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Advanced Machines Addon IndustrialCraft Ep11 - Minecraft 1.1 Mods Series 1 Letsplay

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Welcome to Episode 11 of my Minecraft modded letsplay using as many of the major mods as possible. Leave comments on what to do next or what mods to add. See more for list of mods and info. In this episode, while skipping the boring segments I start off by using equivalent exchange to convert iron into diamonds and soon after into converters to be used to generate EMC. I also upgrade my klein star ein to it's second form by combining 4 of them. Following this I explore the recently updated advanced machines addon for industrial craft 2. Hopefully you all enjoy the series and give me some great ideas as to where these build projects will go. Please like the videos as this really helps my channel grow.
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Text Comments (21)
Dane Czajkowski (5 years ago)
Great vid you just got a subscriber
tostitostrainguy (6 years ago)
he uses nei its all one mod cheating items recipies and all that stuff
Andrew Orser (6 years ago)
What mod do you use for the search bar?
grimonja (6 years ago)
u can actually do that back flow problem much neatly with some iron pipes and return pipe...soo :D
jayjayjones12 (6 years ago)
whats with the chests
StrayMav (6 years ago)
I believe there is a mod list in the description. If there isn't I'm sorry that I wont be able to help, theis series was over 2 months ago. My current season, 4, has a complete list of mods.
Griffindoor1000 (6 years ago)
Could you please tell me all the mods you use please having trouble with some of the crafting you do if you wouldn't mind I have been trying to catch up on all vids all the ones I have seen so far are fantastic!
StrayMav (6 years ago)
@MrLuk20000 Somnia mod is what I use to change the sleeping mechanics.
luk20000 (6 years ago)
@StrayMav what mod is it that when you go to sleep it has a interface??? PLS PLS TELL ME
tom cresham (6 years ago)
@StrayMav i would say i know how you feel but i havn't ever released a vid yet
sockerman98 (6 years ago)
use the dns tech pack
StrayMav (6 years ago)
@MrTomahawkTom I do...but I always seem to forget random things under the pressure of recording, sure makes me do some strange things.
tom cresham (6 years ago)
does he realise he could just straight up make the klein star eins (which is german) from the EMC
StrayMav (6 years ago)
@rundevilSNSD Nice account name *secretly a kpop fan* and thanks :)
CELEISHAPPY (6 years ago)
I love ur series :3 I can't subby subby I on iPad I house Dom and subby subby
VectorAcademy (6 years ago)
@StrayMav hahahah, thank u man :D and btw i have an beast computer
StrayMav (6 years ago)
@VectorAcademie Alright I suppose I can. I will do that after I release the first episode of series 2 but warning you if you don't have a beastly computer you may not want to install 'all' the mods.
StrayMav (6 years ago)
@ShortyxGamer ...I can load up the game and show you, it corrupted by putting tungsten into a condenser, it make 2 diamonds that turned into diamonds repeatedly forever...=crash
VectorAcademy (6 years ago)
@StrayMav can you make then an tutorial with all the mods u installed ?
John Smith (6 years ago)
@StrayMav Lol, lies. You told me you don't like how you made the series xD
StrayMav (6 years ago)
@kittensamurai I have bad news for you guys that watch this series, there's only going to be 1 more episode after this one. I kinda...corrupted my world, without a backup. I'm going to make a video announcing it, and will start a season 2. Go about things a totally different way so it's not just a repeat. Look for more mods to add before it begins so it's new. Just thought I'd leave a reply to you so you could see it and find out first, seeing as you support all my videos.

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