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SECRET MUSHROOM TROLLING in Fortnite: Battle Royale!

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Move over Bush Campers, Mushroom camping confirmed new meta ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video - http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe ❱ Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/LachlanPlayz ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/Lachlan ❱ Friends in this video: ----- Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - https://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Incompetech - http://www.incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (2576)
bye bye purple tac
Super QTX Gaming (2 days ago)
Rip gray pump
Daegos (1 day ago)
That Grey pump was better than the blue pump is now
Danielcool Canale (2 days ago)
8:36 golden bolt boi blue bolt
Amaya Ferrell (2 days ago)
R.I.P purple shotgun
Javier Limon (3 days ago)
My friend said that your her husband
Daegos (1 day ago)
Well your friends a fuckin idiot pal
1000 sub with no vids (3 days ago)
8:36 legendary bolt- Lachlan
Jude Groomes (6 days ago)
Just goes to show most. Most people that play this game are absolutely retarded
DaRk ShAdOw (8 days ago)
8:39 u said rare bolt the legendary bolt
DaRk ShAdOw (8 days ago)
8:39 u said rare bolt the legendary bolt
Robloxus (8 days ago)
8:36 legendary?
Luke Guilfoyle (9 days ago)
New challenge no weapons only grenades but you have to have a bush on to fight
Matt’s Mechanics (9 days ago)
6:00 diy port a forts
mellon girl Mellor (10 days ago)
U so fit
Rishabh Bore (11 days ago)
Wtf purple shotgun removed r.i.p purple shotgun
Dylan Wang (11 days ago)
8:23 Lachlan is a goomba confirmed
Gaming with jordz 3103 (11 days ago)
Can you friend meh? My name is Jordz3103
Jack H (12 days ago)
8:35 Your sure thats not blue?
Jake Birch (12 days ago)
They took the big mushrooms out the game haha xx I think they did anyway
Daegos (1 day ago)
They took all mushrooms out the game except for those shield ones. I really don't know why
Llama Boy (12 days ago)
legendary bolt when it clearly a rare bolt LOL
Legendary bolt : Lachlan it's a blue bolt :me 👹😐👿😡
Micah Ceyanes (13 days ago)
Micah Ceyanes (13 days ago)
to get some good loot in salty springs go to the blue building go all the way down and go under the stairs and break the boxes then there will be a secret lair
skywalker85 (13 days ago)
i love waching vids
jc s. (13 days ago)
your laugh gives me life
Joshua Brown (15 days ago)
your my favorite youtuber
Zachary Reynolds (15 days ago)
TRYING to get attention with silenced weapon
Zachary Reynolds (15 days ago)
at 9:31
Azik Minecraft (16 days ago)
Totally legendary
TYMASTER (16 days ago)
10:14 PeeTesh in the kill feed
Anne-Maree Newman (16 days ago)
4.59 lol 😂
Kai Benedetti (16 days ago)
So you earn 3 mill in 5 months oh sh*t
Mintus Pettersen (16 days ago)
8:42 legendary bolt realy 😂
Alice Z (17 days ago)
Pay to win
Taj Munro (18 days ago)
is dat season 4????
Daegos (1 day ago)
Obviously not
The Gaming Croc (19 days ago)
He says he can use the legendary bolt for bait, when he only has a rare...
Tornado Taylor (20 days ago)
8:42 "legendary bolt"ok then
Jaden Pena (20 days ago)
Was kind of your fault for using the kind of guy but you could probably use a shotgun not be good
Benjamin Pousak (20 days ago)
8 36 legendary bolt It’s a blue bolt!!!!!
jack mickle (21 days ago)
mushrooms are going to be made smaller
Barnaby Molloy (21 days ago)
XxGUCCI ROASTSxX TM (21 days ago)
1:15 black bling
GoldRusher18 (21 days ago)
rip dusty depot and tac smg and purple tac
Jay's Vlog (21 days ago)
AdviceMeowMinecraft (22 days ago)
Whem subs!!
NottsNinja (22 days ago)
Daegos (1 day ago)
I know they removed every mushroom on the map except for the shield ones. I really don't know why
DaBeats1432 (22 days ago)
Heyyy they changed the the legendary bolt🤣
Finn M_Life (22 days ago)
Pay to win
Jelte Krikke (23 days ago)
Legendary bolt? IT was a blue
Landen Holbrook (23 days ago)
He said legendary bolt
Frozen Power (23 days ago)
You all ready have more then 4M
XxgetrektboyxX Gaming (23 days ago)
Legendary bolt?????
