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SFM FNAF Series: Old Memories (Full Season 2)

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SFM FNAF Series: Old Memories (Full Season 2) Pala Cinema presents the old series full season 2 for you! Five Nights at Freddy's animations in Old Memories season 2 made by Abby SFM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwGR0SEi8pBjZqYBZEMuNdw Music: https://incompetech.com/ Subscribe to us for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR3uXMua6JxOJTfDjxnC5gw?sub_confirmation=1 If you enjoyed this video please leave a like and subscribe, let us know in the comments if you want more animations. About Five Nights at Freddy's: Five Nights at Freddy's (often abbreviated to FNaF) is a media franchise based around an indie video game series created, designed, developed, and published by Scott Cawthon for Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android.
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Pala Cinema (30 days ago)
*HEY!* - Make sure to *subscribe* + enable the notification bell 🔔 Help me to 1M subscribers thanks everyone who supports me! ❤️ 1m subs = face reveal? 🤔 *Season 1* Old Memories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtoMUip13m0
alex jones (19 hours ago)
Ok word 5th the car
Dragon Game007 (1 day ago)
Lets go
Cole Man (1 day ago)
Pala cinama R U and jaze cinema related somehow?
Adi Bar (3 days ago)
Nate Maniapoto (4 days ago)
Marakai Live (57 minutes ago)
mafăcut să strig
Darryll Herbert (1 hour ago)
I like the part when foxes got bit by toy Bonnie 😂😂😂😂😂
Altaf Aali (2 hours ago)
16:42 yum yum
Kamilia Patterson (3 hours ago)
mangle mean angle😂😁😅
Roxanne L. Ice (4 hours ago)
9:40 😂😂😂 Foxy And Bonnie thought 😂😂
Foxy Aweome (4 hours ago)
Lol 9:40
Foxy Aweome (4 hours ago)
7:52 boak Boak boakerrrrr
Foxy Aweome (4 hours ago)
Boak Boak boakerrrrr
the ruby shadow (6 hours ago)
R.i.p headphone user Xd ;-;
Cosmo Player (10 hours ago)
Brianna Gamer (12 hours ago)
what happened at 26:03? I don't get it did the purple guy die because of the suit??
Lavance Rodgers (13 hours ago)
Foxy and Freddy funny
polynomimus /t56yty (14 hours ago)
whattttttttttttt caki doll
pewdiepie Girl (15 hours ago)
ever moms and dads told you to never trust strangers even if a animatronic is offering you cake?
slick dude2 (15 hours ago)
you lost her bonnie! 20:43
Maria Hernandez (16 hours ago)
16:38 Lol XD
Maria Cardona (17 hours ago)
When freddys checks were red he looked like he was toy whidered freddysñ
Maria Cardona (17 hours ago)
i love these videos
Bonnie The Bunny (20 hours ago)
GokuSuper Games (1 day ago)
your just a chicken BAWK BAWK BAWK
Bien (English:sure)
skalay gaming yt (1 day ago)
Please no memes
Onestone Kareem (1 day ago)
FredBear is golden Freddy
KeldeVoir GmD (1 day ago)
New vs old and super-new.
Enes Balıkçı (1 day ago)
foxy X mangle
Amaryn Smart (1 day ago)
dat ennard
Francis046lp (1 day ago)
#Foxy and mangle
Cole Man (1 day ago)
SEASON 3???????????????????????????
chickenxgamer 2006 (1 day ago)
Dat face doe at 26:13
Jason Bonilla (2 days ago)
Omgomgomg I wanna see mangle and foxy kiss
Siti Nuratiqa (2 days ago)
Freddy ×Chica = Fredica
Ballisticbluebubblez (2 days ago)
1 like = 1 prayer for Freddy
Altaf Aali (19 hours ago)
17:05 me when I see a duck
Teal Crafting (2 days ago)
I ship it for mangle and Foxy
Michael Eppler (2 days ago)
Tom Nguyen (2 days ago)
Albina Alvarenga (2 days ago)
So creepy when the night guard died
А по русски можно?
