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Yep, very easy to do.
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Mini Lame (25 days ago)
Dont work
real jew (4 months ago)
I love your accent.
dv coc (9 months ago)
not worked for me
Der fresehe Fuchs (9 months ago)
Wait you play easy mode and hacking -.- noob
PIKU PAUL (9 months ago)
i did everything similar what is told in the video (not the 3-1000) but when i click next scan i showing nothing
Matthew Luman-ag (10 months ago)
I have a 4 gb Graphics card why do I Feel That my Witcher 3 is a little laggy?
AleX d4m (3 months ago)
4GB what exactly? cuz if you got a 2009 4gb graphics card, just send it to trash
ivandi edward (11 months ago)
I got problem this game. My curse muse control can't open and moving cheat engine event you play game together .. how to fix that...
GamingOST (11 months ago)
boring for that i dont buy games LMAO ... makes 0 sense
Matias Enriko (1 year ago)
it works thanks my game lags a bit because im only using 4gb ram
jeet chetia (1 year ago)
Hey why does it stop after level 70 it is not working after level 70 i stop getting single point it stop at 70 =2000/2000 help me out please
Billy Julius (1 year ago)
hey can i know how do you make it work? bcs i just tried it and it didnt work, thanks
Davin Stott (1 year ago)
can you edit ps4 saves using cheat engine?
MrGMaN3301 (1 year ago)
why do i keep getting two numbers over and over ive killed amillion times i cant get it down to 1 does anyone know
game for glory (1 year ago)
fucking not working
Theonlychampion (1 year ago)
you are A Friend of mine! ;)
lolbogdy1 (1 year ago)
how do i set it back tough? just exit the cheat engine?
TheYunkFood (1 year ago)
wtf, a friend?
Berkay Albayrak (2 years ago)
Chris Gonzalez (2 years ago)
does this hack still work? just bought the game and all expacs, thanks for the help just looking for a LEVEL HACK
MediumSalty (2 years ago)
a friend? is that you?
Martins Danisevics (2 years ago)
doesnt work next buttom
thanks for this video sir
Righardt // Xeno (2 years ago)
How can I reset it back to normal after I have dont it?
MajinGohan (1 year ago)
hey did u do it i wanna know to
Malaletniy Pridurak (2 years ago)
''i just paused my game for no reason'' - u did it because u hacked ur health and it regenerates to 100 lol
Kirito (1 year ago)
Malaletniy Pridurak no when you level up your health regents to max
mark nine (2 years ago)
Good video only cheat does not work
mg999 (2 years ago)
Yo PCtrainers! i saw someone that stole your video. i think the channel name is :Fun Hacks i dont really remember but yea.
matt kern (2 years ago)
+PCtrainers what cheat engine do you use. I'm new to pc
mg999 (2 years ago)
no problem, -- btw you have helped me alot with cheat engine and other stuff so thank you.
PCtrainers (2 years ago)
thanks, people upload my vids and then include a virus download instead of a trainer :(
Mcito (2 years ago)
Easy fast level, And easy vac
real jew (4 months ago)
I don't think vac is enabled on singleplayer games.
alshab alshad (2 years ago)
Petter Hans (2 years ago)
Jack Klonaris (2 years ago)
same dose not work how do i fix it
SGBaby (2 years ago)
It is not working now!!!New update available,so it doesn't work with.And I'm waiting for the new hack after this update.Please find a new way to hack
erke inne (2 years ago)
nothing comes up when i click next scan
erke inne (2 years ago)
Skygaze Daily (2 years ago)
All you have to do is instead is just look for the value of the exp, without doing the (3-1000) thing, which is pointless, so in his case, in the video, you just enter 3 into the scan bar, then hit scan, after that you will see a bunch of addresses as usual, but then you kill a monster for the exp, then set it to 7 (or whatever your exp number is), and hit next scan. it should pop up as one, but if it doesnt, kill another monster and try again. it takes 2 tries sometimes. After you find only a single address. double click it and it edit the value to 999 After this, check the little box and it should act the same exact way. Hope this helped man, hacking is fun, but i only do it after my first run through.
Side Step (2 years ago)
does it still work?
Yacobino (2 years ago)
works. but if I want to stop at a certain level, how do I turn it off?
Squad Zero (2 years ago)
+Yacobino just uncheck the active ")
kNN (2 years ago)
Delrox (2 years ago)
oh my god is that you Afriend!?
Slin Jin (2 years ago)
i swear that's what i'm asking myself :D
WITLESSMASS (2 years ago)
Cheat Engine has a lot of viruses. Can't risk downloading that on my computer.
espaidid claser (2 years ago)
y la descarga
サイコPixel (2 years ago)
Thank you! it helped me a lot^^
OVERCLOCKED Estlock (2 years ago)
thanks a lot took a few tries but it works great. THANKS THANKS THANKS
shadowx089 (2 years ago)
I don't want to cheat my level I want to Cheat the Haggle System! I'm tired of asking for 10 more coins and being rejected. I want that max price. At least i'd feel like i'm getting paid something.
