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Minecraft: WE ARE SO GOOD (MineFighter)

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JOIN JERRY HARRY AND SAUL IN TWO "EPIC" ROUNDS OF MINEFIGHTER! Enjoyed the video? Support us by leaving a LIKE and consider SUBSCRIBING! ►Last video (Herobrine's Chamber): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTGGF-ztNM4 ►SERVER IP: play.itsjerryandharry.com ►Main channel: http://youtube.com/itsjerryandharry ►Facebook: http://facebook.com/ItsJerryAndHarry ►Twitter: http://twitter.com/JerryAndHarry Friends in this video: -Saul: http://youtube.com/saul1337ftw ===CREDITS=== ►Music and sound effects from: Monstercat: Rogue - Adventure Time http://incompetech.com/ http://audiomicro.com/ Neil Cicierga - Brodyquest Intro animation made by Sinabixx
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Text Comments (292)
jeslee nicole bartolaba (3 months ago)
Who is your leader
Play bedwars from lifeboat
OmgIts Jeff (5 months ago)
Saul was twerking like if you found the part and reply to me cus im lazy
wumbo 519 (7 months ago)
Where is potato
Dorian Fabini (7 months ago)
Hi its a very cool video
ItzSimi YT (8 months ago)
600K Subs!
yo boi (8 months ago)
wish you would make more videos like this miss the old jerry and harry
Mr miner (9 months ago)
server ?
karam isam (11 months ago)
only ugly builds challenge
Rhino Garcia (1 year ago)
whos watching 2017 XD
MNminer-[Gamer/Cuber] (1 year ago)
l love this sound 'GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE'
Gulapa Reine (1 year ago)
you are pinoy
Lileminus (1 year ago)
Server i mean
Lileminus (1 year ago)
Jerryandharry do block in in our game
ben dat (1 year ago)
I bet you JerryVSHarry if you pinned this This is A Legendary Server Ever but ItsHarry killed that was me xD
EminaDaki (1 year ago)
Electric Piano (1 year ago)
You will read the comments (and stuff)like you read the rules in maps?
SPx DarkLord (1 year ago)
Have you two a wife?
wy u didn't use a book boom
IcyPanda YT (1 year ago)
Intro:Show His Eyes Minecraft:Doesn't Show His Eyes
Lolboy 1121 (1 year ago)
make more of these vids these are good.🙃
Nathaniel Fong (1 year ago)
try trolling in your server
Lucas Chuah (1 year ago)
Stian Ovesen (1 year ago)
You saus Halo om the start an thats Norwegians Word
Kevin Diaz Pramono (1 year ago)
do the part 2
platelet - chan (1 year ago)
whe the Potato
Aman Angel (1 year ago)
you guys are toooooooooo good I like all your vedios can we see your faces
Hypix Genos (1 year ago)
saul twerked
Hypix Genos (1 year ago)
you guys were like angry gorillas
Army Forever (1 year ago)
i like this guy
Hamster Bear (1 year ago)
Jerry,Harry or Saul?
Rezal Gibran (1 year ago)
Jerry i faund Herobrine real.but he is can be teleport
l Minh6969 l (1 year ago)
Rezal Gibran kys
Josie Miller (2 years ago)
F*ck Jarry he put lava on me
MetalMecha 2 (2 years ago)
I LUV ur vids
Ivan Vlot (2 years ago)
Josh Mafia/JoshWoa (2 years ago)
keep playing minefighter
Minecraft2010 SF (2 years ago)
jerry vs harry potter
Rezal Gibran (1 year ago)
Awesome Luigi (2 years ago)
Go TV (2 years ago)
William0_0 (1 year ago)
Go TV faithful 32x
pich vannara (2 years ago)
replay instant 1:15 jump scared beindle you
Benedict Quintab (2 years ago)
f*ck harry killed me
J F Gamerz (1 year ago)
Benedict Quintab REKT BITCH
Messerschmitt (2 years ago)
your a apache mate.
RayonBarista (2 years ago)
uhh did i just heard a ``bitch'' sound at the start?
William0_0 (1 year ago)
RayON HeNG same XD
Messerschmitt (2 years ago)
+ rayon heng No.
