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Text Comments (13336)
Fredster Gaming (7 months ago)
Ding Ding!
malin hansen (7 hours ago)
bing bong
Peyton Huston (1 day ago)
Hmmmm ok
Conor Fox (2 days ago)
Olly Longhead (20 days ago)
Fredster Gaming d
Kim Ball (21 days ago)
Fredster Gaming 7
Bruhitz mike 2 (1 hour ago)
Lean when barrage does the “barrage of punches”
Bruhitz mike 2 (1 hour ago)
When tri-tip hits you with flames you need to lean.
malin hansen (7 hours ago)
more more more
Gladys Aura (8 hours ago)
Illuminati guy
Simulation Station (16 hours ago)
you are the best youtuber
Zoe Neufeld (18 hours ago)
I can’t spell
Zoe Neufeld (18 hours ago)
Awch my eay
Zoe Neufeld (18 hours ago)
Tee Rex (1 day ago)
Dan TDM the boxing man
KSI? Logan? What have you done to dan?
Peyton Huston (1 day ago)
Dan ima big fan and do another minecraft video please
Saim Naeem (2 days ago)
Dantdm vs logan paul
Bubby Fabacher (2 days ago)
(: haha your buts r bad
Cro minion (2 days ago)
Everybody on that game but DanTDM sucks cuz DanTDM is amazing
edgy meme (3 days ago)
You are better than john cena
Carolyn Bell (4 days ago)
Dan: THIS IS THE BEST VR GAME EVER Me: What about Job Simulator? Job Simulator: >:(
Kester Kwazema (4 days ago)
Trisha Hulings (5 days ago)
Pooo9ooooooooooooooop you are cooooooooooooooooool
Alba Rosa Contreras (5 days ago)
Make another boxing video
Farran Mitchell (5 days ago)
Can you do this again please Thank you
Sofia Bello (5 days ago)
more mincraft
Deborah Gaffney (5 days ago)
Do you know Chad
Mitchell Walker (6 days ago)
My name is doug
Youtube Gamer (6 days ago)
Dantdm:LOOK AT HIS PACKS.........l - l - look at mine... Me:lol hahahhahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lola Santiago (6 days ago)
Mooooooore dan
Michael Repolido (7 days ago)
Dan is a champion guys!!
Joseph Earl (7 days ago)
Your the best at boxing
Gavyn Cox (7 days ago)
I thought Barrage said garbage lol.
Anwari Akbar (8 days ago)
I love you DanTDM I have subscribed and liked also I post notification and hit that bell I love u
Ianthe Weir (8 days ago)
Now u know that girls are strong bois and I'm one haha
Tommy Shade (9 days ago)
Dan now logan
lpsboy gaming (9 days ago)
Go Dan
sam mckeown (9 days ago)
I will not fight him in a fight I'll hit him with a hammer.
Carol Meltzer (10 days ago)
I was also trying to avoid their punches to with I was eating breakfast XD
Carol Meltzer (10 days ago)
U should’ve made ur name DAN THE MAN or DAN CENA!!!
Christina Culotta (10 days ago)
If you duck when she does that super punch you might not get hurt
Valerie Crespo (10 days ago)
Dan cena dadadada
Pitbull Girl (10 days ago)
Ding! Ding! *A long time of punching later* Ding! Ding! Mister Princess is the ultimate champion!!!
Pitbull Girl (10 days ago)
Dan Dan punch Dan punch and Dan punch and never Dan punch and never stop Dan punch and never stop punching Dan punch and never stop Dan punch and never Dan punch and Dan punch Dan
Punch him in the face
mark feng (11 days ago)
mark feng (11 days ago)
DanTDM you did to slow that why you lose you need to by fast you my best YouTube ever in the would I hope you enjoyed this game XD
Omani Deas (11 days ago)
Dan The The boxer
Bingo Mone (11 days ago)
Please do some more!
