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•because i know no other way than this... [[multifandom]]

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I think when you start asking ppl what are the saddest romance movies of all time, these 5 always start to come up. The quote used is from Patch Adams and it always makes me cry to hear it, so I was desperate to vid with it. Then, I took a while to find the perfect song but i finally began it a few months ago. And now it's finally done, yayyy :D I don't wanna have to mess with it anymore, so I hope it came out okay. Let me know if you like it! :) Just in case you don't know all of these movies and need the title to add to your netflix queue, here they are: *Keith (my favorite movie everr) *the Titanic *Romeo + Juliet *the Notebook *A Walk to Remember Song: Kiss the Rain by Yiruma :)
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famousgirll77 (7 years ago)
that was so beautiful and some of the best editing i have ever seen. you are so incredible. :) <333
1789K (7 years ago)
That was beautiful :)
slovesdtng (7 years ago)
this is beautiful <3 i'm so happy that you included keith & titantic, i recently have fallen in love with both fandoms! =D & ofc the notebook is a timeless classic, as is awtr! =D totally love this!
Christine Angel (7 years ago)
rly awesome job! i love all of these moves & who saying those words& whts the background music it sounds soo beautiful!
sempreRWandLP (7 years ago)
so lovely :)
whatiloveaboutyou (7 years ago)
Very sweet! I've heard of all the movies but I haven't seen all of them.
Justin Guilbeault (7 years ago)
nice vid seen all movies either than Keith

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