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How to secure your BungeeCord network with OnlyProxyJoin

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This tutorial will show you how to use the OnlyProxyJoin plugin to secure your BungeeCord network by blocking direct connections that are not coming from the hub (proxy) server. OnlyProxyJoin: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/onlyproxyjoin/ BungeeCord tutorial: http://youtu.be/yjUt8CfkiYE If you have any questions submit a ticket: http://www.serverminer.com/clients/submitticket.php If you want your own Minecraft server go here: http://www.serverminer.com/ Music: Deliberate Thought by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Text Comments (27)
Markogr (1 year ago)
wait dose requair IP Forward ON or OFF?
erupts_Hon_YT (1 year ago)
Adam A. (1 year ago)
My hub server ip or bungee server ip? and can this be bypassed?
GoodTimes14 (1 year ago)
Ruuki (2 years ago)
HELP MEEEE it work not
╬ Ongry072╬ (2 years ago)
the proxy ip is the Bungeecord ip right
ServerMiner (2 years ago)
+╬ Ongry072╬ That is correct! Users will use this IP address to connect.
The Real Cr4fty (3 years ago)
works not with bungeecord 1.8 :(
The Real Cr4fty (2 years ago)
+Coracraft Network i have already fixed the issue with iptables, thx nevertheless for help
PackAPunchedPig (4 years ago)
It works great, but When I am in Factions I cant do /server Prison. Is there a way to link two proxy IPs?
MangotaGaming (4 years ago)
I installed Bungee on one of my servers. Then on my prison and Hub server I installed onlyproxyjoin I put the ip to the Bungee server. But when I try to join the proxy it says please connect to the proxy
Krazey_ (2 years ago)
+Mienu LP np :)
Krazey_ (2 years ago)
+Mienu LP Incorrect. You have to go to the Bungee.yml folder and change force-default-server to true.
Misclickable (2 years ago)
+MophisGames I'm not familiar with configuring a minecraft server anymore. It has been nearly 2 years since I posted that comment.
MophisGames (2 years ago)
+Misclickable Can you help me please? I added you to your skype.
Misclickable (2 years ago)
+MophisGames I don't remember how I configured this plugin. It was nearly 2 years ago.
Whirvis (4 years ago)
Thank you So Much!
TheIron Squirel (5 years ago)
Do I need to install OnlyProxyJoin to my server that is set as bungee?
BigRickster (4 years ago)
No, or people can't join from the 'Bungecord' server either.
CodyThePerfectionist (5 years ago)
I have 2 invoices that weren't supposed to happen, how do I cancel them so my account isn't suspended?
MMIITT GAMES (5 years ago)
I get this with my server?? I need help. 19.08 15:28:44 [Multicraft] Starting server! 19.08 15:28:44 [Multicraft] Loading server properties 19.08 15:28:44 [Multicraft] Received start command 19.08 15:28:37 [Multicraft] Server stopped 19.08 15:28:37 [Multicraft] Failed to adapt server configuration 19.08 15:28:37 [Multicraft] Loaded config for "Mod: Craftbukkit"
MiNi MuM (5 years ago)
how can i change to craftbukkit 1.7.2
Viindash (5 years ago)
Make a how to change IP address totourial plzz

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