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Minecraft Giant Mech Battle! (Rival Rebels Mod)

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Today my city is under attack from the Hydra foundation in a Giant Robot with their goal to blow up the city with a Nuke and I have to try and stop them in my very own Rhodes Mech!
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Text Comments (19)
dabeez KNEEZ (4 months ago)
Flans mod is a highly overrated mod with a terrible developer.
Daniel the ice gamer (7 months ago)
Use f for power shield
The Rival Rebels mech reminds me of Liberty Prime
EpicGamer53 (1 year ago)
Give credit to zeemo
EpicGamer53 (1 year ago)
He made the map
nick boelhouwer (1 year ago)
finbar come to the netherlands smoke weed with me im so highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjlllllllllll yyeeeeeeeee
Eldrazi Cat (1 year ago)
+1, insert cat gif
King Slushie101 (1 year ago)
Revampedharpy09 (1 year ago)
rival rebels has mechs now? THATS IT IM PLAYING RIVAL REBELS AGAIN!
Dreadful Wizard (1 year ago)
acting is trash.
Sondre Bol (1 year ago)
Dreadful Wizard the acting is not the fucking point. Not as if it's supposed to be good anyways.
Lancelot (1 year ago)
cool vid
Aiman Asyraf (1 year ago)
this mod is cool
עידו גדול (1 year ago)
That was beautiful
I knew that you would try this mod out again after I told you About the mechs.
Voltage Ray (1 year ago)
nice vid as always
Jahmarley Francis (1 year ago)
this is cool
Drew Rose Rose (1 year ago)
second to comment
Carter Anderson (1 year ago)
Loving this!!

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