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Call of Duty: Black Ops - World Premiere Uncut Trailer

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Watch the World Premiere Trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops - Uncut. Register on www.callofduty.com for Exclusive Wallpapers. Follow us @JD_2020 and become a fan on www.facebook.com/codblackops. Coming 11.09.10
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Text Comments (21705)
Cody W (19 hours ago)
B04 HYPE!!!!!!!!!
Arash Sarchami (6 days ago)
You are the worst company ever you don't care about your fiance but you chest wait the green you make so much profit out of the game by it self but you stile make us pay. Pleas stop an at list try to act like you care about use.
Liberty Prime (6 days ago)
I only like call of duty when you fight the Communists
Gamerproductions123 (8 days ago)
The last great Call of Duty
ебаный мой компьютер обязан тащить игры до 2014 года а он не какие игры не тянит гандон пидар
wolf husky (9 days ago)
This is the first time that cod set in viatnam war I would rather cod to be set in Ww1 Ww2 Korean war Vietnam war Cold war Falklands war Modern war Laos war Iraq war Gulf war War in afghanistan Bosnian war The Troubles
Berkan NukeZ (9 days ago)
BlueFizz (11 days ago)
Damn I miss good old COD
Raiden (12 days ago)
I came here from the so called black ops 4
TRASTIC (12 days ago)
This game taught me more then my history teacher
Tammy Elissa (12 days ago)
0:59 *"Stay toasty."*
Alien Productions (13 days ago)
Khaled AL Namlah (14 days ago)
Please Remaster black ops1
Michalis Ioannoy (17 days ago)
This cod and the cod bo2 r de best!!!!!!!!!
N-MoB [KsA] (17 days ago)
i miss this game 😢
Poke Flame (18 days ago)
Haha i like it...
xd (19 days ago)
even though this was only 2010 i still feel so fucking much nostalgia booting it up to the campaign. fucking hell it was like waw but on hard drugs
Logan Ross (20 days ago)
Remaster this masterpiece ASAP
Julien De Coster (21 days ago)
I am waiting for the remastered on ps4, thank you for your cooperation
Javito Av (26 days ago)
I also liked the features in main menu like
Javito Av (26 days ago)
I loved this game it was the best shooting game I've ever played on a console
emperor palpatine (26 days ago)
6 yrs still the best cod
PuLsE Gaming989 (26 days ago)
Jesus (27 days ago)
PuLsE Gaming989 (26 days ago)
Jesus me boi
DrWeeWe (1 month ago)
Best COD ever
PuLsE Gaming989 (26 days ago)
DrWeeWe yes
THEGOSTH2 (1 month ago)
RadiShockZ (1 month ago)
Silvah 420 (1 month ago)
I got this game when it first came out and i was in the 6th grade now im 19 and i still play this game till this day. Best cod ever along with mw2,waw
uniqeboysaad saad (1 month ago)
Whos watching this after the games out
Cody Beyer (1 month ago)
This is one of those games that you wish to bring back so badly.
Joshua Hernandez (1 month ago)
Im in 2018
Diego Vargas (1 month ago)
Any in 2018?
Sukira Miru (1 month ago)
This was the last good Call of Duty in my opinion.
Hasan Tv (1 month ago)
Nasim CCZ (1 month ago)
Rafox66 (1 month ago)
The last good cod. ;(
XoidZoom (1 month ago)
Still trying to find comments from 2010
ALph A (1 month ago)
Uau mtu bom joga
Kirishima Yo (1 month ago)
Why this in my recommended?
Conor A (1 month ago)
Who’s here 2018??
Queen Masumi (1 month ago)
You know, they should come back to this game and update the maps and shit! They should remaster this then blacks ops 3!
Connie Tan (1 month ago)
Timster918 (1 month ago)
2018 anyone? Just coming back for the good ol nostalgia that’s all😪🤧
TheSasGaming (1 month ago)
the last good CoD
TWDFreak (1 month ago)
Edmundo Antônio (1 month ago)
Alex Mason and Frank Woods the bests of call of duty black ops ever.
