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Mods You Should - Shape Shifting Mod

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Ever wanted to play as a golem, a spider, a wolf, a ghast, a blaze, well you get the idea, ever wanted to use their special ability as well? this mod is for you my friend. This awesome mod lets you do all these things and more, its is very cool, and can be very useful in the right situations. Its also super easy to install, hope you enjoy, like, comment, favourite, subscribe and cheers for watching. LINK:http://www.modsforminecraft.com/mod-transform-into-any-mob-with-the-shape-shifting-mod-1-2-5/ Twitter:http://twitter.com/Webber101 Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/groups/Webber101/
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Text Comments (97)
William Oliver (2 years ago)
what's up
Matthew Tratz (4 years ago)
lol                             lol              XD
Barry Pickering (5 years ago)
Wolves got worms
Jonathan Mcreynolds (5 years ago)
its broken XD i cant get the mod :(
David Hurt (5 years ago)
I wanna be slenderman :D
craftycop (5 years ago)
Ahhh!!!!!!! It's a flying giant!!!!!lol
Desolated Soul (5 years ago)
finally a true british person
Zoe Pazurik (5 years ago)
What a funking wast of time
MLP Joshua51 (5 years ago)
google tits on images
coolpigsare (5 years ago)
Use the giant to fight the Ender Dragon.
Dylanxtreme5 (5 years ago)
Just you
Devan Chichester (5 years ago)
Was it just me or was the cat sleeping under the bed?
West Pie (5 years ago)
does it work on multiplayer?
David Bryant (5 years ago)
if you were a giant you woud need like a 64 block tall house
matalyn02 (5 years ago)
Dragging his ass on the floor hahahahahaha
Minecraftdude (5 years ago)
If you guys have nothing nice to tell so shut up!
5tsunam Gaming (5 years ago)
as noriu tokio bet nemoku atsisiusti
Your opinion sucks (5 years ago)
you, sir are a brainless dump idiot. Racist would be against black people or asian people. He is an englisman. Thats a difference.
John Williams (5 years ago)
Broken download.
The Rift Guard (5 years ago)
why would it ? im English am not gay and don't sound anything like that ?
Carly T (5 years ago)
awesome mod
Morrison5 (5 years ago)
to bad you can't shapeshift into herobrine
Your opinion sucks (5 years ago)
Why does he Sound so gay? Is he an englishman? If yes, it would explain everything.
Bailey Fisher (5 years ago)
u can wear armour
shawn brooks (5 years ago)
What happens when you need a house
ImBxly (5 years ago)
is it compatable with mo creatures
Hetalian_Whovian (5 years ago)
i tried to download but i got error 404... D:
Talion Moone (5 years ago)
totally and completely.................BEAST!!!
Alex Krastev (5 years ago)
what would his special ability be? stalk kids?
IbbyPlays PS4 (5 years ago)
it will kill you i have tried it it kills you in survival anyways
Ahhaha Ahhahha (5 years ago)
shapeshifting mod AKA trololol
Chris Mcleod (5 years ago)
Lazy walking with the spider
Sarah Espinoza (5 years ago)
if you're shape shifted as a creeper on survival and a creeper sees you will it kill you or think you're one of them?
Arya (5 years ago)
I wish u could do a enderdragon
Catobadass (5 years ago)
Why would you kill a creeper on creative they are so cute on survival it is ok but on creative
Sir Knox (5 years ago)
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Kerri Watts (5 years ago)
Giants are awasome
ZF Adamczyk (5 years ago)
when i am on the website witch download button do i click on
darkunusual fert. (5 years ago)
darkunusual fert. (5 years ago)
you have the best mods on earth bro
THE CREEPER IS A...wut?hes eating a block of stone.
John-Lennon 2004 (5 years ago)
Monka (5 years ago)
This in multiplayer=ultimate troll.
i think to frow snow balls you hold shift then space
Wokingpanda (6 years ago)
You turn in to chuck norris instead of a giant
Felix Helix (6 years ago)
Actually in the 1.3 update you don't get attacked by mobs if your a spider,creeper,zombie,or skeleton.
