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Minecraft: Hide and Seek Minigame! Game 3 w/ IAmTheAttack & JaFung! - I'M COMING FOR YOU!

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A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com Let's see if we can hit 2000 LIKES on this super intense minigame! Hope you guys enjoy :) If you want to play on the Hive servers, go to the IP - HiveMC.EU and head to the Arcade section of the hub where you will find the hide and seek minigame! From there you can pick what lobby you want to join. Hope to see you there! IAmTheAttack: http://www.youtube.com/user/IAmTheAttack JaFung: http://www.youtube.com/user/EmperorJaFung --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­----------------- •Get a Discounted Server Here! - http://mcprohosting.com/?promo=minecraftfinest •Gaming Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/gamersxfinest •Livestream - http://www.twitch.tv/gamersfinest •Get a T-Shirt at: http://mcfinest.spreadshirt.com •Twitter - http://bit.ly/1117Snf •Facebook - http://on.fb.me/14kEzfi Intro: Project 46 - Reasons (feat. Andrew Allen) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYzxMAyrEEM&list=PLDF056FBA2E172F87&index=21 Outro: Hellberg & TwoThirds - Farewell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw8yADaCpxg&list=PLDF056FBA2E172F87&index=3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­-----------------
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Text Comments (279)
brooke00taylor (4 years ago)
Max laughs like Niall
alfredodelgado alejo (4 years ago)
Nobody cares about max
Kyle Porter (4 years ago)
He said too diss like it LOL
I Am Divergent (4 years ago)
Shawn Robinson so was I yayayayayyayayayaywhats
Shawn Robinson (4 years ago)
I was on that video
jamie (4 years ago)
Shhh i can smell you... LOLOL
Serena Vale (4 years ago)
someone hacked my account so I changed my password it was on this one that I noticed it
dan bamby (4 years ago)
I see it at 7:43
Camille Carrasco (4 years ago)
Maida I didn't see nothing. But I think u did so i will try again
tony mcdonough (4 years ago)
He is always. A fence
Julie Burkett (5 years ago)
Don't talk like that
Maida Jusufovic (5 years ago)
go to 07:42 then pause book shelf in the hole
Dave Ralla (5 years ago)
Cateli Summerz (5 years ago)
I like the out-tro
Rin Okumura (5 years ago)
Why the dislikes? There are freakin HaTeRs.
Abel Asing (5 years ago)
Cain Tenant (5 years ago)
Christian Briscoe (5 years ago)
because there r haters in the world
Type:Immortal (5 years ago)
how do i get to this on uberminecraft i have it on minecraft i just dont know how do get to hide and go seek how do i get there?
peirce kinnison (5 years ago)
LOLOLOL your name says halo and your picture is minecraft
Perfect Futbol (5 years ago)
IHTLgaming (5 years ago)
Kendrick Casareo (5 years ago)
NylePlaysGames (5 years ago)
whats the ip
Ivan Martinez (5 years ago)
0:32 haha
Fireyshotguns 51 (5 years ago)
lol i beat the shit out of max XD
Celeste Chow (5 years ago)
I can't find the hide an seek server
Godrocks28 Games (5 years ago)
You can place blocks underwater. :p
Gren Private (5 years ago)
MishMaster (5 years ago)
more plz
Cameron Shaw (5 years ago)
He's a bookshelf, watch the chat
Neroshi Blackcat (5 years ago)
Neroshi Blackcat (5 years ago)
DivelKnight Gaming (5 years ago)
Why did max wanted to kill Danny?
ikhan246 (5 years ago)
Sick dancing awesome
Jake Bamforth (5 years ago)
You can breath underwater as a block you know
Joky Loki (5 years ago)
Nice dance
Riley Pippen (5 years ago)
Max I'm sorry every body thinks you're gay Well I don't if you're not
Stealth Mendoza (5 years ago)
Abbey Free (5 years ago)
Is jafung a real person ir is it someone on the mcfinest team
Kyle Bay (5 years ago)
I watch your videos every day
SANTOS PEREZ (5 years ago)
I like you guys
Abigail Fleenor (5 years ago)
Trolling them
Chase Piorunek (5 years ago)
U Fukien gay fuck
Tim Mulieri (5 years ago)
I am a sexy penis bitchs
PotrickFungus (5 years ago)
im allways trying to play hide and seek and it dosent work for me :(
Chibi Yandere (5 years ago)
Lol I like maxs moves
Plazma Drone (5 years ago)
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Tom Dawe (5 years ago)
The best way to be a seeker is try to break the blocks to see if they are real
Tanner Pettigrew (5 years ago)
in come nanner
Zach Diaz (5 years ago)
You can place the blocks
Grizzly Gamer (5 years ago)
no idiot
Angel Morris (5 years ago)
I think this is the video where SkyDoesMinecraft was there with his friends!