Igor 3307 YT (3 days ago)
Rip me i have a headphones on my head
RuptBlox (3 days ago)
Btw spring trap is ennard I know i know but he evolved into time
Linda Dreher (3 days ago)
Anthony Bustamante (3 days ago)
Where is balloon boy
Ally Brooklyn (3 days ago)
Seth Tho (3 days ago)
Sorry, meant foxy is in love with mangle
Jake Keeper (3 days ago)
I'm watching no because your a chicken bar har bar barr All over again
Loeuth Keo (3 days ago)
What are your all to see whoever made this show on the nightmare old weathered
Seth Tho (3 days ago)
Focus in love with mangle
Hannah U (3 days ago)
THE_YOLO647 (3 days ago)
21:51 satisfies me
foxi gamers (3 days ago)
No intiendo ingles
Da Mei Chen (3 days ago)
11:40 scared me
iconicgaming74 (3 days ago)
Great movies
Lilac Playz (3 days ago)
Puppet is a girl....... the name of the girl who was killed (then turned to animatronic ) was Charlotte
даня попов (4 days ago)
У Фокси башка летает))))
Hero Pedro H (4 days ago)
16:43 eu quase fiquei surdo
FIREZING _LP (4 days ago)
I didnt notice that a chicken loves a bear xD
FIREZING _LP (4 days ago)
All headphone users are maybe deaf cuz foxys jumpscare LOL
LEO PLAYS (4 days ago)
Ong is puppets brother ennard
Mangle tiene una alma yeyyyyyyy
Itts.me_ Christawolf (4 days ago)
15:08 me when there is no food
TheIrishFox4000 (4 days ago)
Which animatronic is your favorite, mine is Puppet!
Ernest57 (4 days ago)
That is Sebi Jeb me and foxy is Mario and Freddie is Hasnain and Finian yes
LPS Tüylü Minisler (5 days ago)
Toy chica and bonie ,foxy and mangel , old chica and old freddy love story😵😵😵😵😜😄😂😋😌😎dab
LPS Tüylü Minisler (5 days ago)
Toy chica and bonie ,foxy and mangel , old chica and old freddy love story😵😵😵😵😜😄😂😋😌😎dab
Colin Roth (5 days ago)
2:33 Chica is doing T pose XD
Kennedy (5 days ago)
*chica* x *bonnie*
Ryan Gomez (5 days ago)
16:44 so..... can u fix my fnaf windows 10?
AJ's Ventures (5 days ago)
Tyler Animator (5 days ago)
Tiffany LJ (5 days ago)
11:04 thats something you hear often XD
M Bima Raidhan S (5 days ago)
Where is the season 3?
Tresa Brown (5 days ago)
At the end he got a drop of water in his eye and after he died then puppet removed the man.
Muhammed Said İçten (6 days ago)
Türk olanlar? +1like?
RUBIN 1212 (6 days ago)
אני מת על כל הסרטונים שלך
Nicky Anothey (6 days ago)
Sends when foxy has cared about any animatronic in that place🤔???
Marina Curtis (6 days ago)
rip foxy
Keyonna Primer (6 days ago)
Linli Gou (6 days ago)
Foxy said check at 0:34
Linli Gou (6 days ago)
I ment checa
Fire Reaper (6 days ago)
11:40 WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saber Muhammed (6 days ago)
Hjkjcgyfvvfďgbggggggggghgggggggģgvvvvvvvjtc.f.vv ةاغعةأخاغفخغغلبةهاععىطزوبييلنههتنخه
Adrian's House (6 days ago)
Bea Gatapia (6 days ago)
I ship Freddy and Chica
Khloe Sustaita (6 days ago)
Is That from survive the night?
filipe br (6 days ago)
eclipsewolfgacha YT (6 days ago)
Logan Archer (6 days ago)
gee, atacking the door is useless, just try to open it!
AwsomeVem0 (6 days ago)
When everybody was like Woah when puppet was getting the voodoo doll, Just imagine if the doll was a PS4.
olivia pelletier (7 days ago)
foxy could have picked the lock w his hook but still, i love it!
Liliana Perez (7 days ago)
Cool video
Jesse Zuniga (7 days ago)
Love it I have watched it a 100 times
Liliana Perez (7 days ago)
mellie87 (7 days ago)
I had on headphones
kayden williams (7 days ago)
2:53 look at foxy XD
Ariza Santiago (7 days ago)
Lol freddy has a crush on chica. I ship it 😉😝😏
Jennifer Hunter (7 days ago)
Springtrap please

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