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DRAKE?! (Minecraft Build Battle)

1236 ratings | 29212 views
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Text Comments (463)
GreatBriton (16 hours ago)
I love you guys you guys are the best at build battle ever
VICTORIA Reigle (22 hours ago)
I have a huge problem with YOUR first build. How could you upload this to YouTube!?!?!? My little brother is 8 and he watches you. I had to ban him from watching this video. I'm giving this ah big fat dislike
Joshua Baca (2 days ago)
CrazyJezz Nut (3 days ago)
Frances Bartley (3 days ago)
This video seems like it was rushed
Why the middle finger
Nazar (5 days ago)
wow the build looks like the thumbnail
Tryhqrd (5 days ago)
Challenge: the video doesn't end until they get a lose LIKe SO THEY CAN SEE
KC CARR 2 (5 days ago)
Yh boys use that
Trinity Elizabeth (5 days ago)
Brah that’s how u know Minecraft is played by little kids I thought everyone would actually build Ninja
Coraline Light (6 days ago)
No cubes/Square blocks,/full blocks challenge. For example you can use webs or fences<3
KM SQUAD (6 days ago)
Minecraft is dead .. fortnite iss alive
Mr_Lobstersz (6 days ago)
Only orange and blue challenge
stopy motion27 (6 days ago)
Do only dutch things
jomer Tabunar (6 days ago)
Thats a bad finger
Akashi Seijuro (6 days ago)
Only Wool Challenge
frediXD (6 days ago)
only chinese thing challenge
haylee gasparroni (6 days ago)
Only white blocks challenge ( not trying to be racist)
fuckmen 63110112 (6 days ago)
BLACK SHOT (6 days ago)
Only glass block challange +1
Increadible Gamer (6 days ago)
Do only glass challenge
Edible Bleach (6 days ago)
Edible Bleach (6 days ago)
*Look Alive*
Erawady Bohoh (6 days ago)
Middle finger 🖕
MateWikjoTheOnly * (6 days ago)
**** you hand
MateWikjoTheOnly * (6 days ago)
The begining looks like a ****
IndonesiaYT - GAMES (6 days ago)
Build marshmello please
Jamie van der Ark (6 days ago)
Im dutch too
Jamie van der Ark (6 days ago)
I know u guys are dutch
Farelalpasha HD (6 days ago)
Build lil tay
HexaZ0R Gaming (6 days ago)
Black White But Only
Ary Susanti (6 days ago)
left hand challange! (but if you're a leftie you could do a right hand challange)
Cậu Cương (6 days ago)
DRAKE just like a duck
Bagas Leonel Pakaya (6 days ago)
The theme ninja and you make drake what the??
RIFQI GAMING (6 days ago)
Lu dah nonton ant man and the wasp
VIDEO Wili (6 days ago)
How is it jerry vs harry if they work together?!...
QATAR AIRWAYS (6 days ago)
Only Snow challenge?!?!?
taiane Cristina (6 days ago)
Angie09 (6 days ago)
Only use dark colors challenge!!!! Hope you have a great time good luck hope you get legendary’s !!!!!!
Azmi Ahmad Helmi (6 days ago)
12:09 Spongebob sound Lol
Six path light (6 days ago)
DramaGuy2306 - PS4 (6 days ago)
Six path light Stampy's channel is dying
Build my character
OOF c: (6 days ago)
Make Lebron James
Boy Great (6 days ago)
Do only dark blocks challenge Love Youu
Corrupt Vibes (6 days ago)
Pin this and it’ll melt my butter
Deir Stein (6 days ago)
i remember you only have 5k sub and now 747k Wow, Keep it up
Marcquis Johnson (6 days ago)
when I saw the title me: LMAOOOOOOOOOOO J&H: there we built it Me:end my life
Amannullah Akram Faiz (6 days ago)
Crazy Hard F*** XD
KOSSARZ (6 days ago)
Who beforo 1k likes like!
DupDAM (6 days ago)
Road to 1 mil?