Vegito OmniGod (11 days ago)
Imagine Dan vs pewdipie in UFC Or in WWE.
Noah and Zach Plays (11 days ago)
Lol mess up
mui luna (12 days ago)
plz more bloxing matches
Lucy Silva (12 days ago)
Becky Adams (12 days ago)
Play to get it now now now now now now now today now
Hunter Allen (13 days ago)
2018 anyone
Debbie Blackwood (13 days ago)
OK guys I was just drinking juice OK🤣🤣😂
Debbie Blackwood (13 days ago)
Debbie Blackwood (13 days ago)
I was drinking while I was watching this
Eli Kaplan (13 days ago)
and his name is DANIEL MIDDLETON yes that is his true name.
Funmi Akinbobola (14 days ago)
you're name is Daniel
Stuart Bennett (14 days ago)
wat do u nget it on the game
Renba Lisac (14 days ago)
Round 3
in the beggining were you talking about logan paul vs ksi
Bonnie lover (15 days ago)
I know how to box at eoba east Oakland boxing asosiason
Jigz Bas (15 days ago)
I Want More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wilhod Gamer (16 days ago)
Dantdm: thats right. Wait... i got this the wrong way around
megalink 1 (16 days ago)
Glass joe lol (punch-out)
Renee Berr (17 days ago)
Good video Dan
Aunika Mann (17 days ago)
There is hackers hacking youtubers
Samita Yonjan (17 days ago)
Please make part 2 plz💪💪💪
Richard Johnson (17 days ago)
0:01 his eye twiched lol😛
Vihadu Kossinna (18 days ago)
Woah,woah calmn down buddy
Tristan Phillips (18 days ago)
Un every boxing training the IMPORTANT thing u have to do is tickle ur instructer well... u tought me that
Julie Hall (18 days ago)
Play mmmmmmooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ThePlayer 2016 (19 days ago)
Part 2 anb 3 pls
Leif Misner (19 days ago)
I play fotnite but get no dubs I have a channel but with no subs when I play I cant get a kill I liked my own comment cause no one will.
Jayden Roberts (19 days ago)
Boxing 🥊 in vr is cool
Jeni Moore (19 days ago)
Jeni Moore (19 days ago)
Toby Leckey (19 days ago)
2018 anyone
The Ultimate Youtuber (20 days ago)
Ding a ding!(only for DanTDM)
The Ultimate Youtuber (20 days ago)
Go go Dan.Ding a Ding Dong
The Ultimate Youtuber (20 days ago)
Barrage has the same weak spot as my little most annoying brother the belly sooooo if you get her their in real life its ding ding!for her!
The Ultimate Youtuber (20 days ago)
Oh Dan and difficultys and challenges😑
Loi Bui (21 days ago)
Loi Bui (21 days ago)
Nock them over ill help you dantdm i will bye
sgb TV (21 days ago)
sny per (21 days ago)
sny per (21 days ago)
Ajitpal Jhalli (21 days ago)
please do more do more do more ding ding ding ha!
Miguel monody (22 days ago)
Go wreck them dan Don't battle me I'm too weaknesses
Olena Rybina (22 days ago)
You need training dan
Claire Millins (22 days ago)
you are great at vr do a video of spiderman vr please
Lee Heaney (22 days ago)
You should fight Logan Paul
June Kidd (22 days ago)
Hi you're the best youtuber in the world no one cannot stop you this YouTuber is the best in the whole entire world from Alix
Kameta Aslahanova (23 days ago)
5:36 thought tis was family friendly he said cocky
Miao Wang (23 days ago)
Please play again ! Some day
jadiel cruz (23 days ago)
You can wag
Sunflower Buddies (23 days ago)
Your good
Daniel Santos Cruz (23 days ago)
Look at his pecks..... and look at mine. xD
Ant man Man (24 days ago)
Aranya Langford (24 days ago)
Use your elbo
Mason Priet (25 days ago)
I l P no 8th

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