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Text Comments (9665)
Aloy Azah (1 hour ago)
Bendy gorden!?
Noob Playz096 (2 hours ago)
That's a lot of damage!
You accidentally said 4 damage not 4 health
Sonic Aidan (16 hours ago)
DanTDM says that’s a lot of damage in a lot of his videos. Yet not once has he shown a picture of Phil swift
Anyone Mining (17 hours ago)
I love the art style of this game.
Shirley Costley (18 hours ago)
I love benndy in the inc machine 😍 and five nights at Freddy's to .... OMG AND THE CUPHEADS!!
Adam Ares (21 hours ago)
My brother has bendy run
Chase Mo (21 hours ago)
Hi Dan
bobaf1 asyouwish (1 day ago)
I compeded chest octepus thing
kim powers (1 day ago)
I'm a carrot do do do
Flarsp 2 (1 day ago)
The PacificPotado (1 day ago)
I have the game :3
offbeat games (1 day ago)
I cant say this enough I love your videos dan!
Christine Garcia (1 day ago)
Hint: If you see anvil and brick choose anvil If you see anvil and axe choose axe Also If you had a 1/?? Health and you see a med kit and axe choose med kit And try not to get hit
Tracey Yates (1 day ago)
Gamer Ren (1 day ago)
Am suke
Corky Studios (1 day ago)
OMG DAN U REACHED 20MIL!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS DUDE! IVE BEEN WATCHING YOU FOR WHEN U DID MINECRAFT MODS!!!!!! Thanks for making amazing videos and being really funny.
Mr. Guy (1 day ago)
Time for that tattoo XD (btw im eating flaming hot cheetos)
M1ghty Meat (2 days ago)
1k away from two mil very well done I watched you when u were playing Pokemon
leedle leelde (2 days ago)
*"Ali - A intro please"*...
The Gamer King (2 days ago)
Play Portal please play Portal Dan
Rainbow Diamond (2 days ago)
Rainbow Diamond (2 days ago)
Rainbow Diamond (2 days ago)
Bryan D. (2 days ago)
It gave me early access too
Lunala Girl (2 days ago)
Dantdm check MatPat’s theories about BATIM
Traci Krieger (2 days ago)
I joined dab police
Tyler Mactavish (2 days ago)
Your amazing Cool Dan is the best
Nameer Jr (3 days ago)
I I to kiss a girl
Amazing Pineapple (3 days ago)
Great video Dan!!
Zenaida Briagas (3 days ago)
I missed so much vids im so sorry dan!!!
Johanna Main (3 days ago)
You've played this game before
Kaelem Wilkinson (3 days ago)
Why did my notifacations just tell me u uploaded this?
Unicornia366 Valencia (3 days ago)
TurkeyBoy is here dan!!!😀
Andres good gamer (3 days ago)
Yes it's the 16 and I can finally play it
Raul Cruz (3 days ago)
Will Murphy (3 days ago)
Sorry missed alot of vids
Zamir Hassan (3 days ago)
Joey Drews Studios (3 days ago)
Thanks for the vid 😁
Renulfa Mora (3 days ago)
It out now for me it is free
Sylvia Mulligan (3 days ago)
I'm 8 years old and I'm from Canada .I just want to say that you make people day. you're a very nice YouTuber. and I want to say that we love you so much Dan
Sylvia Mulligan (3 days ago)
😃 🙂 👚ME 👕 DanTDM 👖 👖 👢 👟 Me: I love your videos. Dan: thank you. Me: you are my favorite YouTuber. Me: everyone who watches your videos love you. Dan: thank you. Dan: I love all of you guys.
