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This Minecraft Cave Goes Down... Forever?!

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We can go down forever using the Minecraft Cubic Chunks Mod... » Breaking Minecraft Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZWMSVz2LkRoob_KRf72xcEx » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom » INFINITE HEIGHT LIMIT VIDEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdxXHsQsDaA » VOID FAR LANDS VIDEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w6okOz-iNs Using the Cubic Chunks "Custom Cubic" w/ default settings, here are the seeds. » X Axis Caves = 107038380838084 » Y Axis Caves = 164311266871034 » Z Axis Caves = 240144965573432 Special Thanks to MuzikBike for helping me with this video! ------------------------------------------- » DOWNLOAD CUBIC-CHUNKS + FAR-LANDS MOD http://www.mediafire.com/file/e9hlkg9chhu49hd/CubicChunks-1.12.2-0.0.809.0-all_%28AntVenom_build_-_with_Farlands%29.jar » MALISISCORE MOD (Needed for the fancy GUI I showed, nothing else) https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/malisiscore » CUBIC-CHUNKS WITHOUT THE FARLANDS MOD http://www.mediafire.com/file/deb85rclgna2g8k/CubicChunks-1.12.2-0.0.809.0-all_30M-fix-instaDeath.jar » CUBIC-CHUNKS MEDIAFIRE FOLDER for FUTURE VERSIONS https://www.mediafire.com/folder/i9adl2fo9yoas/Cubic%20Chunks (If you're watching the video far into the future, be sure to check this link) » CUBIC-CHUNKS GITHUB (For you modder types) https://github.com/OpenCubicChunks » CUBIC-CHUNKS PATREON (If you feel like supporting the project) https://www.patreon.com/barteks2x » CUBIC CHUNKS DISCORD https://discord.gg/tYpQMTa ------------------------------------------- MUSIC » YouTube Audio Library (Atlantis, Cloud Wheels Castle Builder, A Walk Into Space) » Atlantis by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Text Comments (847)
Pro Odermonicon (22 days ago)
Can you go through bedrock like this!?!?!?
Allseeing Panda (23 days ago)
A glitch like this occurred with a coal ore it started at the surface and went strait to bedrock
Pineapple Whatever (24 days ago)
x=17263 z=-19056 so you land in water
Pineapple Whatever (24 days ago)
Eidylmarc Taghoy (26 days ago)
Amazing Vid Ant, Science + Defying Minecraft
Taj52 (26 days ago)
But I love Strongholds!
M-Try Gaming (1 month ago)
The why-axis
Eric Undertale (1 month ago)
the cubic chunks mod crashes my game
Cupreme Salamitas (1 month ago)
I just realized... How much fall damage would that be if you landed on a solid block falling from top to void farlands? Hunderds of thousands?
ben squires (1 month ago)
well in my world the bottomless pit spawned with water running down it
Open Singularity (1 month ago)
ant venom. that infinite tear drop cave, do you dare me to make a base, that also repeats? ill do it B)
mrpistonodragon (1 month ago)
does this mean infinite diamonds?! now that would be awesome! 🤩
ParkerJacobStratton09 (1 month ago)
I’m wrong.
ParkerJacobStratton09 (1 month ago)
This might also cause infinite Strongholds.
Luigicat11 (1 month ago)
What versions are compatible with the Cubic Chunks mod, by the way?
TedwinK66 (1 month ago)
So you can fall forever like Sam Stone waiting for Blondie hero forever
isac monteiro (1 month ago)
make a video turning void to the sky and the sky into the void
Bit -gedon (1 month ago)
God damn every time i watch videos like this im so fascinated and terrified. Infinity is scary to me especially in this format (i feel like im watching creepy pasta)
Chris Gaming (1 month ago)
S C P - 0 8 7
CrypticSpartan (2 months ago)
Cubic chunks + beta terrain generator + far lands generator = me very happy
Giga (2 months ago)
I'd love it if they tripled the depth of the underground.
liam glennon (2 months ago)
What about a seed the infinitely generates caves along the the time axics .
DavidBox (2 months ago)
"Dive" into this. You get it?
Speykious (2 months ago)
*Shooting stars* ... forever ? Tiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiitiitiitiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiitiidiit' tiitidiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...
The should add this mod into minecraft
Baton_Patton (2 months ago)
You made far lands for cubuc chunks, right?
Corrupted Core (2 months ago)
OK, but what's ABOVE the surface in this world?
Joshua Jung (2 months ago)
those cows in the beginning
Gnate (2 months ago)
Asumming the cave system is THICC enough
Kristina Judickaitė (2 months ago)
um 😐 vat
Dark Soul (2 months ago)
Dude you are a god not human.
Seden Kraus (3 months ago)
What happens when you connect ALL the seed
EnderBoy 2101 (3 months ago)
Who saw diamond in this video? I did
chit cheung (3 months ago)
infinte cave at Y axis
chit cheung (3 months ago)
oh waa I commented to early
PortalGamer 888 (3 months ago)
At the coordinates X 17262 Y ??? Z -19056 you will go all the way to the void farlands. Isn't it?
Alright, time to jump down that hole with nothing but a sapling, while screaming "FOR THE DANK MEMES!" on the way down.
Manteex (3 months ago)
Best mod ever
David Perry (3 months ago)
how much ram do you have and what kind of beast computer do you have?
Agaton E. (4 months ago)
Wait. Aren’t you able to make the world custom and stop lava from being spawned?
mista sanic (4 months ago)
Let's dive Right in...was that apun when jumped in the pit
EpicRonGamer1 (4 months ago)
Im Done......
