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Minecraft 1.8 - Flansmod Apocalypse

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Flans mod 5.0 for minecraft 1.8 is out now. Jamioflan added a new nuclear apocalypse dimension in which sentient mechs, gun-wielding bandits, and you must fight for survival. http://flansmod.com/
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OrdinaryFireball Gaming (10 months ago)
still prefer modern warfare mod
cutemon cutemon (11 months ago)
the mech is not spinning I cant enter apocalypse even if the mech has the ai chip
cutemon cutemon (11 months ago)
some modern warfare guns have problems with attachments L96's scope was inside the gun and barrel is in wrong position and some other guns have problems
Commander Red (1 year ago)
How was the mecha fighting without a driver? Well without a player driver?
Artificial Intelligence was used in making of the titan.
TheSpartanboy10 (1 year ago)
Isn't it a great feeling when you can craft armors from a bloody box
Martin Karlsson (1 year ago)
What more conect packs do we have ro use exept the apocalypse one? Cus it isnt working for me
stevemaster64 (1 year ago)
Please update it to 1.8.9! please reply
go away (4 months ago)
EMERALD SWAG (2 years ago)
how do you go to the dimension?
dragongabe1 (2 years ago)
you have to use a mech with a nuke
NHC (2 years ago)
by the way, I can't switch perspective while driving or flying... weird
Joseph Galvan (2 years ago)
awesome mod!
Mobile Gaming (2 years ago)
are there a version for 1.8.9
Caterpillar (1 year ago)
sadly, still no.
Caterpillar (1 year ago)
10. MIL (2 years ago)
vai toma no cu seu fdp arrombado faz um degossio direito arruma essa merda de link poha
Crunchy121 (2 years ago)
i always get lag when im playing with flans mod any tips to reduce lag? the current content packs im using are: modern warfare pack acopolapse pack wwi Pack simpleparts pack
Crunchy121 (2 years ago)
+Crunchy121 :3 nvm i removed zombie pack right before this comment now the game isnt lagging
Literally A Weeb (2 years ago)
what is the pack for the flare gun its look unique for me, please tell the pack for the flare gun D:
Literally A Weeb (2 years ago)
thats ok
Crunchy121 (2 years ago)
+Gabriel Sebastian its from zombie pack sorry, my mistake
Literally A Weeb (2 years ago)
I tough it was form a other pack beacuse i playing on 1.8 but didnt focused on flare guns
Crunchy121 (2 years ago)
+Gabriel Sebastian im pretty sure its acopolapse pack which comes with flans mod when you download it
U need to make it no matter the mode ur in for it to work
Mosqueteiros (2 years ago)
Andrija (2 years ago)
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Andrija (2 years ago)
best mod ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!    is so so so so so cool!    i love it!    :D
CatAnimations (2 years ago)
could u make a team with the NPC soliders aka suvivours?
Finn Heijink (2 years ago)
In which modpack is the Flare gun u see in the Video? (2:41)
Brickbon Brickbotop (1 year ago)
Zombie content pack
NikPlayz Random Stuff (2 years ago)
+Finn Heijink its a content pack
Amir idk (3 years ago)
amm helo woh to i get back to the overworld ????!!
Insanity Incarnated (3 years ago)
I noticed that a lot of minecraft youtubers, or just plain minecraft players go into dark areas in creative(caves/strongholds) but they use yt? torches to light up their way...why not just use potion of night vision???
Joseph Galvan (2 years ago)
why the h do you look like hitler!
Gatololisto (2 years ago)
hey I have a problem and I can not open the table to the car and I can not put anything of the apocalypse mod help please
Insanity Incarnated (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms barely any, torches are way more annoying, btw i love your vids...
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+paper Because potions have annoying particle effects
Kim Chung Lee (3 years ago)
how do i get to apocalype dimension
Abraxisvirus (2 years ago)
+Aaron Canoy proto titan
Abraxisvirus (3 years ago)
+kim chunglee ake a mech with an ai chip as the engine, then get in it
Nathan Goo (3 years ago)
Please help me , when I use my crafting table (for vehicule) and when I put the buggy , my game crash...every time I ask but nobody answers me ....
Nathan Goo (3 years ago)
thank you anyway for your help :)
Abraxisvirus (3 years ago)
+Gore Magala i dont know then
Nathan Goo (3 years ago)
+Abraxisvirus It's the first thing I did, but still ... I checked my config java ext ... but no problem that would crash my game ...
Abraxisvirus (3 years ago)
+Gore Magala re install
Lina Simone (3 years ago)
whats the mods you use?
Crunchy121 (2 years ago)
+Lina Simone flans mod
Fairex (3 years ago)
What if you play this mod on a server and someone causes the apocalypse will it affect everyone or only the player that did it?Because i want to make a server with this mod but i am scared that someone will cause the apocalypse and destroy everything so should i download the 1.7.10 version or is there a way of disabling the nuke or the crafting recipe for the mech with chip?