Ivan Plis (1 month ago)
The campaign was really really dark, i loved it
Muadh Lamrabet (1 month ago)
This was the best game i've ever played as a kid. Many memories
Kevin Wilson (1 month ago)
Back here for the Huey UH1 shooting scene, SO BADASS
Alexander DaMex (1 month ago)
Jovanni Romero (1 month ago)
Nine Tails Goku (1 month ago)
The numbers, Mason *WHAT DO THEY MEAN?!!*
BlackOpsGamePlay (1 month ago)
black ops 4
Landoz Lad (1 month ago)
This was the best COD
DELFAS 780 (1 month ago)
Jay Jameson (1 month ago)
This was the pinnacle of call of duty
Lil Mitchell (1 month ago)
Who else is holding back the tears ? Rip 🙏🏽
II Flipz (1 month ago)
Lil Mitchell I’m looking at old battlefield and cod trailers and I’m wondering where did it all go wrong
Liam Good (1 month ago)
Luan Barros (1 month ago)
Remember in 2018
Psycho Guy (1 month ago)
I miss *REAL* Black Ops
Yeet io Chunky (2 months ago)
Back when you could only jump 2 feet
Miiiiix (2 months ago)
Here after the BO4 trailer maybe?
Xirsite (2 months ago)
Comparing BO1 trailer to BO4, anyone else? no? just me? aight.
iViral - (2 months ago)
2018 😂 ?
Nc Castillo (2 months ago)
scooby Doo (2 months ago)
2018. I miss BO1 so much....
xRutherz (2 months ago)
It's 2018 and this still looks beautiful
Warptic 808s (1 month ago)
xRutherz if still play it if it was on PS4
ColdPlayerHD (2 months ago)
Who came here after bo4 trailer released
Barse Crayon (2 months ago)
Damn!!! Can’t wait to play this!!!
Eddy Infante (2 months ago)
Who is here after watching the black ops 4 trailer?
Zyndall Media (2 months ago)
"The Numbers... What do they mean?" It means the end of CoD, and the dawn of micro-transactions... Back when all you had to pay for were DLC.
Zyndall Media (2 months ago)
The good old days...
Philrups (2 months ago)
No other CoD trailer gave me chills like this one. Absolutely loved the story. So invigorating.
Dr. Loudness (2 months ago)
Moises Hernandez (2 months ago)
This is what we want
*8 years* but never gets old
boo (2 months ago)
when cod was good
John Help Me! (2 months ago)
Anyone here after watching bo4 trailer .. *sigh* this is a good mf trailer
Santania (2 months ago)
John Help Me! ;(
Jens Bols ex OVJ (2 months ago)
They predicted ww2 lol a lie is a lie
TheEdgyGamer (2 months ago)
Anyone else here after seeing the bo4 reveal trailer?
Harry Nichols (2 months ago)
Who’s here after black ops 4 reveal?
TheLastKnightPrimus 1 (2 months ago)
This was the best! After this, everything turned wasn’t real anymore... I still play this!
Meme Angel (2 months ago)
Holy fuck I miss this
DirtyH2O (2 months ago)
Who's here after the Bo4 trailer?
Ruppster81 (2 months ago)
Had to come back here after watching the horrible bo4 reveal. Bo1 is still king in my book. Bye cod.
XoidZoom (1 month ago)
How could you assume its horrible when you havent even played it yet dip shit
Matt Kostuch (2 months ago)
Just watched the Black ops 4 multiplayer reveal trailer ...... Had to come back to clear my head
TeyKrozZ 《》 (2 months ago)
SMK GAMING (2 months ago)
acanuck4life (2 months ago)
Who's here after watching the trailer for black ops 4 and realizing the franchise has gone to shit?
Steeroikerrrr (2 months ago)
Anyone else here to compare this to the Bo4 trailer???
xxthehuskycaboosexx (2 months ago)
This is by far the best COD ever made, developed by the same people making the dreadful BO4. God, where did it all go wrong?
Capt'n Shred (2 months ago)
Ha, remember when CoD had (good) campaigns?
Justin Guzman (2 months ago)
jasper426 (2 months ago)
Came here from Shit Ops 4 to watch a REAL cod
KainetheWusky (2 months ago)
The only good black ops game
ThatOneYouTubeChannel (2 months ago)
Black ops 4... 😔
Matthew Roberts (2 months ago)
Chris Krahn (2 months ago)
Who’s here from black ops 4
Killer Leaf (2 months ago)
Man, I can’t wait for this Game to come out
ANONYMOUS JML (2 months ago)
RIP Black Ops Campaigns you will be miss :'(
M. Ostrowski (2 months ago)
This was an amazing game. What happened to you Treyarch?

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