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Oh, that button...

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Text Comments (134)
Samuel Pelayo (1 month ago)
what game is this?
Vini Sampaio (1 year ago)
NIce one brad XD
EndLessDream (1 year ago)
This is exactly me the first time playing this game
Felix Sturm (10 months ago)
*praying the game
Massimo Gigante (1 year ago)
U stupid dumbass!
vexe (4 years ago)
AriochStarr (5 years ago)
Brad needs to play this more
CaptainFishSocks (5 years ago)
So,you've dated a lot of people who were just voices in a microphone?
Senakujin (5 years ago)
every relationship ever. ='(
Smedis2 (6 years ago)
rainbowzombiebunny (6 years ago)
what is this?
Idil Aston (6 years ago)
she is being a smart ass right now!
AngelxZelo (6 years ago)
thats a nice tie you got there........ I DONT KNOW HOOOOOooooowwww!
Heather La'Combe (6 years ago)
Tra- *end* What do u say after that~?
Joona1410 (11 months ago)
He said "Shut up!" but it got cut off.
mikethe4th (6 years ago)
X-Play's review of this game was the best
EnriqueJ10 (6 years ago)
@DisruptiveStudios Its lifeline.
thebrickster1423 (6 years ago)
@lazerlight2010 it's playstation. Kinect voice controls actually work very well.
mark cannon (7 years ago)
"Please let me out now" "Thats a nice tie you got their" hahaha XD
MrGengisSean (7 years ago)
Operate Panel. OPERATE PANEL!!!!!! ( in defeated voice) operate panel....
Sheld Owned (7 years ago)
Take off your cloths We can talk after I get out of here....
jdudeoes (3 months ago)
Sheld Owned she didn't say no ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
uMAD277productions (7 years ago)
this bitch has a mouth DANM
GIChiyo (7 years ago)
@heyxutube Life Line. Ps2.
Kathryn (7 years ago)
Anyone else think the girl was just trolling?
DecmanReturns (7 years ago)
@heyxutube Lifeline on the PS2.
MissTwinkle101 (7 years ago)
2:40 ...And thus begins the trials and tribulations of Brad and Rio
Norly Joy Carbungco (7 years ago)
i wanna play this now so so badly haha what game is it called? and what did you used? a wiii or xbox?
Mukyuuhikuu (7 years ago)
operate door panel...Operate door panel!...OPERATE DOOR PANNEL!...Oawperwate dewoor pawnell 8C
TokyoJazz (7 years ago)
I've never laughed so hard. XD Awesome video! XD
Kiona Smith (7 years ago)
@Someone400000 Lifeline
Mukyuuhikuu (7 years ago)
"operator can you say something?" "Herro."
hitheresunshine (7 years ago)
@kitfistoyma Lifeline on PS2
kitfistoyma (7 years ago)
what console is it? and game?
dan (7 years ago)
"operator can you say something?" "heh ro" lol
Shanae Stoddard (7 years ago)
Crash 2000 (7 years ago)
press button...can we save the hellos for later?
satmtcak (7 years ago)
@Uiks55 it's called Lifeline and it's for the ps2, a fun game but you can get frustrated, never the less the game is fun to play, find it and play it you'll enjoy it
GalloBlue (7 years ago)
PLEASE. Can someone tell what's this game called? Thanks!
MyVlogger (7 years ago)
She've got ADD
Keviin (7 years ago)
EbonOcelot (7 years ago)
lol, thats what you get for relying on your voice!
Casey Lowes (7 years ago)
"Operator can you say something?!" "HERRO" hahahaha i love it
Alice Michael (7 years ago)
what do you have do in this game? do you just control the character by voice commands?
Krystal Melodie (7 years ago)
"Oh, i just had to press it..." XD
PanicGreen (7 years ago)
@SuckerGamer RifeRine
acicon (7 years ago)
1:30 to 1"35 XD "Can you open it please?" "...Yes"
Cidrux (7 years ago)
Nyctus (7 years ago)
"Vagina!" "Please! Please hurry!" Questionable?
ChocomintCA (7 years ago)
@jakdax99 The game is Riferine.
