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Hey ninjas how are you guys doing I'm doing pretty good myself and today we are back with another video of Minecraft and on Minecraft we are playing SkyWars! But hope you guys enjoy this video and we'll see you guys later, and ninjas, stay stealthy! BYE!!! MC Texture pack: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5iwgool1ixl3ayl/%21+++%C2%A70AciDicBliTzz+%C2%A78Revamp++%C2%A78%5B%C2%A77Black%C2%A78%5D.zip Aiden's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO43HB8STLKZ1MQyqz6xN6A Thumbnail Creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGMR6dtr1OcQjx5bCrIKTRg
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Batninja (10 months ago)
You know it's kinda sad people are making these comments wasting their time and they try to make me feel bad but i laugh at them so keep it coming i need a good laugh and you're just wasting your own time!
Ruzk (1 day ago)
Batninja u said were wasting our time but u are too due to making “Does watchdog do there job” really, of course people have to say something about the video. The truth about watchdog is just that is a bot who takes care of hackers who ever joins the server, I don’t get the point of making this video.
Nickonaut (2 days ago)
Batninja You’re wasting other people’s time by cheating on the network, giving and excuse to cheat is just lame, you either play legit or you cheat because you’re not very good at the game. + Good job on getting your main banned.
KING DOY yeah, I guess saying that using cheats in one type of way is justified, is still wrong. It was rather rash decision making on my part. I found the video funny, but it was not a good idea to do. Thanks for pointing out my inaccuracy.
KING DOY (4 days ago)
This comment feels so cringy as you are just trying to save face. Obviously hacking is bad, and you can expect to take criticism for it. Trying to respond with these "its so funny" comments just shows how bad or a public speaker you are.
Lion Play's (5 days ago)
Batninja how was that client named
bananen Sientje (6 hours ago)
Why are you doing it on your main lol waste of your rank
Clayton RaNdOm (8 hours ago)
I’m laughing cuz he’s banned
RealStrone (16 hours ago)
Wait why did u mlg water if u had nofall xD
JayBo413 (20 hours ago)
recording, and editing software?
InGrev (1 day ago)
Why do you say "gg" if you know ur using hacks
ShotGunRaids (1 day ago)
I like hacking
Texture pack?
Dylan Morrison (2 days ago)
Batninja thx for the texture pack i rlly like it
Mike Nitrate (2 days ago)
Its would be kind of hard to tell if you were hacking or not because you werent blatant plus those cheats didnt do much
Calebplays 101 (2 days ago)
Lol he used a waterbucket but he had no fall damage on
Vobbo (3 days ago)
This is a bad excuse for hacking. The admins can test out the anti-cheat without ruining for everyone.
Swaggrat YT (3 days ago)
i got banned...
Korean Freak (3 days ago)
Pants count : 201789967465789
Cmiffo (3 days ago)
You dont even look blatent
You sound like PinkAnt (That's a compliment XD)
that is amazing (3 days ago)
Your using once of the oldest clients in mc history, yet you didn't get banned by watchdog. HOW?!
Kromo Phomo (3 days ago)
Honestly this video is basically an excuse for you to use hacks. Watchdog doesn't ban you on the spot.spot.they queue you into something called a ban wave.
Nyan Gatetoh (3 days ago)
Can you be my minecraft gf?
SharkyLP (4 days ago)
Huzuni. HAHAAHAHAH Worst free client ever xd
Blah Tube (4 days ago)
Shahar Wodos (4 days ago)
well you know that if you get to enough subs to be a yt rank you would have to remove this and every hacking video you got to get a yt rank if you want it right?
Lukehk (4 days ago)
I love how while he's hacking he laughs as if it's funny lmao
MassKill (4 days ago)
why u cheat
Zabra (4 days ago)
Watch dog bans in waves your probably gonna get banned soon or already got banned
pwwm (4 days ago)
this was 10 months ago shut up bitch
cody bess (4 days ago)
He repeats himself nonstop 1/5 no original content
pwwm (4 days ago)
this was 10 months ago shut up bitch
zee (4 days ago)
Why are you doing this its terrible
pwwm (4 days ago)
this was 10 months ago shut up bitch
Pfff. Watchdog's creators are too pussy to perma ban anyone.
