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FTB Retro Ep11 Advanced Machines

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Text Comments (189)
Craig Penfold (1 year ago)
I wonder what a pack would be like with both project e and ee3 hopefully we get the chance I don't want to rush pahimar but come on
Slapps Plays (1 year ago)
If you can transmutate animals, would that not have been a simpler method of getting feathers than making 4 uu matter?
GlitchReaper (1 year ago)
I'm very grateful for the current keybind system. This episode reminded me of just how bad that linear lump of buttons really was. #minecrafthistory
A generic account (1 year ago)
"Wow I'm low on EMC" *Flys everywhere*
Starseeker87 (1 year ago)
Am I the only one that checks my computer when Dire's computer gets that notification at 3:07?
Landon (1 year ago)
Good ol' dire, when I want to build under something, I use a water stream and some cobble to build a "basement" of sorts, he builds something to enable flight.
Morgan Blanchard (1 year ago)
"So what did villagers do in 1.2.5?" Believe me, dude. We were all asking that same question.
Évelyne Lachance (1 year ago)
> Keeps running out of EMC > Constantly flying like 4 blocks distance
Joshua Greenberg (1 year ago)
Dire you may want to focus on EMC generation, spend a lot of EMC on making a bunch of collectors and let 'em rip, that black collector is used for bringing all the generated EMC together
the farmer bob (1 year ago)
what mod is that called with the thing that you yurned bone mill to gold
Preston S (1 year ago)
Back in the days before trading villagers were mainly used in iron-golem farms.
Joachim Von Grimorium (1 year ago)
you're struggling with emc cause you don't bother to follow the line of the map... you have to upgrade the EMC generation asap. now that you have mooshrooms you can convert mushroom stew (70 emc) to bowls (9 emc which is a 7'78x emc gain) but without the cows you can just build the emc flower and those are ok at tier 1 but they really shine at tier 3 for crafting purposes, but even so the petaled flower is the mass production of emc, which i have creating diamonds that are condensed into dark matter and further compressed into red matter.
Andrew Brashich (1 year ago)
I just went back and spent the last 7 hours trying to find all the old YouTubers and server I used to play on. All of them have disappeared. It's a real shame as these guys where the best at what they did and to know that there content and the era of the best Minecraft is over.
Ethan (1 year ago)
takes screenshot, dates video
Sceppie (1 year ago)
Just build a relay already! Every items EMC will break down to energy for your klein star and basically it's a charging station for your klein star. You who taught me? You did, mr. Direwolf :)
Snickerize (1 year ago)
Video recorded on 19th of September, jesus, Dire has everything planned out.
Frozzen (1 year ago)
the good old days lol, Question could please make a playlist for this retro game play please?
DarkVoidIII (1 year ago)
is there a way of getting a lava bucket out of a transmutation table, it's learned it but won't show up, or do I need to cheat lava buckets in? I accidentally turned my original source into obsidian.
drlazy1 (1 year ago)
This is like a how-to on finding the hardest most painful way possible to complete FTB Insanity. Couple tips for anyone playing: Use project tables. Build a 7x7 darkroom first. You can automate the darkroom as soon as you get redstone, by using a transposer to pump bonemeal into the deployer. You'll need two energy condensers though as one alone can't keep up. I don't think mob farms are worth the hassle. As in you can build several automated darkrooms in the time it takes to build one mob farm. Also, one darkroom produces a magnitude more emc than a mob farm. Get clay as soon as possible so you can build milk farms. Collectors are a waste of emc as the return on investment is really low. It's best to use them as a bank for any excess EMC you have. Which probably won't happen until you have a milk farm. The most emc efficient setup for a power flower is to use MK3 relays and MK1 collectors. Once you get to the last challenge you can break all the power flowers and turn them back into EMC. Use logistics pipes to automate crafting LV-MV-HV solar arrays. You'll need them later to get enough UU matter for the quantum armor, the 100million Eu challenge and powering the assembly table lasers. Use those solar arrays to power the buildcraft/forestry machines via electric engines. No need to build farms. Bees! you probably want to make a start sooner than later.
