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Nintendo Labo

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Say goodbye to virtual reality. Say hello to real reality.
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Dan W. (3 hours ago)
I'm flagging this! You really shouldn't be re-uploading Casey Neistat vlogs. It takes views away from his channel
Ehgil Erox (4 hours ago)
My favorite black youtuber.
WTCAT500 (10 hours ago)
Oh man I love G-Force!🐹
Loddfafnisodr (13 hours ago)
What a fucking joke. They should disband this company.
Uriah Graves (17 hours ago)
Excuse me? Bookworm is one of the greatest puzzle games of all time. Ask my dad.
L eiram (18 hours ago)
Seeing dunkey try to put things together is oddly infuriating
semiserioussam (20 hours ago)
Weeded Beetle (21 hours ago)
dunkey your house is so nice i love it
Im Fidgety (21 hours ago)
Hilarious dude ahahahahahha
DonutWheel07 (22 hours ago)
Just realized no mans sky was in the trash can
soulure (22 hours ago)
You have a Knack for building.
Peter O (23 hours ago)
I love the trash scene with Metal Gear Survive and No Man Sky, but I wonder what's the third game in there?
Kyle (1 day ago)
Lmao mg survive and no mans sky are in the trash
Jax Bennett (1 day ago)
I saw metal gear survive in the trash, where it belongs
Dennis Moreno (1 day ago)
Here a fun game Nintendo grab cardboard box 📦 and build your very own home 🏠 with it
Jordan Williams (1 day ago)
G-Force 2 looks great.
Golden Blox (1 day ago)
was it a joke that you also built the rc car wrong?
Solid Nate (1 day ago)
You are a funny dude haha
Cristiano Rafael (1 day ago)
Engineering in a nutshell
Ethan (1 day ago)
the new pizza box
DevilGearHill (1 day ago)
I love how Metal Gear Survive is STILL in that trash can XD
SPOTFIR360 (1 day ago)
Mimi should ride his cardboard motorcycle and run over all of the moving rumbling bug things
vincentpicpic (1 day ago)
Wtf dunkey is white?!
Mr.block'n'sauce (1 day ago)
*donkey conga!*
Connor Connaill (2 days ago)
But can it play Knack though?
Pizza Peter (2 days ago)
look at no mans sky in the thrash
charlesb354 (2 days ago)
Big Boss confirmed for Smash, why would they give away his cardboard secrets?
Jaime Ruiz (2 days ago)
I wish I had the money to just waste like this... wtf dude
ChrisKritik (1 day ago)
He has all the money in the world
Tom Youngblood (2 days ago)
Lol No Mans Sky was in the trash
Ulysses (2 days ago)
This product is going to fail harder than the Virtual Boy. Good thing its just a bunch of cardboard
Khalid Amajoud (3 days ago)
How old are you kid ? Can you answer for that
Matty Tingle's hand (3 days ago)
Nintendo Labo really makes you feel like Batman
Deontae Jackson (3 days ago)
Lmao Metal Gear survive and for some reason he;s just now put "no guy buy" in the trash xD
Enrique Laeso (3 days ago)
Dunkey I thought for so long you were black based on your voice Your white
GlitchyDoggo XCode (3 days ago)
Get it because it's a box?? Hahaha... Haha...
Unknown Name (3 days ago)
Mimi is the cutiest thing I've seen on youtube.
Austin Vines (3 days ago)
Hey mr dunkey can you make a video on Speed Racer, its on Netflix. I’m positive you would make this hilarious. Thx
Kotarian (3 days ago)
honestly nintendo is genius, stupid kids and neckbeards eat up anything nintendo farts out
Hood S (3 days ago)
You broke it man
Euan Harrison (4 days ago)
Jesus fucking Christ how are guinea pigs so cute man
Matt in a box. (4 days ago)
The amount of kids who probs cried while trying to construct labo stuff is actually kinda sad
Igor Vujnovic (4 days ago)
LOL Metal gear survive is in the trash can!
ProbablyInsane (4 days ago)
The amount of respect I have for the consistency of the "throwing a game in the trash skit" is unmeasurable
Graham Reed (4 days ago)
For Honor, the new shitty metal gear and no mans sky are in the trash, right where they belong.
Alex Schlee (4 days ago)
Metal Gear in the Trash and what else was there XD
Awesomenesss Mekonnen (4 days ago)
This is SOOOO me in life.
