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Text Comments (1407)
PRO WARRIOR01 (7 days ago)
Great video as always. I hope I get as many subscribers as you one day (most likely a dream). 💯
Zach Wilkins (8 days ago)
The special loading screens have a easter egg in them for free 10 battle stars the first one look at the prison watch tower you’ll see it as a shadow almost and the other is between snobby and haunted near the edge of the map near some houses. You can probably search a video on youtube to show you exactly where to land
Elmar Markai (8 days ago)
There is a hidden free tier in the loading screen. Week one, u can see a faded tier star on the prison watch tower in the back. On the second week loading screen, you can see letters on the wall behind carbride that basically give you coordinates to a spot on the map, that also gives you a free tier. Please like so everyone can see
FieldOps FOP (8 days ago)
If thanos was replaced with Requis, it wouldn't be fortnite. It would just be nite because darkness is all that would be left after requis is finished descimating every single player just by blinking at them
Its Impulsive (9 days ago)
The loading screen has a hint for a hidden teir
GPnada (9 days ago)
The blockbuster end reward could be the opposite of omega like a blue good version... maybe
Worley Birds (9 days ago)
In the week one loading screen it shows a comet hitting the prison and in the week 2 loading screen omega is inside a smashed prison that’s on fire. Maybe omega is the comet 👀
Shelly S. (10 days ago)
*Says he gets 9 to 11 kills a game* *same game* get 2 kills
Brean Uribe (10 days ago)
Play For honor again
Truepredator 9 (10 days ago)
How did he get that skin if he didint play during Christmas
Kev The Man (10 days ago)
Why are all the people he’s playing against called “Player” with numbers?
Popcorn 2005 (10 days ago)
Is this the 1st time Jev's been the Red-Nosed Raider in a video?
Jimmy Jimmy (11 days ago)
I love you
Cameron Janowski (11 days ago)
In the loading screens you’re getting a story, so the first one was showing the meteor hitting the prison, then the second one is the omega breaking out of prison because of the meteor
Tina Currier (11 days ago)
The loading screens tell a story. Week one, we see a meteor hit the prison, then in week two we see omega coming out of the prison
adam repar (11 days ago)
The loading screens are hidden battle stars
kevin L (11 days ago)
Each screen has a clue for a free tier
Mad Skills (11 days ago)
MRMINT (11 days ago)
for challenge accepted why not MW3 survival
JG_Hyper (11 days ago)
Why cant that skin be a genji skin
Callum Mcauley (11 days ago)
Who would win requis or thanos
Rigoberto Trujillo (11 days ago)
The loading screens so far mean that a meteor hit the prison and the omega was free because of it
Im surprised that the feminists havent raged at the fact that all the girl skins are skinny
Chris Blank (11 days ago)
loading screens have hidden battle star locations and give you a free battle pass level
Jardos Martos (11 days ago)
holy shit bro if you look at the first loading screen its hitting the prison and then the omega is escaping the prison because of the meteorite. YEET I'm fucking genius
ZyraxS0 (11 days ago)
if they replace thanos with requis u would just be invincible it just wouldnt be fair
Matthew Palmquist (11 days ago)
Both loading screens have the prison in them could mean something
Father Tom Hanks (11 days ago)
Genji ripoff.
RainbowDancer (11 days ago)
DynamicAFK (11 days ago)
how is 9-11 kills a game average thats pretty much pro
Steven Lauer (11 days ago)
Thanos can kill sky baces he has to jump on trees and jump again and laxer mid air and can break the floor
Brandon Garrett (11 days ago)
That skin is literally genji
TheDonBoston (11 days ago)
Jev, I'm curious: why do you take your face cam off screen in every single gun fight?
Ciscohs Yo (11 days ago)
Look at the back of the Omega background. It shows the location of wn extra tier. It says B4
Ret Zy (11 days ago)
Requis would destroy thanos
SwaY Sketchii (11 days ago)
The loading screens are telling a story as in the first one you see a meteor of some sort hitting the prison in the background then in the second week you see omega climbing out of a burning prison tower
Toxic Gaming (11 days ago)
COD PLEASE!!!!!!??????
Ogeid (12 days ago)
Caleb (12 days ago)
If you build high up, can't thanos just break the base of your base and watch you fall to your death?
Lab lluvv (12 days ago)
Long scary game series or cod pls
L!nxIT (12 days ago)
uuuuuuumuuuuum Genji??
Method (12 days ago)
The idea with the slurps re-genning your health even after your health is full seems dope.
William Smith (12 days ago)
Jev the loading screens reveal a free tear
Magic Man (12 days ago)
that’s C L E A N!
Saucyy TV (12 days ago)
Dank Angel (12 days ago)
When r u anouncing winners for givaway?
Oscar Soto (12 days ago)
The two loading screens match the meteor hitting the prison is probably omega because the background on it is also the prison
void (12 days ago)
but a big is two minis......
Alex Cannaday (12 days ago)
loading screens tell the storyline for this season
Ineiko (12 days ago)
The first loading screen is the comet hitting prison. The second loading screen is omega breaking out of the prison that just got hit by the comet. Leave a like soo jev sees 👍
itss otdy (12 days ago)
Play mcc
Steezy Myst (12 days ago)
Replace thanks with master chief 😂
Unknown Gaming (12 days ago)
That tower is at the prison for the week one loading screen. If you go to the top of that tower, there is a battle star you can collect which gives you a free tier on the battle pass.