Flame (5 days ago)
Squeqs Dot (6 days ago)
You are trying to make it seem like hacking is ok idiot
Zorphyasaurus (6 days ago)
On a client I use I can crash a whole server by one click
Zorphyasaurus (6 days ago)
I hacked on Hypixel and got banned for 30 days!!!
DJ Lord (6 days ago)
Dislike. No hacking scums.
Haiqal Zr YT (6 days ago)
they do the job but he ban me for no reason and I'M NOT HACKING BRUHH
Zeta 909 (6 days ago)
Every time i hack i use a diffrnt server
DudeManGuy (6 days ago)
its dumb to hack but even dumber to hack and record yourself while doing it and posting it on youtube
DudeManGuy (6 days ago)
tbh this pvp looks pretty normal considering how bad hypixels hit detection is
Windlyyy Gaming (7 days ago)
I hope you die
ElliePlayz ElliePlayz (7 days ago)
Someone in the comments "you mean" but killing is the point of the game😂😒
rishab 11456 (7 days ago)
shut the hell up with the gg
OTF ʟ5ғ (7 days ago)
those hacks were not blatant enough, plus hypixel has the worst anticheat lol
PandaSharkLife (7 days ago)
Yee should’ve got an alt instead of risking a ban! But good video! Don’t listen to the haters,, and just dab on them 😂(that was a joke don’t worry I’m sane)
SuperPancake185 (8 days ago)
Awnser no and screw you hacking scum disliked dick
Kostas123GR2 (8 days ago)
Sigh, what an excuse for hacking. You were barely hacking anyway, you just had antiknockback which barely did it's job. Get jigsaw or tomato goddammit
Darth Vader (3 days ago)
Kostas123GR2. True he never said he would use less noticible hacks however we have common sence if he would have actualy wanted to hack and do that as an excuse dont ya think he would sneek in more hacks rather than antikb and nofall (Not the kill-aura he used on someone) i was gonna type exsactly what u did but then that came to mind :)
Kostas123GR2 (3 days ago)
Darth Vader He never said he would use "less noticeable" hacks, he said that he simply *hacked* in the title of the video, where the hell did you read/hear him say he would try the weakest hacks?
Darth Vader (3 days ago)
Kostas123GR2. He was testing if the less noticible hacks would get him banned also what a bad excuse to do a hate comment
IceManJake 07 (8 days ago)
PUT YOUR DAMN PANTS ON! if you get that reference you get a cookie
Watchdog only detects fly speed aura reach and something else. I don’t think u were using any of those (but I might be wrong because I just skimmed through the vid)
- - (9 days ago)
Shiro Craft (9 days ago)
If you scaffolding/kill aura proably you get baned But maybe watchdog saw you dint take fall damage like"huh,Its a server bug"or anti KB like"oh,He/she get bad conection"xD
Vincenzo Scuderi (9 days ago)
Cool video I did that to but I didn’t get banned too I did B-hop no fall and reach
Devon Middleton (10 days ago)
I got permanently banned for no reason.... On hypixel...
vitusverden (10 days ago)
ur client is bad
BlueShitPlayz (10 days ago)
Lol no banned i will hack
Robozxd (10 days ago)
Lol you said GG after winning the second game, it’s an interesting video, to see through the eyes of a player apposed to hackers hacking, and it’s cool to see watchdog showing up like in the first game, you just should of said don’t do hacks at the start of the vid, but it’s k
hacks link?
Lawrence Long (11 days ago)
so ignorant who do you think you are
NotReady2Die (11 days ago)
content man
Felix B. (11 days ago)
You are a bad Cheater.
Felix B. (11 days ago)
You must use Suicide 3.0 or Ambien by Haze. Best clients to cheat on a Server.
Teun Van den Hanenberg (11 days ago)
Huzuni sucks use wurst
Gary Waite (12 days ago)
Why use that client. Number one it's free and usually free clients aren't updated very often and 2 there are way better clients than that such as flux or if you're a PvP hacker on velt or something you jigsaw
Popsicle Man (12 days ago)
i was banned from hypixel a while back it really doesnt matter XD idk why but ill role with it (im still banned ive been banned for 4 years now)
Ahmed games (12 days ago)
Hack client?