Adrian Pop (5 years ago)
SO cool
AwesomenessKing (5 years ago)
@lfqmmcy yeah yeah we all know that! BTW! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while ==> bit.ly/1aPAWno?=tvmoi
TheBeyBladerZ (5 years ago)
I love the ending LOL
MsDramaticLexi (5 years ago)
MrXxEclipsexX (5 years ago)
max u talk like u r whispering
Paiton G (5 years ago)
guys max does talk...
Ps3uploader1001 (5 years ago)
y dosent max talk
Abby P (5 years ago)
More plz
firesoul (5 years ago)
is boring watching from max pv
EliteSquadMinecraft (5 years ago)
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kieran thomas (5 years ago)
bit harsh
thedangler111 (5 years ago)
He said he was a book shelf
maria tillmon (5 years ago)
I like your chanul.
TheTerdd (5 years ago)
if you saw a video in the last couple of weeks, they are making 2 videos on mcfinest daily and 1 on gamersxfinest daily so it takes more editing and that's why they wont do that anymore
GlobeTrottersGaming (5 years ago)
They said to have 3 videos a day they needed to use only one camera view
MattMYouTube (5 years ago)
It takes too long. They said that in their channel update.
joseph jagana (5 years ago)
like at part 2
joseph jagana (5 years ago)
Max you sound like deadlox
marco morales (5 years ago)
you don't drown in the water
Bas Bijlholt (5 years ago)
dude's don't let max record he is to good.
William Wheatley (5 years ago)
Reno Jürgens (5 years ago)
Your the best mc finest!!!!!!!(battle dome is good but not very good)
Sid The Kid (5 years ago)
Voow Texxz
Sid The Kid (5 years ago)
Lol laine called Danny Daddy
bugattirocksful (5 years ago)
Yo MinecraftFinest this video was posted on my birthday!
Sid The Kid (5 years ago)
Omg JaFung I laughed my ass off when he first spoke
HIJ802 (5 years ago)
Do Trouble in Mineville it's on hive!
HIJ802 (5 years ago)
They need to notice the game comments because there funny
Juston Beaver (5 years ago)
since they upload 2 vids a day they dont have the time fo dat
Zach Jones (5 years ago)
Unlike jerome
Zach Jones (5 years ago)
Max is boss as seeker
SnapJitsu TM (5 years ago)
i checked it out to dislike every video
razorcell (5 years ago)
Max will never talk when the camera is on him
Shift (5 years ago)
Can you guys come check out my channel? ThatMineCrafter7
Shift (5 years ago)
Can You guys come check out my channel? I just started and i just want people to start noticing
Valerie Lam (5 years ago)
More more plz!
Toxic Ash (5 years ago)
Please make this a regular series like Hunger Games and Modventure with the Finest :)
Tadeo Lopez (5 years ago)
John Palmes (5 years ago)
because they post 2 videos a day and they said its going to take longer if they switch so yeah
Julissa Arias (5 years ago)
Please make lots more!
cojie peg (5 years ago)
I luv the intro and outro
MsDramaticLexi (5 years ago)
Abigail Campbell (5 years ago)
hay you guys don't drown, try it
Oscar (5 years ago)
There To LAZY
The Country Kid (5 years ago)
nice vid and make your own Wipeout map
SkyriderGaming (5 years ago)
wez needz the the butter 2 fight the the squids slerp ye later
SkyriderGaming (5 years ago)
u can hide in the water and wez needz za butter to ffight the the squids sorry about squid war breakdown slerp ye later

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