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Minecraft Server Event: Vietnam WAR? - Tier 3 release

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The server is back online again and instead of EXP, the server now releases tiers one by one after scheduled tier tower events! This video documents the fourth of these events, in which admins use tier 3 Vietnam War era weapons against players who are stuck with tier 2 Early Cold War technology. Mod pack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tyrants-and-plebeians-mk-451.1245042 Discord: https://discord.gg/mAXxGTp Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TyrantsEtPlebs
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Text Comments (27)
King Commando (3 days ago)
I understand using miniture sized battleships, but why carriers? Especially half in full-size that takes up render space and lags your processing power. There's no practical use for such a vehicle in minecraft.
InvalidSyntax (3 hours ago)
also the only aircraft carrier in the game has several flak cannons and fires kamikazi planes, which are basically fancy looking atgms
InvalidSyntax (3 hours ago)
King Commando because some weeb modeled it, no point in wasting a model
If those vehicles had solid borders, I would accept that
InvalidSyntax (3 hours ago)
Никита Кордонов some do, namely british tanks. from what i know the churchill mk6, challenger 2, challenger 3, and i think the tier 4 chinese mbt all act like solid objects, aswell as all ships
от куда во вьетнаме русский вертолет+шилка?
Evica (5 days ago)
wat r u doin wit ur lif playin mc?ded game
InvalidSyntax (3 hours ago)
well labjac/jamez of the monorisu minecraft community?
King Commando (3 days ago)
Monorisu Still plenty of great servers and modpacks to go around.
Monorisu (5 days ago)
stfu go play fortnite
JB0204 (5 days ago)
minecraft is not rlly dead yet
Aakash Kukal (5 days ago)
I want to download the mod, how can i download it
InvalidSyntax (3 hours ago)
sorry modpack only available in brasil
JB0204 (5 days ago)
Aakash Kukal (5 days ago)
Yes i have 4gb ram and 64 bit java but from where i can download it
JB0204 (5 days ago)
also make sure you are using the java 64 version and using 3gb of ram
JB0204 (5 days ago)
down load the modpack here
RedstoneCubestツ (6 days ago)
Teddy Woodward (6 days ago)
188 view
Ronin the Umm (6 days ago)
LuckyBlockYoshiYT (6 days ago)
i missed it D:
JB0204 (6 days ago)
Liam's Lego Gaming (6 days ago)
Monorisu (6 days ago)
InvalidSyntax (3 hours ago)
release cracked version for pocket edition
InvalidSyntax (3 hours ago)
Liam's Lego Gaming (6 days ago)
You are indeed first but I am the first subscriber to comment.

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