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SA:MP Deathmatch Server (Download soon!)

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Hey guys, whats up? I've been working on a Deathmatch server the last few days, and thought I'd make a progress video as a little teaser. Its not completely finished yet as I still have a few things to add yet, but its nearing it. Features: - Speedometer - Random announcements - Random spawns - Player statistics saving - On-screen statistics - On-screen server name and version - Login and register system - Spawn protection - Kill streak system with rewards - Headshot system - Dynamic max statistics system
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Khizar Abro (1 year ago)
Samp IP 198.100. 144.190:2561 1vs1 BewZ DeathMAtch Server
Gara Pesak (2 years ago)
EnterTainment-TV (2 years ago)
how to add player in srever and how to make srever online
Jerry Buwalda (3 years ago)
Hey static, Have you already finished this server? :) I really want to download this server!!! :)
PrepareToKawaii (3 years ago)
There are still some bugs with it, but I might finish it soon man.
PrepareToKawaii (4 years ago)
Sorry, the video glitched out. I'll re-make this video tomorrow. :(
KingsteveTV (3 years ago)
bui when the sever ready i ready to play
Jerry Buwalda (3 years ago)
I can watch the video on the mobile version of youtube

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