Jinx (7 years ago)
@ace5762 lmfao
kaylinsvlog (7 years ago)
i'm looking on gamestop and it doesn't say it comes with a mic. does it have to be a certain controller or something?
Juppie902 (7 years ago)
"Herro " hahahaha that killed me on the first video XD i never knew that games that r made in japan will have to be talked with japanese accent in them
YelloWhiteFlowers (7 years ago)
this is funny!! hahahahaha!
Kenji Kuroyume (7 years ago)
What game is this?
p1nkpupp3t (7 years ago)
Ohhh Brad.
Breifcase Tac0 (7 years ago)
Hagisher (7 years ago)
i think brads mental capacity was overloaded
Rea Davies (7 years ago)
heeEERR! that's a noice tye you've got thar
coke (7 years ago)
@KWSoccer CSI 4PlayerPodcast
ace5762 (7 years ago)
Now I can't stop imagining Brad walking up to a door and saying "Open door" and wondering why nothing happens XP
MeisterQualle (7 years ago)
2:47 SHUT-
Skippo (7 years ago)
He's like crying towards the end xD
Hanxudroid Zion (7 years ago)
sorry this game would piss me off so badly lol,
ShyMystic (7 years ago)
What game is this?
livepower34325 (7 years ago)
This should be on PC
Bill Lim (7 years ago)
this game is a MINDFUCK!
nazpcll (7 years ago)
OMG that's so funny!! i want that gameee :D:D:D it's so stupid! she can't understand him she is saying the same thing everytime lol ! :D
maisyo123 (7 years ago)
James Godfrey (7 years ago)
what happens if you hold the mic up to the speakers?
gringo258 (7 years ago)
wich game?
Pengasius14 (7 years ago)
iceman01ph (7 years ago)
@OnTheToiletBeyotch oh ok ^_^
Kalamestari (7 years ago)
@darinsproductions RifeRine, for PrayStration.
jacob s (7 years ago)
hahaha! these guys are the best
moepippy (7 years ago)
Show your tits
FuruBaOtaku (7 years ago)
aznxballa69 (7 years ago)
"oh i just had to press the........nevermind." hahahahhaaa
blacklabel254 (7 years ago)
@warrior108pak riferine
Emmanuel Erickson (7 years ago)
warrior108pak (7 years ago)
@gordonfreeman112 the game is called lifeline and it is for the ps2
MizukiPanda7 (7 years ago)
"Take off your clothes." "We'll talk after I get out!"
warrior108pak (7 years ago)
@sonic371 the game is called lifeline
lmfaopeter (7 years ago)
@Mercenarystar LOL
iSpeak13 (7 years ago)
Andrew Goh (7 years ago)
Level one *puts on sunglasses Compreted YEEEEAAAAHHH
cuppy955 (7 years ago)
rsmvomfg (7 years ago)
@gordonfreeman112 RIFE FUCKIN RINE
rsmvomfg (7 years ago)
brad divided by zero :D
mephisto40 (7 years ago)
And they say everything will be like this as standard in years to come *sigh* future technology sucks :(
dyingstar 24 (7 years ago)
what game is this and what is it for where can i find it
sonic371 (7 years ago)
What game is this that you vocally interact with the person? That's awesome.
Derriere (7 years ago)
press button, open door
Melamamoduro (7 years ago)
@darkcry241 ... dont its brad fail its playstation fail
l2pn (7 years ago)
Operate panel :(
Dark Sol (7 years ago)
This is another one of Brad's fails.
OMG THE DOOR IS OPEN brad: nevermind
Nemo_K (7 years ago)
Haha this is so awkward! x'D
sharpshooter0508 (7 years ago)
"Oh, I just had to press...never mind..." Greatest line. XD
poRtizzle (7 years ago)
Konnor Heredia (7 years ago)
now that your out...about those clothes ;D
Voxglove (7 years ago)
0:33 "take off your clothes" "we can talk after i get out" XD
jdudeoes (3 months ago)
Voxglove ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Declan Mc Master (7 years ago)
What game is this you guys ..?

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