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Ghost Recon : Future Soldier- Gunsmith Customization Gameplay [HD]

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The gameplay of the Gunsmith Customization in Ghost Recon : Future Soldier Like our facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/HardcoreGamingOnline/131753863525693 If you're ever on Steam, come join the group and chat with us! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Hardcoregamingonline
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Text Comments (24)
Jalen Robinson (3 years ago)
you don't even show the rest of the weapon c'mon
James Jones (6 years ago)
The good one was WAW
Austin Brown (6 years ago)
the 2 dislikes are people who thought it was imposible but found a game that beats cod
sheeraz ali (6 years ago)
man i m playing this game on my laptop hp pro book 4510s 2.1 ghz c2d ati radeon mobility hd 4300 . and 2 g b ram . the gun smith is not showing any thing plz some one help .
J D (6 years ago)
Glocks are disgusting. This country needs to get back to its roots! Bring out the Colts and the S&W's!!!
Jacob (6 years ago)
all you need would be a longer barrel with changable chokes
Juan Velasquez (6 years ago)
Juan Velasquez (6 years ago)
squirl201o add me
Ekta3isback12 (6 years ago)
so you can be like in Bf3 with the m870 slug and 6x scope ??
SpartanOfSierra (6 years ago)
Jeddostotle7 (6 years ago)
This video came out before the game came out, so it's not finished.
Jeddostotle7 (6 years ago)
They can use slugs.
tripleninja6 (6 years ago)
can u level up in gurrilla
iamRosiie (6 years ago)
Good gun
Tyler (6 years ago)
go to character then loadout that is all..
shadow52sniper (6 years ago)
That was nice gun
oli36999 (6 years ago)
can you play with a normal controller?
Obi-Wan Kenobi (6 years ago)
or 1911 oh no : (
mine aswell just use a rifle, slugs are really only for hunting, dont have much "tactical" applications
john johnson (6 years ago)
how do i do this for multiplayer matches? i cant figure it out.
ionicblood666 (6 years ago)
Poor selection of handguns,no g18 6
DoomShroomer (6 years ago)
ps3 FTW!
CinnaBun (6 years ago)
Who thinks that the shotguns should have slugs so you could shoot farther with accuracy?
Agent Bill Wilson (6 years ago)
me gusta

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