DarkVoidIII (1 year ago)
What Dire really needs is to automate a Record maker. That's right, Dire needs to automate having a Skeleton kill a Creeper so that it will drop a Record. :D The EMC value per record is priceless! If anyone can automate it, I know Dire can! ;) NOTE: Will require you to hang around afk so that the Skeleton will try to shoot you and therefore the Creeper! ;)
Poelmeister (1 year ago)
Please someone... I DL'd this map but I am annoyed by the timer running in the top left corner. How does one destroy that thing?
Pixen P (1 year ago)
Does dire not remember about ic2 crops for pumpkins they grow like 3 at once
Dameclese (1 year ago)
I added this in an older retro vid, figured i'd Drop it here with the hopes you see it. As my one comment to add to the ever growing list, please look at the floor in the throne room when you want to know where something is. the lights on the floorare in the shape of the Pyramid, and tells you (roughly) where each room is relative to a front view of the Pyramid. Have Fun
Cant aloupe (1 year ago)
Is there any way you could turn off the spring noise from the ring when you land and it turns off? It's driving me crazy :)
BjaZ (1 year ago)
Why hasn't he made a power flower yet? Infinite EMC into an energy condenser
RK7970 (1 year ago)
can we get a world download ?
Richie Reper (1 year ago)
Docktor (1 year ago)
Aah, I miss this. Back when IC2 was fun, when EE2 was a thing! I had to start playing Retro myself! (Just took away the "nogen" mod though ;3)
hyggehejsoen (1 year ago)
You ever gonna build a nice house in this mode, make your base look neat!
j7a1k1e (1 year ago)
I'm not sure why Dire hasn't made a second Klein star to store in the collector to charge up...
muadeeb (1 year ago)
Dire, been meaning to ask how you got your skin to work in 1.2.5. I picked up this map over the weekend and my skin didn't load. Should I file a bug with Mojang? Kappa
mikezi old acc (1 year ago)
I know this is a joke but if anyone ever sees this and wants an answer, here we go: The skin system has gotten major overhauls over the years, meaning that if you have a new style skin (3-wide arms or 64x64 res instead of 64x32), you are going to appear as steve.
Kaikaku (1 year ago)
Red Power = awesome !
Scott Kulik (1 year ago)
What's the point of always putting the EMC in the klein rod. Why not just leave it in the table?
Leonard Jackson (1 year ago)
I'm just cringing waiting for him to run out of emc when bounding between platforms lol
Azumarill (1 year ago)
"I didn't even know they had those guys in 1.2.5" That's actually when jungles came out! So they haven't been around long, at least.
Tim Burrowes (1 year ago)
you might want to make a equivalent exchange power flower to generate more EMC
buckwheatcat216 (1 year ago)
or just make another darkroom for much more gains
Seth Hoisington (1 year ago)
Make a portable tramsmutation tablet, Dire!
Phil Hibbs (1 year ago)
You should have the first chest converting flowers to bonemeal, then have the overflow bonemeal go into the second chest making diamonds.
Seany Boy (1 year ago)
you could have two of the client stars one for flight and the other for trades
Waggles (1 year ago)
I like how dire keeps going on about how much he wants clay when he has a mass fabricator right there and could easily just use UU to get clay.
Temmie (1 year ago)
This series made me want to play tekkit classic again
TonyKuremento (1 year ago)
Oh I see how it is direwolf20, 1776 isn't important in EMC form, gotcha :P
ratchetfreak (1 year ago)
No logi pipes yet? all the autocrafting you'll need right there...
The Black Rising (1 year ago)
Dire since u didn't notice it till now: I'm not quite sure but I think the Project Table will store its contents if u leave the interface pls use it pls
Elseano14 (1 year ago)
You need hummus to grow trees? Wow, this whole time I've been planting stuff in dirt with some decayed plants in it, turns out I should plant it in middle eastern bread spread
Ingmar Verweij (1 year ago)
Are you going to make the super cheaty blaze rods macerate into poweder and then condense them back into blaze rods.
Wayne Hounsome (1 year ago)
Yay! Red Alloy Wire!
GolemDragon (1 year ago)
still surprised dire hasn't gotten to building power flowers to keep up with emc
GolemDragon (1 year ago)
Danny Newhouse yeah but by this point in the series having one could have easily happened as a way to keep certain basic small items stocked for easy use in automation and crafting. for dark and red matter, yes blazeerator is really nice
Danny Newhouse (1 year ago)
GolemDragon power flowers are so weak though. soup farms, darkrooms, or blazerators are so much faster.
etothejtheta (1 year ago)
Hummus, hum-iss, is the spread made from chick peas. The soil is Humus, hew-miss.
