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Brad's Doodle

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Brad's big red doodle flies all over the place and gets a girl all wet. [Brad - Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color] (PS2)
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Daniel Cook (3 months ago)
I watched this live when I was still a teen, never laughed so hard in my fucking life and had a good time
Luke Devine (2 years ago)
First YouTube video Iv ever watched
I havent seen this in 3 years........Still makes me laugh the same though
Tropicdog1211 (3 years ago)
This will forever be one of my favorite Brad moments.
Frisky (3 years ago)
Saw this LIVE four years ago. Laughed so hard I was literally in tears.  *>X_ )0)* It hurt so much, the veins on my forward felt like they were going to explode.
Za Warubro (4 years ago)
I thought I was beyond this, but I seriously haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
insidespiral8 (4 years ago)
omfg this is the funniest thing ever!
DoctorLazers (5 years ago)
I remember playing this game as a kid and pulling this stunt, like first thing.
Johnny Takigero (5 years ago)
Oh dear lord help me I can't breathe! XD
Mason Cusack (5 years ago)
This is too disturbing. X'D
Will Comai (5 years ago)
jesus im crying
Dat description
boogilish (5 years ago)
Think she wants your doodle brad.
magicaljellyfish (5 years ago)
I've seen this part of Reanimator.
RavinFox (5 years ago)
I completely forgot about this game XD Hilarious video! I remember seeing Xplay review this back in their glory days and making this same joke but Brads reaction is just as awesome!
combinenation1 (5 years ago)
Well..... That just happend..
HandlerXEditor (5 years ago)
She wants the D?
mrdretlu87 (5 years ago)
its a femur!
Mako Chan (5 years ago)
So much time passed, i still enjoy this shit like the first time <3
Libralord Zodiac (5 years ago)
actually its a femur.
Lucas Mota (5 years ago)
weirdest hentai ever
jaden baraka (6 years ago)
alternate241 (6 years ago)
"Please draw a circle"
panameadeplm (6 years ago)
Sounds like your friends are a bunch of fucking idiots.
TheBronzeGamer14 (6 years ago)
"you need to take better care of your doodles!" XD
Dollymayfrosty (6 years ago)
None of my friends understands why I laugh so hard when watching this.
chimeinagain (6 years ago)
brad stop foolin dude. we all know you had JUST enough ink for the top part of your "femur".
Ian McIvor (6 years ago)
Title should have been "Brad's doodle makes girls wet"
kitchimomo (6 years ago)
omg i didnt stop laughing OMG LOALODJWPEOKWFa'sA
GoldenBear92 (6 years ago)
OMG! I remember this! This was so hilarious!
Kari Solomon (6 years ago)
LOL, that he does. :P
Oilzumbie (6 years ago)
He DOES need to be careful with his doodles, though
jade burton (6 years ago)
Brad. Something tells me you like penis....
s6laju00 (6 years ago)
I can barely watch this video in 5 second increments before I crack up laughing and crying at the same time.
hoseoks_hoe (6 years ago)
volt792000 (6 years ago)
@zazzoa at least she didnt shave it
Practice Casts (6 years ago)
omg the way she raises her eyes at the end of the video was perfect, as if she'd just figured out what Brad was getting at
Tayla Scanlon (6 years ago)
She saved your dick man! Your precious dick! ... Gawd, this game sucks xD
remmos99 (6 years ago)
AHAHAH ummm sorry litle girl but it's not called a doodle... XD
Nicholas Cage (6 years ago)
ಠ_ಠ it's a femur.......
petj0n (6 years ago)
i like the part where she grab the nuts XD
MaliciousGrim05 (6 years ago)
@shotstar24 I know, lol
DeepSearch27 (6 years ago)
@MaliciousGrim05 It's been stopped since yesterday.
koollikesnow (6 years ago)
Shoulda drawn it sideways.
MaliciousGrim05 (6 years ago)
Stop SOPA or we may never see Brad draw an obscene object that a little girl then grabbed again!!!
Splendid Beaked Man (6 years ago)
Brad always takes care of his femurs!
rageID2011 (6 years ago)
HA! i can't stop laughing XD
Extragunbon (6 years ago)
I JUST NOTICED! at 1:03 , look at the pillow or whatever that is... Omg, this game... "Brad's Doodle: It's water, I swear!"
Extragunbon (6 years ago)
You know, Brad + Drawing = Penis, that I was expecting, what the game did with it... That's a whole different story... (o_o);
Mattmaster56 (6 years ago)
Oh god this video had me lying face down on the keyboard laughing hard.