FalloutcreeperLP (6 years ago)
this needs to be a multiplayer mod!
ReaumWingblade (6 years ago)
what about enderdragons, eh? special, delete, everything
cruzazul12333 (6 years ago)
Mario: he stole my mega mushroom at 7:49
Kiran Shah (6 years ago)
They should make herobrine part of this mod.
Team Valje (6 years ago)
Awesome mod¡¡¡
Kevin Li (6 years ago)
8:20 best way to find diamonds
Andrew Taylor (6 years ago)
little blocks mod+giant= super detailed pixel art
hinata hyuga (6 years ago)
can u change into herobrine
firecracker801 (6 years ago)
i had the mod you cant
Arrow (6 years ago)
does this work on servers?:D
CataclysmSolace (6 years ago)
No enderdragon?
MrCrazyToad (6 years ago)
Oh. Okay.
White People (6 years ago)
Floaty floaty dwarf!
ShadowedSkai (6 years ago)
Another mod you should do is tornato mod
MrCrazyToad (6 years ago)
Or maybe start off being a pig, and when someone comes to make you a pork chop, become a Creeper and go BEWM!
TheMiniyoda1 (6 years ago)
you should use the potion that makes you bigger on the giant if you can
Emily (6 years ago)
PLEASE READ I cannot find my minecraft.jar file so webber can u message me and help me PLEASE
Emily (6 years ago)
Lol the creeper is eating the block at 1:42
nsmc99 (6 years ago)
Maybe that ghast cant blow up stone or dirt
TheFilmmacker (6 years ago)
lol ima get me and my friends and we turn into villigers and turn into back street boys
XYamiAuroraX (6 years ago)
Alex Stanicek (6 years ago)
i want to be EVERY MOB!!!
ThatTwinkie (6 years ago)
No to do this on a server and act like a smart mob
Dean Conwway (6 years ago)
Ender dragon transformation?
Idiotus (6 years ago)
flans mod
xD4rkxENDGAMEx (6 years ago)
Socalgirl just did *troll face*
Barry (6 years ago)
That is because Enderman is based off Slenderman
JAugust (6 years ago)
Slenderman and ender man both tall long arms and weird eyes and kinda same names
TheEE99 (6 years ago)
You should fly as a Giant!
jimmy john (6 years ago)
if u where in a small play and u hit something and it chases u can it get u?
ItsRobertAhern (6 years ago)
Hey I can't find and open my minecraft.jar folder. please help me?
rmaster446 (6 years ago)
and no squid. or Notch
bowpro115 (6 years ago)
can you use this on servers?
Ligityligit (6 years ago)
I'm getting this then I'm gonna grief my friends
Callie George (6 years ago)
The power is wonderful isn't it?
James Kilgour (6 years ago)
James Kilgour (6 years ago)
I know it sucks:( Hopefully a knew update soon though
Parth Parekh (6 years ago)
i mean like a skin for ur minecraft person
Webber101 (6 years ago)
yes it would attack you the same, it just changes your appearance
Webber101 (6 years ago)
want a skin? what kind of skin?
Webber101 (6 years ago)
they didn't have it on the mod otherwise i would of shown it off, hopefully coming in a future update
Parth Parekh (6 years ago)
hey webber do you wanna skin?
mitch lockhart (6 years ago)
would a mob attack u if ur in a mob
awsomergamer (6 years ago)
Imagine trying to build a house for the giant.
Didier Mengerink (6 years ago)
You should use this in a defense thing map
DE730 (6 years ago)
You should review sky diamond mod o_O
Red Mage (6 years ago)
There isn't all the mobs yet D:
Perryful (6 years ago)
you're not the only person ^^
ben springer (6 years ago)
very nice
1219madman (6 years ago)
love your mods you should videos!

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