Grimlon Cz (1 year ago)
why dont use project table? its awesome, has storageand keeps items
Perseus3248M (1 year ago)
Lagger Onesixfour (1 year ago)
Why isnt Redpower 2 in 1.10? It is the most important mod in automation and LOTS of other stuff. It has not been fully replaced to this day. What it did, it did with almost no bugs at all, ProjectRed and others have lots of bugs in them, I know it is a different minecraft and JAVA version, but that could be sorted out. Was it under a license that wouldnt allow third party updates?
Lagger Onesixfour (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot! I might make a twitter account just for that XD
Lars Gerrits (1 year ago)
She is posting a lot of updates on her Twitter (@TheRealEloraam). It is a Minecraft-like game with a lot of RP2 features.
Lagger Onesixfour (1 year ago)
+Lars Gerrits Her own game? Never heard of that before! Do you have some links so I can use those and not bother you?
Lars Gerrits (1 year ago)
Updating the mod would take more work than rewriting it. And with each update bringing a major change to the backend of Minecraft, keeping up with the updates is a big hassle for all mods, that's why not every mod (e.g. AE2) is updated yet from 1.8 to 1.10.2. And that's only 1 major Minecraft backend update (1.9 -> 1.10 was pretty easy), and RP2 being stranded on 1.4.7, it'd be almost impossible. Also, Eloraam, the author of RP2, is currently working on her own game, which is her main priority.
IanDresarie (1 year ago)
"I'm a Vanilla redstone genius" - Dire, some episodes earlier. Still not true. :D :D
Tapmemer (1 year ago)
Hey direwolf20 i have seen a modpack gameplay with a mod i really liked, but now i cant remember the name, it had a terminal system and a item pulling and pushing block and a block with a ender eye like spiral that is moving around, i remember the name starting with a p.
gunmim (1 year ago)
btw you should make a setup for to macerate some blaze rod ( get it from morphing pigmen into blaze with the philosopher stone ) it produce way more emc than even a few setup of mk3 collector with relay P.S.: if you look in the pyramid middle room where theres the throne on the floor there is a map that tells you where in the pyramid the rooms are by color
zgrillo2004 (1 year ago)
You keep pronouncing Humus wrong. thats not how its prononced
Vanewolf29 (1 year ago)
I know he makes these things way in advance. About ep 6 someone commented on putting glowstone on top of the energy collectors. Im wondering if he is going to remember the huge power flowers he made 4 years ago when he did this map before, as well as his fourth season lets play.
shadout (1 year ago)
Dire made the right move with doing advanced machines before gated logic - easier/faster to do, and a very useful reward vs a troll reward.
Nicholas King (1 year ago)
I want to see dire use a terraformer on his base just to make a huge platform
Sam Borton (1 year ago)
Btw it's HYU mus not hummus. Hummus is chic peas and garlic lol
Andrew Newmark (1 year ago)
13:30 how did dire move everything at once?
Lagger Onesixfour (1 year ago)
10:25 THATS PINK SHEEP!!! How lucky did you get and you threw that opportunity away... #PranksterGangsterNation
rusyaidi musa (1 year ago)
Why not automate bone meal refilling and sending excess plants to another Condenser to EMC generation?
Leonard Jackson (1 year ago)
The dispenser will only take 9 stacks of emc then the rest would get routed to the other condenser to generate emc
TEM1312 (1 year ago)
rusyaidi musa because he uses the bone meal for emc
minimoffo (1 year ago)
great suggestion :) i doubt he'll ever think of it on his own?? maybe today's the day
hasieo (1 year ago)
Dire you can make a much faster emc if you use blaze rod macerating loop. you can get blaze rods by compressing 5 blaze powder. then use a condenser to make more and start macerating them the rods. They get turned into 2.5X emc each cycle. Also if you need power i believe that lava capsules have a fuel emc cost and can then be put in geothermal generators.
mellamokb1 (1 year ago)
You can make EMC by auto-crafting gold chest out of silver chest. You gain about 5,400 EMC per craft because of alternate recipes.
