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Hot Plays #1 | (Fortnite Montage)

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My best Fortnite plays or higlights, put into a compilation. SO much more to come! Submit some of YOUR clips to @[email protected] Follow me on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ImNumeroUnoBaby
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Text Comments (50)
Logan Fett (1 day ago)
Just played some fortnite with you. Good game. Nice videos
NorteX (14 days ago)
Wait, where is Minecraft? :P IK fortnite is now a thing, but lool? Your channel was a go-to for plugins for me! 😟
Scar_ _Nation (20 days ago)
Hey man I just wanted to ask u that if u could make a vid on treasure pet plugin it’s really really cool but the only problem with me and this plugin is that I don’t know how to edit the config and add more pets pls help i big FAN pls HELP thx <3
TheToxicPiston (21 days ago)
Go back to doing Plugin Tutorials you scum bag 😂
xChrisPots (21 days ago)
Nice gg
Tropic GBR (21 days ago)
Finally uploading again? I have missed your videos man.
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
Yo this means a lot! thanks for sticking around
Nick Brantegem (21 days ago)
Ninja has a new revail
Ethan wood (21 days ago)
Hey another upload it been 3 month since the last
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
I know bro I will uploading and streaming more consistency <3
指令Gorjoe紅石 l (21 days ago)
ncs Glude - Dreamers~
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
FUZION (21 days ago)
Can you shoot me your discord add?
Jake Banner (21 days ago)
I hope you’re back :) I really missed your content.
Jake Banner (21 days ago)
Numero Uno Not much, same old same old haha.
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
What's up Jake! I'm here to stay this time
xTryHqrder (21 days ago)
Plzzz Carry me. I’m **** and have never won. My username is xTryHqrder
xTryHqrder (21 days ago)
Crispy DZN i play on pc in nj
Crispy DZN (21 days ago)
xTryHqrder what region you on
kamazaki king (21 days ago)
hmmm please grow your channel back <3 we'll keep supporting u.
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
Thank you!!<3
Crispy DZN (21 days ago)
Wassup Numero. It's been a long time since we've talked. I play fortnite now like most people, and I'm glad to see you decided to post. I hope we can play sometime again man. (This is Crispguy btw). And yeh, my in game name is Crispguy as well. I have over 130 wins and would be down to talk again soon. Good luck man!
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
What's up bro!!! I remember you. We can definitely play when I start streaming
Scar_ _Nation (21 days ago)
Hey man would u like to play bedwars with me
Raju123X (21 days ago)
Why don't you ever upload your vids are great man
Raju123X (21 days ago)
Numero Uno alright keep it up
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
Thank you man that means a lot, I will posting videos a lot from now on
mrfreezerester (21 days ago)
10/10 add my clips for a win
MysticsMyth (21 days ago)
You might wanna change you Minecraft banner lol
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
I still have to make a video addressing my Minecraft departure
stone Rock (21 days ago)
Dude i’ve missed the videos man!!! I hope to see more post:) I hope we can play togethor<4
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
Once I start streaming, we definitely will! <3
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
Will be replying to every comment!
Emakiller 03 (19 days ago)
are you italian ?
LordGlitch (21 days ago)
2nd view
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
Just trying to get back into the grind brother!
LordGlitch (21 days ago)
Nothing much how about you?
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
What's up LordGlitch
TheRussian_Nugget (21 days ago)
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
Peace out brother!
TheRussian_Nugget (21 days ago)
ok man im going to sleep where im at its 12:11am
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
Not tonight, but later this week, just keep a look out ;)
TheRussian_Nugget (21 days ago)
Numero Uno (21 days ago)
I'll be streaming on here very soon and will be playing Fortnite with subs AKA the fam

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