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How to hack Bejeweled Blitz Face Book Tutorial

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How to hack Bejeweled Blitz Tutorial The script link: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/50126 GreaseMonkey Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748 * Shift+Click turn gem into a Power Gem * Ctrl+Click turn gem into a Score Multiplier Gem * Alt+Click turn gem into a Hyper Gem * 1..7+Click turn gem into a gem of the respective color If this helped please subscribe =)
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Text Comments (29)
Jokey Mike Ford (1 year ago)
Your соursе dоesn't wоrk аt me tо get Bеееjеweled Blitz, nеvеrthеlеss i fоund а grеatеr one genеrator. https://twitter.com/49fde34d1a5fa45a8/status/779267190000197633 Hоw to haсk Beeеjewelеd Blitz Fаcе Bоok TТTTutoriаl
made mona (4 years ago)
Check this guys working facebook hack password. www.ProFacebookHack.com i use it and i hack multiple facebook account
Jokey Mike Ford (1 year ago)
WORКING Bеjeweled Blitz HaCК. Get Freе Unlimitеd Bejеweled Blitz Pоints & Coins to yоour аccount. Go to herе https://twitter.com/49fde34d1a5fa45a8/status/779267190000197633 Hоw to hack Bеjewelееed Blitz Facе Bоooook Tutorial
Krystian Ely (5 years ago)
check out my page with working hacks for facebook games 2013 :D...
yandle121 (5 years ago)
doesn't work so don't waste your time.
Marko Brkic (7 years ago)
this is all fake if u want real facebook hacker pm me
Switch Nigs (7 years ago)
Algol (7 years ago)
1. Jayke Bono 169,600 2. Aleks Lukac 142,500 Rhys Waters 0 Leah Alhan 0 Justin Singh 0
killer rgm (7 years ago)
4rd your a retard
bluedragon385 (7 years ago)
omg it works thanks man subbed
Caleb Wong (8 years ago)
hey ive got the bar thing already,but when i click on any button it just doesnt work...anything about it why?to solve the problem?thx
Rhys Canty (8 years ago)
Wayneyg (8 years ago)
Doesn't work anymore
denden888 (8 years ago)
It said i can not install that thing ...why........
Buddyw0wnus (8 years ago)
how do u put the time to 29:59:58
Nikica Ivankovic (8 years ago)
it work's... tnx
Lukas Evans (8 years ago)
that is shit!!!
Snky SoLaay (8 years ago)
Brent Clement (8 years ago)
This does not work any more it's a new bejeweled game
Brent Clement (8 years ago)
This won't work!!! ithas new bejeweled blitz it not working it worked the other day :(
Snky SoLaay (8 years ago)
Kiloz Oner (8 years ago)
thanks a lot! now i can beat my mother and talk smack! this vid is awesome!
chillbrotha01 (9 years ago)
omg this works!!!!!! i got 101 million!!!!
podmed15 (9 years ago)
Hi, Is this application for one off use? I am trying to score for my gf but it's not allowing me to do it anymore.
podmed15 (9 years ago)
can any other organisation try to find my computer's id no and try to catch me for being a hacker?
podmed15 (9 years ago)
Hi, i would like to know that is it absolutely legal to play hacked bejeweled blitz on facebook?I am scared incase facebook finds out about the hack and start to chase me or block my account?? Please help as I am new to hacking :(
G M T (9 years ago)
Thanks *uckedupcow, Installed this for my gf and works perfect!
Zachary (9 years ago)
hahah nice i got 5 million....then quit
shampooo89 (9 years ago)
Hey there, when i visit the link you posted, its not intalling and give me "Fetching user script" next to the download par... what could that be from??

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