Description: Brad's big red doodle flies all over the place and gets a girl all wet.
TheCheerfulChick93 (6 years ago)
@Cracko90 duhhh what else did u think =)
Cracko90 (6 years ago)
@TheCheerfulChick93 femurs?
TheCheerfulChick93 (6 years ago)
i think brad broke the record for the most person to draw...... well do i need to say it
Zotu (6 years ago)
I guess thats wat you could call it.
Alexander Radical (6 years ago)
Top comments are the same....
Ford Benett (6 years ago)
"It's a femur... I ran out of ink though..." I dunno, Brad, I think you made a very decent... erm, 'bone'...
m4lrox (6 years ago)
technically he did draw ball , 2 of em and a stick xD
ArcheWhatzitGonnaB3 (6 years ago)
fk... both top comments are always the same quotes.
ArcheWhatzitGonnaB3 (6 years ago)
fk... both top comments are always the same quotes
BloodyRabbit14 (6 years ago)
me gusta
Awowa (6 years ago)
this game was the best back in the ps2 days.... xD It was freaking hilarious if you drew things like this the entire game
AtomicFox (6 years ago)
@epiccandy14 ps2
nigen (6 years ago)
dog chases dick...
tigerblaze26 (6 years ago)
I laughed so fucking hard when it starting boucing around ... and never stopped until it was over XD
Daisy Nava (6 years ago)
is that for wii? or ds?
Africa (6 years ago)
"This is your doodle, right?" "I guess that's what you can call it..." LOL
Nighthawk (6 years ago)
the real question is :Why do femurs look like dicks?
Tianalexa Turner (6 years ago)
I'm crying this is so funny! XDDDD
caleb johns (6 years ago)
Brad is offcially the funniest guy on youtube
brian wood (6 years ago)
i'm in tears..hahaha.. omg.. this is doodle right...
BigDtheAwesome (6 years ago)
tee-baging the dog at 1:09
Arsenic Corsboro (6 years ago)
Oh my fucking lord, what the hell. I laughed uncontrollably.
volt792000 (6 years ago)
@misty11 its called "Magic Pengel: The Quest for color" for the ps2
misty11 (6 years ago)
whats the name of this game? i want to see if there is a LP of this game....with funny Doodle´s like this one. XD
Those 3 Guys You HATE (6 years ago)
"The fuck is out bouncin' around for!?" LOLOLOL
StarTheFury (6 years ago)
"you need to be careful with your doodles" "oh i definitly do..." *ಠ_ಠ*
Strikie (6 years ago)
Hehe...poor dog-thing got teabaged
Terrabyte20 (6 years ago)
Crushingon (6 years ago)
what a dick
Neccowells1777 (6 years ago)
what if it bounced up the girls skirt on 1:22, BTW can any honestly say they wouldn't draw something wrong like giant fucking tits, i would, FUCK THAT
zamroc100 (6 years ago)
1:38 DAYUM, she must have wanted penis REAL bad...
Kari Solomon (6 years ago)
I lost it when he said, "Be careful, little girl." LOL. Wtf?
Medical Vacuum Cleaner (6 years ago)
Shes a fucking lunatic!
The Patchwork Man (7 years ago)
i watched this after a sad part of a pretty new game >-< (u probably know what it is) and it made me laugh my head off XD
Trippy Skillets (7 years ago)
OMG! X,D I Couldn't stop laughing!
AdriftSC (7 years ago)
HAHAHA i laughed so hard my stomach hurt lol!!!
HeartsAcesMacesClubs (7 years ago)
1:09ROFL. His femur jumped on that pussy. HARD.
HayHayASMR (7 years ago)
"It's a femur. I ran out of ink though." Sure it is. Sure. XD
TheAndrewj96 (7 years ago)
"She's a bit of a bitch, isn't she?" XD
BrokenSet (7 years ago)
That is a Painis!
zerotankor (7 years ago)
ROFL she cupped the balls.
Ultimate Chimichanga (7 years ago)
Heh... She grabbed his doodle.
V00D00BEATS (7 years ago)
xD what the fuck!! bwahahahahahahaha!!
TheHornet79 (7 years ago)
This is so wrong....
Dimas Kai (7 years ago)
Yet another brad's abomination.. :)
James Bradley (7 years ago)
That 'circle' got that girl really wet
kakiookami (7 years ago)
Oh god, i couldn't even breath after watching this.... i haven't laugh so hard in years
iandes (7 years ago)
so it's a cock drawn with blood

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