LightFlame (1 year ago)
Okay now you have it fillert why don't you pipe the end product closer to where your tablet are so you don't need to walk over there all the time?
minecraftinchocolate (1 year ago)
Heh. I got through Advanced Machines on my second or third day, because I just manually used my dark room to get tons and tons of EMC. After finishing Advanced Machines, I set up all my EMC automation and never had to worry again. If you do it right, progression in this map is smooth and fast.
A sentient potato (1 year ago)
nooo the direwire™ was kinda slightly fixed D:
Th3PranksterGangster (1 year ago)
in what episode did he make the machine that makes bonemeal?
Twertalman (1 year ago)
Felix Ploner (1 year ago)
Upgrade your klein star already :D
Ohad Yogev (1 year ago)
I like the passing rapping up points episodes.
casper majoie (1 year ago)
random sound at 12:58 XD
Le actual pie (1 year ago)
Dire, i went to download this from the Curse launcher, but it is broken to all hell. There are mods missing and it keeps crashing. Where did you get this from?
Le actual pie (1 year ago)
cheers man 😊
civilrights 3 (1 year ago)
Use the legacy FTB Launcher. The one they used before switching to awful Curse.
DaCurse0 (1 year ago)
Onyx Fox
Hồ Anh Tài (1 year ago)
You shold use charcoal block for a more power output
Lagger Onesixfour (1 year ago)
Yeah... charcoal blocks arent in 1.2.5. I dont think any mods added it either.
Eric Poore (1 year ago)
Frost Prime were there charcoal blocks in 1.2.5? I thought it was added later on.
Awab Qureshi (1 year ago)
Did you get the alchemical chest in the nether yet?
karsten69 (1 year ago)
he did that last episode, just before wrapping up.
AcidGames (1 year ago)
That windows notification made me jump lol 3:08
Lagger Onesixfour (1 year ago)
Yeah I am always rewinding if it was my computer or not XD
matthijs commandeur (1 year ago)
where can u download this?
Pa Heke (1 year ago)
I remember power flowers using energy collectors, relays around the e exchange chest was the bomb. Is that a thing in this?
The Gaming Legends (1 year ago)
personally I prefer to use the regular macerator with a boatloard of overclocker upgrades to make sure that it performs at the fastest possible. But same idea
Sceppie (1 year ago)
The best farm is a rotary macerator, macerating blaze rods into 5 blaze powder into an energy condenser targeting blaze rods. 2 blaze powder is a blaze rod, so basically it's 3 blaze powder's worth of EMC every 1.2 seconds. I used 2 filters, one for blaze powder, into the energy condenser extracting from the macerator, and one targeting blaze rods from the energy condensor into the macerator with redpower brass pipes. Overflow to the relay and you have 1500+ emc every 1.2 seconds. Because the relay is the longest route, it will take that route if the macerator is full B= brass pipes F= filter M= macerator E= energy condensor R= relay BBBBBBBB B B B R BFEFM BBBB
andymion (1 year ago)
It's a thing but a full dark room or a fully automated mushroom soup harvester/crafter will vastly outperform a fully upgraded maxed out power flower
Phoenix591 (1 year ago)
yup. he could build one too. if he banked emc for a while. as it is he just has a mk1 and mk2 collector by themselves
Lo Pikachu (1 year ago)
I am a noob how does he fly
shadout (1 year ago)
The green ring he has in his inventory hotbar - "Swiftwolf's Rending Gale." Double-spacebar activates/deactivates flying (flying also automatically deactivates when you land). This consumes EMC. Even better is the Ring of Arcana, which is a fair bit more expensive but has powers from this and three other rings combined and it doesn't consume EMC to operate.
Ivan Kljaic (1 year ago)
Dire, Why don't you automate the bonemeal EMC farm.Add another energy condenser that would catch everything onece the first one (bonemeal) is full and condence it into diamonds
Aron Szabo (1 year ago)
I think you should watch the video first...
