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Ftb MOX Reactor Setup & Tutorial! [1360 eu/t]

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Hey guys today we go over how to setup MOX reactors with some high EU levels that wont explode! If you enjoyed this video please don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more epic videos :) Server IP:
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Ethan Alicea (2 months ago)
thx for the help
leeoon Lenz (6 months ago)
you have to refill the 3rd one the whole time
Spluff5 (1 year ago)
Get on my level with my 18998 EU/t reactor!
Rockjawz (3 months ago)
pics or didnt happen
George Plays (1 year ago)
He said uranium instead of M0X
Gartz (1 year ago)
Hey bud, if thats your public ip in the description i recommend you remove it.
Maan Mazen (2 years ago)
The reactor at 6:20s will need to be edited if you want it to work at 80%: Remove the 2 dual rods in the middle and replace them with the advanced heat vents. That way it will make 1010eu/t at 80% and be fully stable.
NENISSAHIN (2 years ago)
06:21 is the best mox reactor for new starter who don't have an auto craft system changing lzh cond. with lapis. Just heat it until 84 percent and thats it.
zapl80 (2 years ago)
Something must have changed, Reactor 1 will explode at 401 seconds. Confirmed ingame :( edit: according to simulator #3 too
Raziel77 (2 years ago)
good job I might be putting that 3rd reactor in my base soon thanks
BoggyBolt (2 years ago)
And yo, the ONLY advantage to MOX reactors is that MOX gives more EU THE HOTTER THE REACTOR IS! ALL of those but the 3rd reactor run EXACTLY the same with uranium. You need to have vents/exchangers that dont mess with the hull and decrease it's temperature, so, ONLY advanced heat vents, component heat exchanger and component heat vents are allowed for it to work.
Raziel77 (2 years ago)
+Dami Bang MOX reactors are use up the fuel twice as fast so you are going to be getting more plutonium in the same amount of time
Xiao'sChannel (2 years ago)
oh ffs who makes 1 chamber mox reactors? if you have that much plutonium, of course you can afford building largest reactor.
Speedin Hawk (3 years ago)
Love it!

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