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Minecraft: Hexxit Time! Episode 8 - MILEY CYRUS!!!

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A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com Come watch the Finest adventure off into the vast world of Hexxit! We encounter new mobs, weapons, and a whole new WORLD! We hope you guys enjoy the video. We greatly appreciate feedback :) Hosted by: http://www.neonnode.com/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­----------------- •Get a T-Shirt Here: https://www.merchaddict.com/Minecraftfinest •Get a Discounted Server Here! - http://mcprohosting.com/?promo=minecraftfinest •Gaming Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/gamersxfinest •Livestream - http://www.twitch.tv/gamersfinest •Twitter - http://bit.ly/1117Snf •Facebook - http://on.fb.me/14kEzfi Intro: Project 46 - Reasons (feat. Andrew Allen) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYzxMAyrEEM&list=PLDF056FBA2E172F87&index=21 Outro: Hellberg & TwoThirds - Farewell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw8yADaCpxg&list=PLDF056FBA2E172F87&index=3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­-----------------
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Text Comments (312)
estella nunez (3 years ago)
Did you there is turtle boss in the tower you are In
DADDY'S Damn Ga. Mail (4 years ago)
Max fart in Jordan's face
DADDY'S Damn Ga. Mail (4 years ago)
Max if u dont do something awesome
DADDY'S Damn Ga. Mail (4 years ago)
Let danny record
Eduardo Chacon (4 years ago)
Arjun Gurung (4 years ago)
Living metal is strong as hell
Arjun Gurung (4 years ago)
SonicTheAndrew (4 years ago)
why did you name it miley cyrus
ja271 (4 years ago)
Jordan is da best at building max butt
darkcrafter y (4 years ago)
You still have your back pack on you max
Brandon Lam (4 years ago)
Don't go in there is a turtle boss and captain sparkles had a hard time with it
Teo Nickola (4 years ago)
Make scale thief or tribal armor they are the best armor
Jan Stella (4 years ago)
Max is the only one that sreams
Andrew Scantland (4 years ago)
I saw you guys on hunger games tonight
Rodrigo Urbina Jr (4 years ago)
Cool ep minecraftfinest
Rodrigo Urbina Jr (4 years ago)
Cool ep minecraftfinest
Carmen Nieto (4 years ago)
u left the budder
christian kushmaul (4 years ago)
max has a backpack
gaja _ (4 years ago)
We can't stop
flying ninja213 (4 years ago)
and he forgot about the backpack he wore
strong Joe (4 years ago)
You wee wearing a backpack the whole time
Sosuke (4 years ago)
Fuck Dino nod do flans world war 2 mod
KuleGamerHD (4 years ago)
do the dinosaur mod
Hilmar Elefsen (4 years ago)
Schyler Rogers (4 years ago)
Black smoke eats ur world UP!!!!!!!!!
asher vandenberg (4 years ago)
Ok you probably won't do dis but do /heal
Joed Caamano (4 years ago)
17:05 Says imma use up the nigga dagger... NINGA dagger
XenoTrixPlays (4 years ago)
Oh wait you found out at the end
XenoTrixPlays (4 years ago)
dont u still have ur backpack on u -_-
Brooks Sonethongkham (4 years ago)
put two longshoots together
shewn kelly (4 years ago)
Do you still do hunger games?
Jonathan Musso (4 years ago)
but i do one of theese Castles alone in full iron and a diamond big sword :)
Jonathan Musso (4 years ago)
yeah :)
Brian .p (4 years ago)
That's wat happen when u use iron armor in the walker castle
battletank1234 (4 years ago)
You should make the castle your house
michael verdugo (4 years ago)
Bgfcf. Cffc f fc fc gc. Grace cf. cf
Matt Newton (4 years ago)
Make diamond armor
TyphlosionTube (4 years ago)
Could u stop showing your t-shirts it's annoying
Dan DJ (4 years ago)
Mr_Donut (4 years ago)
U guys are awesome
Milos TheClassyRobot (4 years ago)
make staff
Jacob Steinhoff (4 years ago)
Khiyomi (4 years ago)
Jared Lilly (4 years ago)
Also destroy those blue plant to get more hearts, arrows, emerald shards. Put emerald shards together to make emeralds
Jared Lilly (4 years ago)
You need to make more electric staffs so u can go places quicker. Also to tame the u need to get those carrot lookin things.