Junior Smithies (23 days ago)
Hahaha legend bolt 😂😂😂😂
The Gamer (24 days ago)
8:34 I died
Ur boi CCHRULZ (24 days ago)
2018 anyone
Joseph Santosuosso (24 days ago)
damn 5 months later and he already has 7.2 mil thats insane
Cooper Lee (24 days ago)
They took those out
fred badalian (24 days ago)
Did anyone else notice he said ledendary bolt when it was rare
M.J. Hawk (26 days ago)
Did he say legendary bolt
Rik OLeary (26 days ago)
Do more of these trools
Daegos (1 day ago)
It's trolls and he can't you little 5 year old
Brion macdonald (26 days ago)
8:35 “legendary”
Kim Howell (26 days ago)
Kim howwel
Jude Androlowicz (26 days ago)
Geez this is 2018,but still purple tack
SR. Tomato (26 days ago)
8:21 2 hours ago I got killed by that guy JimmyJoness
Deen Akhtar (26 days ago)
When you said you would use the legendary bolt as bait I looked and saw that it was rare not legendary. Did anyone else?
samia Ali (26 days ago)
I hate the scar
Jackson Holland (26 days ago)
get a skin that you can be disguised as a house
Finley H (26 days ago)
can u imagine just going up to your friends and saying "that's a good mushroom" randomly
Dennis Kapulka (26 days ago)
That was not an legendary bolt
Dragon Gamer (26 days ago)
8:37 ITS A RARE!!
Daegos (1 day ago)
Who fuckin cares
Just being khadija A* (27 days ago)
Legendary bolt???
Seth Harris (27 days ago)
Not a legendary bolt
Ryan Sellers (27 days ago)
How do they not see that
Blitz Alive (27 days ago)
Are mushrooms in season 5 not shield mushrooms the ones showed in the video
Daegos (1 day ago)
Fortnite removed every mushroom from the game.
Jaydenletsgoham (27 days ago)
Lol Lachlan: I just tingle a girl: heheheyeaboyy
Jaydenletsgoham (27 days ago)
Blue bolt lolooolololoololololol9ol
Gaming Addiction (28 days ago)
It wAs a rare bolt sniper not legendary
CherryBomb (28 days ago)
I don’t think Lachlan noticed that Myth was in one of His Games. If not, Lachlan must not care if Myth was in the Game. 🧐
Daegos (1 day ago)
Well who would care about myth he's just another nigga
Taylor Sharp (28 days ago)
So glad I have raptor
Iamvalentine YT (28 days ago)
U always say black bling
Nicholas Kelley (29 days ago)
Your head was completely out side the mushroom how did they not see u¿¿
Nicola Griffiths (29 days ago)
3:37 that laugh tho
Literally just a girl (29 days ago)
*BIG mushroom*
Gaming with Anthony (29 days ago)
amber tiger (29 days ago)
how did they not see you in the mushroom your head is sticking out lol 😂
# Chozen2Serv (29 days ago)
make a vid about making solo firends
Darth Rader (29 days ago)
Legendary bolt really
Brian Swift (30 days ago)
“we are so close to 4 mil subscribers” *5 months later has 7.1 mil*
Alfbert Noodle (30 days ago)
Close to four million hits 7 mil oh ok then
Ali Hakimi (30 days ago)
white pump😢 only us OG’s remember
Daegos (1 day ago)
So you're a virgin?
Random vids (3 days ago)
Ali Hakimi I remember
Lazyy Boii (30 days ago)
*When you notice Lachlan says “legendary bolt” when it is a Rare bolt* KILL MEH
Luvyaplayzz Kumavat (30 days ago)
LOL mushroom troll
Zedeno Hernandez (30 days ago)
“Oohhh, legendary bolt!” Picks up blue bolt
Angelo Crisostomo (30 days ago)
Lachlan s lauagh doo 3:38
Daegos (1 day ago)
It's Ali a's laugh. It's also known as the virgin laugh
Austin Acholonu (30 days ago)
wow raptors twin brother is so stupid 0:38
Dont Self Promote (30 days ago)
it was i bule bolt lol
Sharon Harrison (30 days ago)
Legend bolt
lillypops xoxoxo (1 month ago)
Raptor is my fav skin can I have him please xxx 🤣🤣🤣
Daegos (1 day ago)
Yeah if you buy it
Kyle Leslie (1 month ago)
1:15 he said black bling
suck my ass (1 month ago)
8:35 legendary bolt? It's a blue bolt lol

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