Mj Grace (2 years ago)
You guys are fantastic!!^_^
Hacker (2 years ago)
Is it just me or does saul keeps on sounding like PewDiePie??!?!
oliver sepnio (2 years ago)
I'm will connect to them if I can
LaZeR Strike (2 years ago)
can you play party games jerry
Alfie Allen (2 years ago)
Itsjerryandharry can make wen ur team mates burn u withbflint and steel plzz
l Minh6969 l (1 year ago)
Alfie Allen kys
han chin (2 years ago)
jerry and harry please play MEGA WALLS on hypixel please please please and remember to choose Herobrine kit is soooo good and herobrine kit shoots out lighting
han chin (2 years ago)
jerry harry please do facecam next video :) i will love the facecam #facecam=life!!
Mason McNeely (2 years ago)
Lol they won't do that
Kassu 777 (2 years ago)
pls do this more pls
w!thzZn! (2 years ago)
That was "epic"
DrRoadrunner (2 years ago)
Jerry, Harry, u guys r freakin' hilarious!!
Hendro Sulistyo (2 years ago)
More more more!!!!!
Exyn (2 years ago)
i like it cool u 1
Teodora Dimitrova (2 years ago)
yeah, I like Fartlands so much too. You guys do the best vids;3
Dark Flip (3 years ago)
what ip
AlexTheWolf (3 years ago)
please itsjerryandharry play more minefighter
Funny Bunny (3 years ago)
Thaqif Tube HD (3 years ago)
good job guys!!!!!!!!!=D
Marko Stojić (3 years ago)
same thing :P
BlitzStryker27 (3 years ago)
CocosetteMax (3 years ago)
i hate when they play on their server and mods interfear
MC GamerPro (3 years ago)
Pls make more of this I cant stop laughing XD
Zeck_O (3 years ago)
Q:how you poop? xD
focus2003 (3 years ago)
Kyawne (3 years ago)
i cant join your server because you need preuium :(
Aldrin Soria (3 years ago)
What is your texture pack jerry and Harry
Phoenix's World (3 years ago)
Giant iPhone/iPod please!
Muryllo Segalla (3 years ago)
Plz can you guys do a flans mod (gun mod) war, it would be cool
Brandon Ho (3 years ago)
play something else on another server
Maria Teresa (3 years ago)
Ivan Tsang (3 years ago)
Can you play the walls
nosyaJ zeuqsaV (3 years ago)
Play..............................................my f**king d**k, b***h do I look like I care
Pixel Plays (3 years ago)
ar you 19
Pixel Plays (3 years ago)
i like your fart vitose
ΣK l Axuelii (3 years ago)
Why don't you guys post videos more often.
o-----o (3 years ago)
Where is harry mounth goes in the starting animation??
Bethany Prahst (3 years ago)
Hey where did fartlands go it's been 2 months
Liam (3 years ago)
Damn you guys are good.
Rigbutyh Ghyti (3 years ago)
Itsjerryandharry What size of ur penis???? Especially for harry because i love harry more than jerry.
Quaza OLD CHANNEL (3 years ago)
Why does nobody like my comments ;(
I liked it xDDDDD
Nukegoonly Inc. (3 years ago)
play this again, or sumo
Draken (3 years ago)
Marina Shevchenko (3 years ago)
why im not harry (x
Marina Shevchenko (3 years ago)
Sonicboom (3 years ago)
Q: When you guys use a public bathroom do you wait until everyone in there besides you is gone to poop
gabrielle baker (3 years ago)
My sister wanted to know if you lived in Canada and if you were around the age of 19??
Dankwad (3 years ago)
Do a team parlour!!
Ivan Hilmi (3 years ago)
Morse of This serius please!
Michelle Hii (3 years ago)
What are u crazy u dead in shit
gabrielle baker (3 years ago)
I think you should play another fartlands game making statues of George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Barrack Obama!!!
Chall Chall (3 years ago)
What happened to whatthehai?
PATDASTAR GAMING (3 years ago)
Herbrien chamber P.S soz for the bad spelling
MexyMek YT (3 years ago)
Do FaceCam oR Let Harry Have The Camra
Fart Face (3 years ago)
what's the seed of ur peaceful survival server?
Bad Time Gaming (3 years ago)
Guys ur subs are going down plz upload vds
kai toshiki (3 years ago)
team work
FacelessWR c: (3 years ago)
Play "And stuff"
Heng Kee Low (3 years ago)
Play MineFighter for 20 minutes
Haris (3 years ago)
9:21 RIP headphone users.
lollipop playz (1 year ago)
is jerry using killaura
Aron Sæther (2 years ago)
+LordHotzen I need new ears
Michael Gkritzapis (3 years ago)
Parkour maps!!!!!!!!!+1 if you agree
Johan Engblom (3 years ago)
Do u guys play only games form ur own server???

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