jaden perkins (4 years ago)
Make a staff out of the essence
The_Ender_Gamer (4 years ago)
chloe quinlan (4 years ago)
Love your HEXXIT series it's awesome don't stop and we can't stop!!! ;) >:[ blob fish
hayden norberg (4 years ago)
Whyyyyy wouldd u bloww up your house on modded suvival:'(
GetSmackedz (4 years ago)
Make #09 hexxit
Chase Rogers (4 years ago)
max passed up like 7 diamonds
Dank Mememories (4 years ago)
U quys are boss
Alberto Hurtado (4 years ago)
There just related
shannon oconnor (4 years ago)
Can you guys switch it to Jordans point of view. I like the building side of minecraft a but better. Or at least start switching points of views. No tto be rude or anything, but I feel like ive seen too much of Max's point of view.
Oddisy (4 years ago)
I cant wait till number 9 i want to see it so bad it funny and entertaining
Santino Lizarazo (4 years ago)
Isabel Robertson (4 years ago)
Danny is so hot
euph orical (4 years ago)
nayan timla (4 years ago)
Where is Hexxit 9!
Hazza1234 (4 years ago)
Kenny jake (4 years ago)
CARLOS MEZA (4 years ago)
Mace more hexxit videos
ELT3 Threat (4 years ago)
best mod ever
AtomicGamingForLife (4 years ago)
Max ur bag packs are in ur inventory slot next to the armor
danny is such a ass
trey harris (4 years ago)
I have a challenge for u guys make one SERIS go to 100 episodes for once ok ok
BudderCommander (4 years ago)
You can craft staffs you know
Cass Samm (4 years ago)
More hexxit
CARLOS MEZA (4 years ago)
Mace more videos of hexet
James Brennan (4 years ago)
There is a turtle boss byy the entrance, where the book shelves where to your right when you enter there is a circular room & the boss :) No Lie!
Patrik Nessbo (4 years ago)
do some building with jordan for once
Phantom Zelpha (4 years ago)
You can unenchant stuff like slide it down and click e You get levels
karellvoelkl (4 years ago)
karellvoelkl (4 years ago)
jordan is so quit
david zepeda (4 years ago)
Do you have seeds
shaman potato (4 years ago)
With the stardust you can make star torches that when you run and shift on it you glide across it they need to be about 3 to 4 blocks away
zachary sprague (4 years ago)
Mod adventures with the finest is better
c jd (4 years ago)
Kx14Gaming (4 years ago)
Ur gay
c jd (4 years ago)
malik moiz (4 years ago)
you can fight two bosses together
Saucy Myrah (4 years ago)
Mando DeJesus (4 years ago)
Could you guys do more livestreams
Queston Anybody (4 years ago)
Hook shot + hook shot = longshot Longshot+longshot=manual shot
Sandra Perez (4 years ago)
Thow the eager
HomerPlaysMinecraft (4 years ago)
Sub to HomerPlaysMinecraft for server reviews and if I get 25 Subs i will do a give away
MJAZY (4 years ago)
Guys if you dont know how to play ,look up youalwayswin hexxit series.
Jack Pedersen (4 years ago)
Your big sword is better
Jack Pedersen (4 years ago)
Your big sword is better
Kelvin Sia (4 years ago)
get the evil minions mod for some minions you can TORCHER!
Snow Prism (4 years ago)
Break the blue grass or the ice grass whatever it is 3:52!!!!
William O'Brien (4 years ago)
Give the hook shot to Danny
Minakshi Sharma (4 years ago)
Haaa gay
Emilio Larach (4 years ago)
John Morrisey (4 years ago)
Izaiah Ramos, 20:06
John Morrisey (4 years ago)
LOVE THIS SERIS! Pleas keep on posting Hexxit just like you did w/Modventure. CANT WAIT TO SEE HOBBIT HOUSE!
yodeejosh1 (4 years ago)
pls make more i love the series
DJ_nightmare321 (4 years ago)
Where is Kevin
EandNgaming12 (4 years ago)
I you make cloud boots you take no fall damage and you jump 5 blocks high
MCFinest-sean (4 years ago)
Bigggggggesssssst faaaaan
Shoeology (4 years ago)
Jordan is so quiet LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
UnToastedToast (4 years ago)
you can reencxhant every thing enchant your sword to sharpness 4, unbreaking 4 and fire aspect 1

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