Azor Ahai (12 days ago)
this is a random comment and the possibility of you seeing this is zero, but i just wanted to say, that is a really nice shirt, i like it a lot
Undeadgamer (12 days ago)
Requis will fuck up Thano's nut sack looking chin up any day 👌
FazaH (12 days ago)
The loading screens all have secret battle pass tiers you can collect when you put on the loading screen for example the 1st week on top of the prison there's a battle pass tier in the loading screen in the background on the 2nd week there's numbers on the wall in the background A3,A4,B3,B4 which shows you where the tier is which you can collect.
Jacob Haynes (12 days ago)
The leading screens have hints in the pictures to show the hidden star that gives you a free tier
Firetruck23 (12 days ago)
Anyone else think he was playing Overwatch as Genji based on the thumbnail?
xXSHDWXx (12 days ago)
Fortnite! Sponser Jev! Give requis skin seeing how jev abandoned requis and call of duty. 😒
azdren Shala (12 days ago)
If you stack the slurp and you get in a fight you have 25 seconds for it to work after 25 seconds it's wasted
rhevaz (12 days ago)
this isn't clean. this is wet 🏝
Evan Johnson (12 days ago)
Play some halo ?
Deaxz (12 days ago)
each loading screen has a clue for a free battle pass tier!
Got all the challenges done in a day
Jacob. S (12 days ago)
Requis can't replace thanos. You have to be able to kill requis
Fat S4ck (12 days ago)
I love watching Jevs gameplay it’s so clean and easy to watch; great cuts
Nastilicious (12 days ago)
Spam ramps going up with thanos it works, and idk why
the unbusted nut (12 days ago)
The loading screens have hints to free tiers in them
Alex XD (12 days ago)
Jev i've noticed teknique is the new john wick too lol
BATMAN (12 days ago)
The loading screens give you hints in the background for free tiers and battle stars
Fearless (12 days ago)
I think the loading screens could be like pictures from a movie kinda thing and if the last thing is a skin then it could be like a villain of the movie
m u (12 days ago)
You should play fortnite save the world
B. .C (12 days ago)
A battle to destroy existence
B. .C (12 days ago)
Requis v Kratos
King OfKings (12 days ago)
for challenge accepted you should play Escape From Tarkov..
Mr Reggamuffin69 (12 days ago)
All the loadingscreen has a "Easter egg" like in the week one on top off one of the prison watch tower there is a battlestar you can collect and you will level up a tier like if you were 56 you will get to 57 and week 2 it's like underneath haunted hills there's one there ( THE MORE YOU KNOW )
WoahAlles (12 days ago)
Thanos would lose against Requis any day, any time, anywhere.
DCrossed (12 days ago)
Carbide skin is the new rust lord.
Aldo Alija (12 days ago)
Please Jev stop playing Fortnite
Donny Bravo (12 days ago)
Iknow Jev is a Youtuber and Has to Live up to a Higher Skill Level Because He’s a Youtuber. But When You Nonchalantly Say I Average 9-11 Kill in Solo and Be Mad About. Come on Big Bro Lmao
Thatboi126 (12 days ago)
There is a hidden battle star on the loading screens
Darklighter1 (12 days ago)
Faze Jev do you still play league of legends and why don't u upload league of legends?
JezzaNolan 26 (12 days ago)
Jev, there are hidden clues to free tiers in the weekly loading screens. Week one’s at the prison on top of the top right pillar/ tower (whatever). Week two’s is in the middle of A3, B3, A4, B4 co-ordinates on the map. Everyone please like this so Jev sees!
a q u a e d i t s (12 days ago)
You should play more Call of Duty and do more challenge accepted :)
Phantom gamer (12 days ago)
That's happened to me a lot before
Renunciiar (12 days ago)
The week 2 loading screen has coordinates on the wall, which locates the free tier
Kye (12 days ago)
You wanna shotgun and pump thanos he gets melted
Spikey (12 days ago)
Read the descriptions of the loading screens, the give a little story and they also give clues to a free tier each week
Extreme Clips (12 days ago)
No the meteor hit the prison in the first one and omega is in the prison and he is excaping
xPSUnSeen (12 days ago)
Please stop saying you get 9-11 kills per game, you average less than 3
TheUntoldOnes (12 days ago)
not a micro stutter.. I thought he was going to say it was a micro adapt lol
Bennyp Plunkett (12 days ago)
The first loading screen shows a meteor crashing into prison, then the second one shows that Omega was the meteor
Leo Vujcich (12 days ago)
I bet jev won't pin this
Andreas Koliandris (12 days ago)
On the new loading screen it says A4 B4 A3 B3 on the wall
Pqokie (12 days ago)
Corey Nixon (12 days ago)
*Literally anything happens* Jev: HeLL0Ooo
sick_savage (12 days ago)
@Jev randum has already killed thanos with a trap for a solo win
Liam Reilly (12 days ago)
You dropped two full shields for 2 mini shields 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jaceybacey (12 days ago)
For the loading screens. Week one, there is a battle star on top of the prison tower. Week two, there are four coordinates which leads to another battle star next to haunted hills. Your welcome :)
TheOnlineAthlete (12 days ago)
Jev the loading screens have a star hidden In them u fucking noob

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