Mega Zeta (4 days ago)
I hear Mimi beat Dunkey at Smash
cian (5 days ago)
dunkey man ur like the loveable older brother with great wisdom and knowledge of games love ur vids :D
Albert Atshemyan (5 days ago)
Metal gear survival was in the trash
Hitmonchu (5 days ago)
what a gorgeous house he lives it actually
Kartikeya Srivastava (5 days ago)
Did anyone else notice Metal Gear Survive PS4 copy in the bin?
G-Force. Absolutely adorable.
cool ass corncob (5 days ago)
Please play book worm adventure 2 PLEASE!
lilrico21 (5 days ago)
You know I thought you were black from your voice.
iAmAnonymousTom (5 days ago)
I did not expect you to be a fat, hairy, white dude......🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lol I got mine from Amazon and when I got it I said box in box
Fatyzz side (5 days ago)
i mean... u can try it to build and give a real review after but no u just broke the whole shitt and make ur thing.. actly is notihng special and a bit expensiv but i think i would have fun 2 build the stuff..
g00gle minus (6 days ago)
100$?! for carboard cut outs!? NIntendo must be swimming in money to release a product only the richest oldest, diehard fans of the brand.
Joshua Salles (6 days ago)
I knew this would be painful to watch, but also very representative of how I feel. Thanks Nindendo, and dunkeh. 🍆 pp
Raging Raving (6 days ago)
I don't get it, why is cardboard soo expensive?... because Nintendo?... yeah because Nintendo
Physical pain
Slasher9485 (6 days ago)
We thought we were paying 80$ for cardboard but that's only half true. We paid 10$ for the cardboard and the other 70$ for the production of the funky ost the labo comes with.
Lillie Does Stuff (6 days ago)
Anything Agency (7 days ago)
Instructions unclear: Dick stuck in toaster the video.
LaVar Ball (7 days ago)
I wanna see mimi the hamster
It was me FD28 (7 days ago)
Came back for the G-force wagon
Christian Fournier (7 days ago)
Watching him "assemble" the motorbike made me anxious af and I don't know why.
Capyelite Reviews (7 days ago)
I hope we can play Knack 2 with cardboard one day
Nooby NZI (7 days ago)
Mimi cheated
el bacon master (7 days ago)
I subcribed the moment i saw metal gear survive in the trash 😁
Ducks4sale (8 days ago)
What a waste of natural resources
Derble (8 days ago)
Nintendo charges $108 for stuff I can print out...?
CurledSun 6062 (8 days ago)
Propane (8 days ago)
Nintedo Labo? More like Nintendo Cheapo! HAHA!
XtReMe Sniper (8 days ago)
Wait, so dunkey is white? Unsubscribed
PH Savage (8 days ago)
Have he done a Face Reveal?
Collin Blair (7 days ago)
On the H3H3 podcast and on his wife’s channel
Angry Cat (8 days ago)
I thought u were black to be honest
cookieGOham (8 days ago)
a card board box inside of a card board box inside of a card board box this is the next evolution of gaming here
McFudge Poo (8 days ago)
Dude you are literally the funniest dude on YouTube man XD
Robert Torres (8 days ago)
what was the xbox one game in the trash???? i MUST know
CubingIsFun (8 days ago)
Dunkeys so black that he looks white
Frank Sánchez (8 days ago)
Still blows my mind the fact that Mr. Dunkey isn't a black guy.
Hestia (8 days ago)
Who's the white guy you had hold the camera? We all know you're black
Mr. Atari 2600 (8 days ago)
Nintendo Lamo
Reed Rees (8 days ago)
He spent $80 on this...
colly407 (8 days ago)
Oof labo is basically just a box of boxes
Maartje Elzenga (8 days ago)
Eric Junk (8 days ago)
Why didnt i see league in that trash can?
Brandt Cotherman (8 days ago)
did anyone else notice how Dunkey already had other games in the trash.
Xenox (8 days ago)
What’s the song that played when Dunkey was kicking the box
wagsamoht98 (9 days ago)
i'm disappointed in you.
Husker (9 days ago)
No man's sky and metal gear survive in the bin
Samuel Johnson (9 days ago)
Wait you're white?
kaleb osborne (9 days ago)
This is content🔥🔥
Echo Ryu (9 days ago)
Wth is a nintendo labo
SerrYs (9 days ago)
I have exam tomorrow and i am watching this :(
Pablo Aguilar (9 days ago)
WhaT a GrAtE gAme HaHa!A
Aidan Chang (9 days ago)
i can only imagine the type of video dunkey is going to make when his guinea pig dies
Shalom College (9 days ago)
U guys saw that giant rat, damn it was big and was riding a g wagon.
Brian Umholtz (9 days ago)
Super Light Skinned Brothers 2 was the greatest game ever.

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