OnuR (6 days ago)
Fuck drake
Jessica Chimezie (6 days ago)
Plz do a black and white challenge
Varixog g (6 days ago)
I’m the 376
Joshua perez (6 days ago)
I got a challenge you only can build youtubers
Dm Budd (6 days ago)
Cool 😎 To Jerry and Harry ☺ From Tilly 🐾
Random :D (6 days ago)
Maybe do 4 rounds?😁❤🙏
Cristina Manriquez (6 days ago)
Can you please do jacksepticeye! Plz!
Kajus Strakalaitis (6 days ago)
Do the only 1 any block chellenge
Roxy Galstyan (6 days ago)
Pink challenge only please 🌸🌸🌸
Ass Hole (6 days ago)
Next No Flying Challenge
My best friend FLOWEY (6 days ago)
Only leaves challage
Majd Dalah (7 days ago)
Hope you guys are enjoying your day
Majd Dalah (7 days ago)
Kana Iken (7 days ago)
Wow cool really like the hand
Tosic FirexX (7 days ago)
Only death builds pls
Mir Muf (7 days ago)
Guys they are clickbaiting...
migueel cmt (7 days ago)
Post malone pls
MARIE JANE ROMERO (7 days ago)
Do FORTNITE build challenge because season 5 is tommorow
CLASH for Doom (6 days ago)
*We are in video!* WooyyUuyeeeee!!! (1st game - We are the winners) P.S. 💝 💪 Jerry & Harry 💪!
CLASH for Doom (6 days ago)
Little Potato thankz👿😎🌚
Little Potato (6 days ago)
Noice build
Martin Gonzalez (7 days ago)
only yellow challenge
Hearse The Taker (7 days ago)
Mumble rap is shit.
MRKID TG (7 days ago)
Do ”reverse voteing challenge” Legendery= super poop | epic= poop | good= ok | ok= good | poop= epic | super poop=legendary Like if you agree
CapeOnFire (7 days ago)
Good that Guy wasnt there u Know that WHO Type almost every time
Gamer's Hands (7 days ago)
Only phone apps challenge.
Seth Sumaya (7 days ago)
Jerry vs Harry video title: *TRENDING TOPIC, IDEA OR THING* (Minecraft build battle)
Matthew Apurado (7 days ago)
SAME I have a hole in the door for mail
Lobster (7 days ago)
Hey every one
Harley Quinn (7 days ago)
Only do black challenge
Xmidnighto Xx (7 days ago)
Where the fuck is the 3rd round 😑
Juan Balcazar (7 days ago)
Rock Challeng :v
jame graver (7 days ago)
only PUBG build challenge
WassUpJoeyFans 21 (7 days ago)
Hiiiii Jerry Is The Best
BaconPancakes O_O (7 days ago)
There's a real one in your reflection without a follow with out a mention..
ELIAS JIM (7 days ago)
How are you so good at building
Eagleman 701 (7 days ago)
RockGhostGames (7 days ago)
Your builds have gotten horrible lately
Dragon Wolf888 (7 days ago)
Luv ur vids
Pandis Pandus Extra (7 days ago)
Theme ninja eeeeh what shall we build 💡 Drake yes we build Drake
黑貓 (7 days ago)
Can u guys do only black and White Challenge
Lisa SK (7 days ago)
The Simpsons challenge pls °^°
frog Thompson (7 days ago)
Why is there 666 likes
Isaac_ 4 (7 days ago)
Jerry breaks Harry builds !
Terehas Walters (7 days ago)
Y da middle finger
Potato Slacker (7 days ago)
The signs say: Gah too much pressure Nice job 10/10 worst build Seriously guys dissapointed who wants to build a post office anyway this is hard to build how the heck am I supposed to make a post office?-?: Thanks XD for seeing my commeny
00&)@[email protected]((i8q1q6a(anpq’@‘@‘@aa66(h(((y666
Can you please do ed Sheeran
M2ND (7 days ago)
The pink and purple challange
CalebEz Gamez (7 days ago)
Only Roblox Builds You can either build a person from Roblox or you can build a game from Roblox
ionescuradu07 (7 days ago)
Make a video bb team but in different teams

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