Lim Dan Yi (3 days ago)
It is fun
Gabrielle Spavor (3 days ago)
Dan I know the guy who makes this game his name is Tom and he help with the art I met him at a young author thing for my school
Wolfgamerbz3k (4 days ago)
When i thought bendy was scary
Jessica Thompson (4 days ago)
its Chester
ninjamageeshy (4 days ago)
Cuphead to the switch
xXLeonGameXx _Roblox (4 days ago)
Great video Dan!! Let’s hit 20m!!🎉🎉
Kristen Nicole (4 days ago)
Bendy is best friends with the devil from what my son tells me. Freddy from five nights is friends with Bendy. Parents monitor this stuff pls
Pluppe Extra (4 days ago)
Is it free
The Incredicar Fan (4 days ago)
I got this game today Because It's 8/15/18 Yay (I uploaded a video for this by the way)
Jennifer Anderson (4 days ago)
Dantdm you are better than me. I am 100000000000000 worse then you.
I look awesome
Ethan Ethan D (4 days ago)
Is it out now
ashleysedivy (4 days ago)
How are you doing today
ashleysedivy (4 days ago)
Hi Dantdm
Sarah Edwards (4 days ago)
Dan the weapons are sorted by size brick does the least ax in between anvil does most
Jim How (4 days ago)
TURKEY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim How (4 days ago)
its almost my birth day
Mason Epstein (4 days ago)
Jaimee Whisenand (4 days ago)
I love you your the best
Squeaky Gaming (4 days ago)
yes please do more
shahida lipi (4 days ago)
AND Hat in time
shahida lipi (4 days ago)
DAN where is.... Slime Rancher, Miitopia, Detective Pikachu, Raft, AND House Flipper? PPL WANT THIS STUFF please? ;-;
Sahan Kamaran (4 days ago)
You are the best dantdm you are good at fortnite
O-Ok Dogyplayzroblox (4 days ago)
Got it and i love it!!!💙❤💜
Doge egoD (4 days ago)
*sees thumbnail* _when did I subscribe to _*_Ali-A?_*
Jack Davenport (4 days ago)
My brother has a YouTube channel thinnestnine351
Jack Davenport (4 days ago)
I <3 your channel❤️👍🌎💗⚠awesome
nely Ochoa (4 days ago)
Is it pre order. Do you have an ios phone
Brickiac (4 days ago)
Name the chest Chester
TonyTXG (4 days ago)
Juan Rubio (4 days ago)
I was playing it today lol
Nathaniel Hernandez (4 days ago)
I am 11 years old
Nathaniel Hernandez (4 days ago)
It is my birthday today I 11
Derpy Hooves (4 days ago)
I have this game
I got the game today. Completed all challenges on Act 1 and Act 2. My Bendys Level 4. :P
Brian Blitzer (4 days ago)
Do more
V Vo (5 days ago)
Well that's a lot of damage!
the boy BMO (5 days ago)
Please do limbo I will have fun waching it
33gamer The beast (5 days ago)
You're not the only one who jumped over weapons
Um Dantdm Please Dont Send Me Any Hello Neighbor Now I Want Geometry DASH!!!!!
Raptor’s World (5 days ago)
I just got this game today
Malina Marcum (5 days ago)
It comes out on my birthday!!!!! Which is today!!!
EPIC FLOOF GAMES (5 days ago)
charles nadera (5 days ago)
McKena Allen (5 days ago)
Dan where is a hat in time Dan where is a hat in time Dan where is a hat in time
Toaster Penguins (5 days ago)
The toaster
Damaings ? (5 days ago)
Mikaela Coles (5 days ago)
You the best😃
J & K Hughes (5 days ago)
Cool is it on PC and iPad mini
Alex Ball (5 days ago)
can you please play Castle Crashers please
Alex Ball (5 days ago)
can you please play Castle Crashers please
Alex Ball (5 days ago)
can you please play Castle Crashers please
Alex Ball (5 days ago)
can you please play Castle Crashers please
Alex Ball (5 days ago)
can you please play Castle Crashers please
The lazy Artist (5 days ago)
Chapter 5 comes out on October 12th plzzzzz play it
T1 entertainment (5 days ago)
1,131,190th veiw is me
Lee Lucsky (5 days ago)
Please play Epic Mickey. You'll love Gus.
Dan do you spy on people because are you a illuminati 😳😐

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