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German Verbs 1 | Beginner German Lessons for Children

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In this beginner German lesson you will learn some common German verbs (doing words) in the first person singluar including the German for I eat, I drink, I look, I listen, I walk, I run, I wash, I smile, I make and I wait. In the lesson, each word or phrase is shown in German (and English) so you the learner know exactly what you are learning. The German is repeated 3 times so you can clearly remember how to pronounce that vocabulary. You will see the German words on the screen twice so that you will know how to read and spell those words. Beginner German Lessons for Children offers 56 free audio and picture lessons for learning basic German words, phrases and sentences. Each of our German lessons uses audio speech and specially drawn pictures to teach kids and young people 10 items of simple German grouped in a topic. Topics include 'Family members', 'Daily routine', 'Fruit', 'Pets', etc. Check out more German lessons on the German Games channel or stop by www.german-games.net for free interactive lessons, games and tests with all our vocabulary topics.
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Shampath Kumar (7 months ago)
There are several suggestions for how to learn German Decide precisely why you want to speak German Try to speak German in your everyday life Find which method works for you best. (I discovered about these and more on Landra language tactic website )
Sofia Diefke (3 years ago)
trinken not drinken
where ami (4 years ago)
Hm. Lachen is laugh, lächeln is smile.
Radimir Yanev (4 years ago)
The verb is "Trinken" not "drinken" !
BoZo -Xo (9 months ago)
“Trinke” nicht “trinken”
Igor Kovač (1 year ago)
"trinken" not "Trinken" :-)

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