Soxbox (2 years ago)
+shadowx089 But...if you make it so you can haggle for more, you could just eliminate the middleman and give yourself more cash in the first place. XD
shadowx089 (2 years ago)
+MasterMerc13 lol i know how to edit money. I want to haggle and get paid more. Not get money just because. Its more fun having the option that i can use.
Soxbox (2 years ago)
+shadowx089 There's a way to use this same system (Cheat Engine) and make it so that you never have to worry about money again. =P 1. Note how much money you have, then put that number in the value space and hit first scan. Should come up with more than one result. 2. Spend some money or do something to make your number of cash change value. 3. Put the new number in the value space and hit Next Scan. Should come up with only one value. If it comes up with more than one, do it again and again until it comes to one value. 4. Double click the only remaining value on the left, then right click it at the bottom and go to Value, then change it to whatever you'd like. 5. Hit the Active checkbox and boom, you have that much cash! That's the basic way Cheat Engine works, at least in the way he showed it. Get a numerical value that you want to change, enter it and keep narrowing down the results, then find it and modify it to your heart's content. =D
Brasewel Noronha (2 years ago)
Worked perfectly. Thanks!
Hugh Murphy (3 years ago)
What about PS4? Real men play on PS4?
black bird (1 month ago)
Jealous cause u can't do that on a ps4?? Go and sell your damn ps4 invest 500 dollars more and buy a gaming pc
Plebpool (11 months ago)
Hugh Murphy But smart and "rich" men play pc.
Kai Trịnh (3 years ago)
samy sayed (3 years ago)
no work with me i tried to do this way before open video
iamyourpresent (3 years ago)
A FRIEND what ya doin here :o
Theooo (3 years ago)
But whyyy???  Whats the fuckin point of playing the game if youve already leveled up to the maximum level???????
Odysseus1ful (3 years ago)
U don't have to u can finish the game including explore everywhere and then level up
RagingPotato (3 years ago)
dont work x.x
Craig Barlow (3 years ago)
What is the point in playing the game if your instantly level 50 ,answer-because your crap at the game
Plebpool (11 months ago)
This game for me is more of a relaxing sandbox game. I completed the main story once on hardest difficulity without cheats. Then i felt like i was done with the game aspect of it. Then i used cheat engine and just rode around. Killing bandits left and right.
Robin Goyal (3 years ago)
+Craig Barlow well my friend you're wrong. I played this whole game without any cheat and ended up at level 38 with explored the fucking world. I did all quest everything and not its damn impossibile to increase level more so but I am at level 70. Just stop whinning because if you dont wanna use it why bothered here?
john smith (3 years ago)
+Craig Barlow How did you find this video, mystery flamer. I googled "A Friend" twitter, then saw he retweeted this youtube channel. What's your excuse?
Craig Barlow (3 years ago)
+Nertik Ali Yep but cheating is cheating ,instantly level 50 whats the point 
Ethan Alder (3 years ago)
it can still be fun when you have beaten the game 
RaiDeX (3 years ago)
worked with gold too
billa381 (3 years ago)
thank you!!!!
ToXicoO5 (3 years ago)
MrSilentSlender (3 years ago)
Great Tutorial as always, could you also make a video about money?
João Marques (3 years ago)
Excited James Aleks (3 years ago)
thanks for ruining the game for me a friend :c
Hugh Murphy (3 years ago)
Hoodoo77 He didn"t ruin anything if you aren't on PS4
Ser Auden (3 years ago)
+Jetzido .....
Excited James Aleks (3 years ago)
+Demetrius Rafael spoilers for max level
Ser Auden (3 years ago)
+Jetzido Sure! because he forced the cheat on you.
Kamarov (3 years ago)
Detrek (3 years ago)
what are your pc specs?
Ramblings of Mad Man (3 years ago)
what a friend plays other games :O
Spliicer The Mad (3 years ago)
Make your rs vids longer :/
demonofjapan (3 years ago)
doubling likes
Josiah David (3 years ago)
you should try and grow this as big as your rs channel double your profits.
alex 4rex (3 years ago)
Hey a friend could you give us a hint on your next rsvideo? :)
alex 4rex (3 years ago)
+Lauro Rs ik
The Classic Channel 70 (3 years ago)
+alexander syguu this channel isnt his rs channel dude
casper ou (3 years ago)
b friend
Bugzsi (2 years ago)
+Mihai-Daniel Muresan E friend
Mihai-Daniel Muresan (3 years ago)
+alexander syguu D friend
alex 4rex (3 years ago)
C friend
Xilo scient (3 years ago)
I added 99999 when I was suppose to hit 0 and it maxed out at level 70
Mohammad Aqeel (3 years ago)
+Xilo scient Really? Did it really work?
Xilo scient (3 years ago)
Also this works from level 1 also for me
Xilo scient (3 years ago)
What's the exact xp for level 70 to avoid the weird numbers also neem more for ability points
TheGmTom (3 years ago)
a friend Kreygasm
Thinking Thinker (3 years ago)

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