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IndustrialCraft - Safe Nuclear reactor setup!

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Griffin W (6 years ago)
Could you give a link to the video?
PrepareToKawaii (6 years ago)
For all thoese people who had their reactor blew up. It helps to read the other comments! This is OUTDATED! Watch my updated video on it!
Dean (6 years ago)
it blew up...you lie...
zerakren (6 years ago)
if you are using a transformer to take high voltage to a lower voltage you have to power the transformer with a redstone torch
PrepareToKawaii (6 years ago)
This setup isant the best anymore... Caustic Reactors are the bomb now :) I have a video on that, go check it out! :)
PrepareToKawaii (6 years ago)
@wonderwaffle2 Go to my updated version... Sorry! That version doesn't work no more with the update very well.
DalienW (6 years ago)
The reason the Macerator didn't power up is because the MFSU only got 1 output side, and it isn't the bottom :) Thanks for the vid though, will try your setup.
Blooper7008 (6 years ago)
cool first!

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