Legoat (4 months ago)
I don’t really understand how some of it works. But what if you hit bedrock?
Aleksandar Dimitrov (4 months ago)
Wow thats awsome!!
Pixel Sunshine (4 months ago)
But how were these seeds discovered? Why are those the only seeds which do that? what went wrong? So many why's..
Aleksander Koblar (4 months ago)
So if this minecraft cave goes down forever you can get to void far lands?
NotASpyReally (4 months ago)
Forever? But... What about bedrock? There's no void?
Daniela Mary Perales (4 months ago)
you sound like life nugget🤔
Edvinas Sungur (4 months ago)
If minecraft was 4D game it would ha X Y Z W axis
Edvinas Sungur (4 months ago)
/gamemode 1 is easier than fire resistance they call it cheats but its not did you saw i never do ' i just say dont but not don't??
Edvinas Sungur (4 months ago)
I wathed that video few minutes ago not 1 years ago
Quin K (4 months ago)
ItS a MiRaClE
Hermann Fegelein (4 months ago)
And there is no bedrock layer?
So there's a void farland? Please make a video on that.
Deividas Jakulis (5 months ago)
What will hapen, if you remove demage form void and how much will you fall?
Pan wielki pieseł (5 months ago)
Never dig down
Joe Christo (5 months ago)
I wish minecraft had an inventory
iqbaltrojan (5 months ago)
VPagon (5 months ago)
I completely had forgotten that I used this seed to generate my world, so I was stunned when I found the ravine design. I was interested that there was two (seemingly, and then I found to be exactly) identical ravines next to each other. Then I found the third, with the same exact pattern. And I kept going. The fourth, the fifth, the tenth. It never ended. When I emerged to the surface, I must have been tens of thousands of blocks away from my house. I was thrown for a loop!
Jack Superstar (5 months ago)
Wait what? How does it go down beneath bedrock!?
Dylan Goebel (5 months ago)
Hey antvenom combine 2 or all of the seeds
EvilCZ (5 months ago)
What about down far lands
Justin R. (5 months ago)
Forever, and ever, endeavor.
Luna_Eclipse (5 months ago)
00.01 and im already confuzzled. Why are there cows in a cave?!?! 😂😂😂
Yis Pinto (5 months ago)
And no cubet chunk video has ever been seen again
Muzik Bike (1 month ago)
until possibly soon.
Smug Tomato (5 months ago)
It's a shame Mojang has never implemented a cubic chunk system, there would be so much potential for underground content.
Max Giggins (5 months ago)
Rareblin Creator (5 months ago)
*v e r t i c a l y a x i s*
KaedeLanyo (5 months ago)
Perfect time for the abyss to stare back, i'd say.
Redz The Ultra-Kard. (5 months ago)
What Was Next ? ? . Breakin ' The Void Or Mod BeHaviour ? ? . I'd I Get That Right , U Have To Either Shout Meh Out Or SubScribe To Meh .
Oliver The Red Panda (5 months ago)
I’ve never seen anything this extreme but recently I found a crazy cave system that had an insane amount of caves intertwined and a massive ravine within the cave system
John Fletcher (5 months ago)
36:53 thank me later
Kamabo Co. (5 months ago)
"Yeah, you know that one mod which f**ks over the world height? A'ight, activate that and make a giant cave which goes on forever. And ever. And ever." "But sir, we can't-" *"SILENCE PEASANT I WILL HAVE MY MINECRAFT VIDEOS"*
Ar The Creator (5 months ago)
Bottomless pit in Minecraft! _Mystery Solved_
Kilory - Minecraft (5 months ago)
I guess that this cave is kind of a bottomless pit in Minecraft?
pσtαtσ mσchí (6 months ago)
A miner's dream!
Pirate Pyro (6 months ago)
0:41 was that a pun intended or not intended
Diamond Sword2247 (6 months ago)
Is there bedrock?
Chasé (6 months ago)
When I saw the notification: What did u do now? After watching the video: AntVenom, u are the MC breaking legend.
I did the endless cave in hardcore and forgot I had cheats off xD
"minecraft has endless possibilities" *CIRCLES*
mellow m (6 months ago)
with the mod if you go up far enough do you get to far lands?
Matt n (6 months ago)
Can you use a seed to remove lava?
This can be a very good SCP
Isaac Bailey (6 months ago)
This mod would really spruce up any let's play series' mining episode, as the enormous caves make mining somewhat easier...but finding one's was out, on the other hand, is another story entirely...
fnafan19872379 (6 months ago)
so is that why minecraft was almost called the CAVE game
I always get inspired to try these glitches because of YOU.
6Kth liker
Nora (6 months ago)
I'm actually mindblown.
Logan Xavier (6 months ago)
Limitless Minecraft in every direction scares the heck out of me and I don't know why
Caleb Langlois (6 months ago)
why does he sound like the burger king foot lettuce guy
jojolafrite90 (6 months ago)
He does cool videos now? You won the first like I gave you since years and years!!! Well done!
pickle head (6 months ago)
Void+Corner+Edge Farlands + the seed used in the original broken seed video. *PLEASE.*
Quantum Sage (6 months ago)
where is the void anyways?
Shenler el Gaietero (6 months ago)
2:56 Tusk: Act 3!!
Alumlovescake (6 months ago)
I wants caves going y x z all at once!!!
CalmManiX [GMD] (7 months ago)
Does Mojang allow you to break his game?
away (7 months ago)
Some of the music sounds like it's from Stranger Things
AKYLcorn (7 months ago)
*A C C E S S*

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