnFeR (1 month ago)
Happy 10 years birthday Black Ops :P
demonio109 (1 month ago)
Lol pero bueno infer compañero
Skur (1 month ago)
Mamede (1 month ago)
The best COD ever
Dark (1 month ago)
It’s already 2018...
xXEgoHunterXx (1 month ago)
#BestCoD Please remaster this beautiful game for the Ps4.
ErikTheRandom (1 month ago)
xXEgoHunterXx I know what you mean I really hope they remaster it too 👍
xXEgoHunterXx (1 month ago)
ErikTheRandom Okay erm i mean a compatible Version like this on XBox One.
ErikTheRandom (1 month ago)
xXEgoHunterXx And not for PC and Xbox?
a_harbs (1 month ago)
I used to download these trailers so I could put them on my Samsung Solstice and watch them on the bus to school. Man, I miss the hype this game had. It's never been the same since.
Topx _Tz (1 month ago)
Ron M (1 month ago)
The damage is done now cod won't be able to revive
Proud American (1 month ago)
Remaster now
Skadewdle (1 month ago)
Throwback to Saturday nights during middle school switching between Black Ops Zombies and MW2 multiplayer with friends on XBL. 2010-2011 before MW3 came out was the peak of COD. The two best games in the franchise were at their peak simultaneously.
Security Officer (1 month ago)
graphics still look the same for b04
Jackson Allen (1 month ago)
I remember always playing this with my older cousin and it is so nostalgic just watching this brings back so many memories. Miss the old days ):
GamingWithPepe (1 month ago)
Bo4 is here bois
Trenton Bland (1 month ago)
I cant wait until i see "2018" here...
Materialized (1 month ago)
If your here in 2018 subscribe to me on YouTube.
Conbomb C (1 month ago)
Still my favourite game !
Jordo W (1 month ago)
Amazing in this trailer is just 4 out of the 15 amazing campaign missions
The Hyper Friends (1 month ago)
Who is watching in 2019 lmao😁😂😂😀
João Faccini (1 month ago)
The best call of duty game
The Hyper Friends (1 month ago)
Who is watching in 2020 lmao😂😂
RaPlus (1 month ago)
Becker IV (1 month ago)
Josh Ardissonne (1 month ago)
Sweet, when does it come out?
Josh Ardissonne (19 days ago)
+Marik I know, I was joking
Marik (20 days ago)
on 2010
V3RL L (2 months ago)
Matthew Tupu (2 months ago)
its so cool that i play it on ps3
Cosmiz (2 months ago)
Victoria Sindelar (2 months ago)
Victoria Sindelar (2 months ago)
BLAZE Beast (2 months ago)
Who else is here after playing the bo4 beta ? Lmfaooo please remaster this game, it’s your only hope of staying relevant.
Kev_ Bot (2 months ago)
I remember this was my first cod game and boy it made my lil 7 year old peepee so hard
csn z player (2 months ago)
sid tallamraju (2 months ago)
Ok let me make this straight to everyone in the comments. Ghosts was not a bad game the only reason you think it's bad is because of the following: A. You suck at it (I sucked too but I still admit it is good game.) B. We just got off of black ops 2 C. People don't appreciate new unique styles to cod games which this was but you all still think that it was recycled crap. Ghosts has a fun campaign that had the best cod story to it with an amazing twist and cliffhanger, not all baddies are gonna be the russians, you gotta throw some latino and a little american in there (Not racism just stating bad guys's races.) There was new stuff to the campaign, it was a new type of tone and story, a playable and controllable dog, New types of characters and more. You all unnecessarily hated on the multiplayer for stupid shit too. The maps were cool and diverse and weren't too big. You all blamed the mechanics for constantly getting killed and dominated, but the mechanics weren't shitty for the guys that killed you and dominated the rest of the map. And so what if they removed some modes if you want to play those modes that got removed then do it on another cod game you have it really makes no difference. And yes there was new stuff for multiplayer too that some would also count for the campaign: New hip firing mechanic New climbing over ledge mechanic New type of kill streaks and perks. A new more interactive environment than usual SQUADS and more.... And stop trying to shit on the maps too each map brings a challenge that players must learn to overcome and fight even for the OP people, which makes it a bit more fair for the less good people and that is the purpose of game maps and levels to bring fun and interesting challenges to players so don't get mad when free fall's shaking ruined your stupid 7 year old mlg 360 no scope bullshit because that's all part of the game you new day cod fans are just too spoiled. Squads was fun and all you bitch ass fortnite bandwagons should appreciate it especially if you care about your squads. And last but not least extinction was probably the weak link to the game but even that was not that bad it was kind of search and destroy like but with crazy ass aliens which is pretty cool. And the dlc's were some of the best, you could play as predator or Jason Voorhes and even with all of that other good dlc stuff this was still already enough to make legendary dlc packs. So basically you fuck boys need to stop sleeping on ghosts because it is very good and better than every cod game that has come after it so far in fact it is better than all the following: Cod 1 Cod 2 Cod 2 part 2 final fronts (Whatever it was called) Cod 3 All those extra game versions of old ww2 games like that world at war one MW3 AW Bo3 IW WW2 And it is automatically better than Bo4 because it has a campaign and not some shitty bootleg battle royale mode along with campaign actually being very good.
HaNdSoFmEn/DEJAYNINJAGTA (2 months ago)
Any body play on ps3 my user name is DEJAYNINJAGTA
ahmad alhamdany2345 (2 months ago)
one of the best call of duty games.
nicks dog (2 months ago)
Where did everything go wrong smh
ColdSilentNinja (2 months ago)
The non sjw days....such good memories
JactusCack (2 months ago)
Looks good when’s it drop
Gurjosh Chahal (2 months ago)
Anyone here after bo4 trailer
even 161 (2 months ago)
Anyone here after Bo4 trailer 😂
jose salas (2 months ago)
Who rather play this than bo4? I know I would!!!!
ErkinS (2 months ago)
Oh mean why they not could generete this cod mobile version
Luci Adam (2 months ago)
We need next call of duty in Vietnam
Michael Riley (2 months ago)
That SR-72 mission was EPIC!
junalikou (2 months ago)
What happened this game changed so much it was better this way
The Shadowless (2 months ago)
Anyone here after Black Ops 4?

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