Simon Michelson (12 days ago)
1tzjames (12 days ago)
The fact that he says gg is pathetic.
Bo-gaming&more (13 days ago)
Clickbate title: got watch dogged on hypixel😱 almost banned
Bo-gaming&more (13 days ago)
I laughed when he said I don't have any pants XD I'm so mature I got pants finally pants
life with sisters (13 days ago)
Any way you 're a noob if you were good you woldnet use hacks
Foam23 (12 days ago)
The only reason he was hacking is to test the watchdog, and to know if he's good or not you have to watch him play legit
Rodrigo Venancio (13 days ago)
U actually DIDNT show the hacks,it lookd legit.
taffyGames (13 days ago)
What texture pack do u use?
Superboylegend (13 days ago)
I'm just seeing if I'm Colorblind or nowhere, but are the diamond gear and tools actually red?
taffyGames (13 days ago)
Superboylegend yeah
Garrett Ly (13 days ago)
{\__/} ( • - •) /つ🍕 want some pizza its the last one?!
SaM _oD (14 days ago)
Watch dog is the biggest shit in Hypixel its a whole filled motherfucker. There r 1000 hackers everyday in Hypixel and watch dog don't cares but when I got with abuse clicking 23 cps I got banned... Bullshit
TZADE (14 days ago)
if Hypixel sees this u will get banned
Liam Avellana (14 days ago)
lol the funny thing is that hypixel perm banned me for no reason xD
Dsalfik-Zero (14 days ago)
Why do watchdog cant scan reach hacks
LunarTheGamerYT (14 days ago)
Idk why hacking is even a thing ;-; makes me sad xD
CyrusTheLegend (14 days ago)
You didn't use killaura
CEVA CATERINCA (14 days ago)
That watch dog is FUCKING STUPID. I got banned for making a bridge. God lord it was only for 30 days.
Odd_ Pies_ (14 days ago)
Hey my brother used huzuni! Of course i don't use them cuz what's the point on making a game unfunny?
DRAW STRAWS (15 days ago)
Watchdog is so bad at its job so bad that it gives players the choice to tell them who to ban.
Bartosz Adamek (15 days ago)
Link the hax lol
PokeMaster 2164 (15 days ago)
you should've said "ban me now"
FilmBucket (15 days ago)
I honestly thought u had leather armor
Titan Gaming (15 days ago)
link to hacked client?
Joe Olivas (15 days ago)
Right when he dies “oH thEy weRe proBaBlY hAcKinG toO”
AdrianThis (15 days ago)
Do it on cubecraft
AG Aaarroo (15 days ago)
How many I’m pretty sure
MGA_Laser (15 days ago)
nice like/dislike ratio...
the meme pusheen (15 days ago)
My friend got banned on hypixel before for no reason she's just good at PvP! It was for a month!
TypicalMe (15 days ago)
I tried this now am banned for a month
CatGames (15 days ago)
Its funny how normal players like me get banned in a game with a hacker, while the hacker can just keep going.
pickletop (16 days ago)
they work i got banned forever
q Cumber (16 days ago)
Paul Chupkin (16 days ago)
I fucking hate the videos where there is a famous youtuber, and because the admins are so thirsty for attention they give them things like sharpness 100000 swords. It’s called mod abuse and it ruins the experience for others.
Paul Chupkin (16 days ago)
It has nothing to do with this though.
Butter free (16 days ago)
Foam23 (12 days ago)
That's very offensive; some people are actually suicidal
Butter free (16 days ago)
You are noob
Foam23 (12 days ago)
You do't know that until you see him play legit
Reaper_pro679 (16 days ago)
hacking to stop hacking doesn't work. It only expands the problem.
Forogottensoul __ (16 days ago)
Well it’s kinda like stabbing somebody with a knife and then you say that the police did not do there job 😡
Poking Mon (16 days ago)
Gets banned for trash talking watchdog
Fresher Than Tide (16 days ago)
nigga, 5 blocks is normal reach in multiplayer

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