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Working on Mac Apps + Update!

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Hello! I realized I had no actual video for this week, so here is a quick timelapse of what I have been up to! » Links ‣  My Graphics Shop: https://sellfy.com/techtoolbox ‣  Video Gear: https://goo.gl/4QjBDz Disclaimer: Any/all songs used in this video are/may be protected by copyright. I by no means take credit for them; please read the "Music Used" section of the description for more information. » Music Used ‣  JJD Future For inquiries, contact: [email protected]
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Kegan Skittles (1 year ago)
is there any ways to make a app for iOS on Windows without setting up vms just using native software on Windows?
Kegan Skittles (1 year ago)
techtoolbox okay well I will be saving up for a Mac because I want to start making apps for my iPhone
techtoolbox (1 year ago)
Unfortunately not, Xcode on Mac is the only way to make Mac apps.

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