Issidro (1 year ago)
Yeah, why doesn't he? :)
Ivan Kljaic (1 year ago)
I was waiting for him to do it for a couple of episodes. While watching the episode I got kinda tired of watching the running around transmuting. ATM of writing the comment I was still in the middle of the episode. +direwolf20 You can make a pretty sweet EMC farm with the Mooshrooms.
civilrights 3 (1 year ago)
I get the distinct feeling that you havent finished the episode yet
Phoenix591 (1 year ago)
he did exactly that in the end of this episode, except gold bars not diamonds.
Ian echeverría (1 year ago)
As the deployer only uses one bonemeal at a time, there's no need to try to push a hole stack. A regular transposer will do the job fine.
fuj1n (1 year ago)
Yeah, but he also needs to filter it
Akashi Seijuro (1 year ago)
Anyone else notice the left over EMC from the cobblestone chest was 1776?
Vyzard (1 year ago)
Welp, seeing how long ago this was recorded it will take a while for DW to react to the comments. Also, love the timing of the notification at 3:07
OverSoft (1 year ago)
I'm really waiting for Dire to fall into the void because his Kleinstar is empty, he seems so careless flying around with little to no energy on hand.
LordUnnamed (1 year ago)
I could watch playthroughs of this map over and over again :D All those new skyblock maps get extremly boring after a short period of time :/
David Estes (1 year ago)
Loving this series!
RasMatti (1 year ago)
you should really consider making an EMC farm with Collectors, i know its far more fun using normal farms etc but further into the pack youl have reaaaaally big need of materials for example Gated Logic questline, damn its a lot of diamonds and gold
random6434 (1 year ago)
The darkroom is actually very competitive with with a large collector array, and "Flax capacitors" and the mooshroom EMC farm blow them out of the water for speed. It sounds like Dire is well aware of what can be done with those mooshrooms, so I wouldn't worry.
RasMatti (1 year ago)
+Dallas Herrmann well i just wanted to throw something that is already hard for him :P been a while since i played this one so i dont really remember what is on higher floors
Dallas Herrmann (1 year ago)
To finish the challenges you need to make 5 fully filled klein star omegas minimum. The gated logic is just a small taste of the fun.
Shawn Crawford (1 year ago)
can anyone tell if this is old enough you can use the blaze powder to blaze rod emc machine in this?
imnotmussie (1 year ago)
its old enough to do that with cobblestone and halfslabs so i guess yeh
Ryan Paton (1 year ago)
Yup and the deployers on buckets of water / mushroom soup
Sarmad Saad (1 year ago)
dire do know that mooshrooms both milk and mushroom stu and you shear the mooshrooms and gona into normal cows and give mushrooms
lorddissy (1 year ago)
hey dire, did you know in the monument, the colored lamps on the floor are a map to where each room is located from the outside? So advanced machines was grey, and on the floor it shows it to the right on the second level. No need to fly or hop all around to find each that way
Laffen47 (1 year ago)
I really like the series, I don't like how nooby you are after all of these years of playing minecraft.
Quinn Omega (1 year ago)
28:50 Couldn't silver be used to make IC2 glass fiber cabling? I seem to remember such a recipe being added when they were first testing the Ore Dictionary way back when.
GunnerHQ (1 year ago)
Make the Power flower Mk1 helps a bit...
Eirik Albrektsen (1 year ago)
you do know that you can use logistic pipes to automate your dark room?
My My (1 year ago)
I've automated it by just putting a transposer on the energy condenser, facing into the deployer...
JuddMan (1 year ago)
Eirik Albrektsen logistics pipes. the AE we never knew we had.
KaktusYoutube (1 year ago)
God that swiftwolf ring makes me nostalgic...
Tinfoil Chef (1 year ago)
Watching this takes me back... had to start re-watching single player Season 4.. great stuff
Tinfoil Chef they where and are my favourite tanks, can you remember the xycraft room on his rollercoaster? It looked so promising
Tinfoil Chef (1 year ago)
+nathaniel holland-pass  The Xycraft multitanks were fantastic.  Shame it's gone.
Tinfoil Chef season three was my first, with the rollercoaster finale, back when xycraft was an actual thing that looked promising
SolDjango (1 year ago)
I started rewatching the footage of this map with the devs.
Awab Qureshi (1 year ago)
Me too. Started watching season 4 again.
matthew seel (1 year ago)
visions of lag
ChillaKilla (1 year ago)
visions of Direwire
Thomas McCoy (1 year ago)
Dire make milking machines

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