Abraxisvirus (3 years ago)
+Fairex The Lord it will only transport the player who activates it
Galactic Gaming (3 years ago)
Ok i am waiting for next flans mod version, i aint doing that wheel off crap again.
Galactic Gaming (3 years ago)
when ever i start a vehicle, when it stops the wheels always come of, and yes i have simple parts, and i have tried it with out any other mods. The wheel off only happens with vehicles that have spinning wheels.
Golden HQ (3 years ago)
Jonte (3 years ago)
What is this now? Mad max?
H2FX (3 years ago)
Monorisu, in you modern weapons pack, do you have a k98 and a mosin nagant with a pu 3.5 power scope on it?
DJHoward (3 years ago)
Sorry if am late but congrats on 50k
HD Plays (3 years ago)
hey +MonorisuFilms you should make a series out of this and btw i have subscribed for a LONG time and do you have a mic at all
Rheyhan f (3 years ago)
you naval and monolith mod is can on 1.8 btw what is you server adress?
Jonathan SG (2 years ago)
This update dropped her first bomb on minecraft 1.8 !  I cannot wait for the 5.1 release ( although I think the 5.1 go out in a long time ).
Laristo (3 years ago)
I have a problem.Every time I go  into the dimension, I can play only a few seconds before the game crashes. Can someone help me please ?
Brickbon Brickbotop (1 year ago)
Use optifine
Antonio Rella (3 years ago)
I installed the mod, but i don't have the parts to create the AI chip
JakeFreakingKun (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms I have Modern and simple plus titan and mech parts what other packs do I need?
Antonio Rella (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms You were right , now I installed all the 1.8 content pack and it works , thanks
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Antonio Rella Then you did not install all of the 1.8 content packs.
Radosław Makuch (3 years ago)
Whan I install titan content pack and I turn minecraft on and when I want put the titan on the ground the game is crash can someone help becuse I wan't go thourgh this dimension pls !!!!!!
Guakstick (3 years ago)
+Radosław Makuch Have you got all the correct content Packs installed?
noah4mc (3 years ago)
I played it and its fun, but its a shame it's for 1.8 lag edition. If this was made for 1.7.10 I would be a lot happier.
Guns Crusader (3 years ago)
Darn it! Why does flan update his mod to 1.8 and not all of the other cool mods out there? Seriously!
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Guns Crusader Blame Jeb and friends, it was their idea to break the code as much as possible between 1.7 and 1.8.
pLaYz3r (3 years ago)
Everytime I put a vehicle in it crashes, help? And BTW what content packs do you use ?
Zawlry (2 years ago)
pLaYz3r Lol that's why be sure to follow how to download the mod then install i4
Misha (3 years ago)
+R Kids do you have the flans apocalypse pack?
Misha (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms and i get reading gun file failed
Misha (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms I got the problem to but it still crashes every single pack i got is from 1.8 but when i go in the assembly box and i choose a vehicle it still crashes so want do i need to use
Taslima Akter (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms I have simple parts, modern weapons, wwii and the 2 mech content packs, but it still crashes :/
Lab, there is something wrong... The damn Nerfs aren't 3D again.
ww2destroyer (3 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms I don't wanna make em :P
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+The Emerald Minecart TR Apparently jamioflan has forsaken the nerf pack.
First off i like the Leopard 2a6 model!^^ but i have 2 questions where can i download it? And where the hell do i get forge 1.8?
oh lol i already got it! but thanks xD
AtomicDerp (3 years ago)
this is late but here you go.... Flans mod: flansmod.com Forge: files.minecraftforge.net
CMB (3 years ago)
1:23 Heh, reikasminecraft's jet engine has the same sound :3
Mr Doodler (3 years ago)
CMB (3 years ago)
+Mr Doodler Alright: Reika's jet engine is a block you can place and feed with fuel to get shaft power. This engine is mounted on a plane to provide thrust.
Mr Doodler (3 years ago)
um... with the translation, I understood nothing...
CMB (3 years ago)
+Mr Doodler Yes, but Reika's jet is a stationary engine which is used for power, this is an actual engine of a plane :]
Mr Doodler (3 years ago)
This is a jet engine)
CaptainPancakes (3 years ago)
DarkPvP_ (3 years ago)
forge version ?
ww2destroyer (3 years ago)
+Nathan 12132
ww2destroyer (3 years ago)
A lot.... I say... A LOT more vehicles in 5.1...
ww2destroyer (3 years ago)
Nope Jamio needs to fix shapes ( not shapeboxes )
First Name (3 years ago)
Any set date? Also, my M5 Is almost done
ww2destroyer (3 years ago)
I hope so :P
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+ww2destroyer Excellent, but will they be well balanced?
Zack 93 (3 years ago)
Zack 93 (3 years ago)
Ah well
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+Zack 93 No, "boreas bir" is first
僕は西の星です (3 years ago)
boreas bir (3 years ago)
How to download flans mod apocalypse
Andrija (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms can you please help i downloaded mod and like almost every item in mod dont have a texture! Can you please help?
Monorisu (3 years ago)
+boreas bir Just find it on flansmod.com

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