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The Explosive Chickens Mod adds a new pet and an explosive chicken launcher! Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends! Like my Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Follow My Twitter! https://twitter.com/popularmmos Download Explosive Chickens Mod: http://popularmmos.com/explosivechickens/ Intro by: https://www.youtube.com/calzone442 Song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: https://www.youtube.com/user/playmerecords https://www.facebook.com/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: https://www.facebook.com/SpagHeddy http://soundcloud.com/spagheddy
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Text Comments (384)
Neil Riley (1 year ago)
really where jen
Yuliana Lilik Idawati (1 year ago)
it will teach you a lesson
Jayden Whear (2 years ago)
anyone can tell I don't watch popularmmos to learn how to say things I mean doge only has one syllable
Jaden Lang (2 years ago)
u wont die if u are in creative
Kilory - Minecraft (1 year ago)
A lot of the stuff in this mod does not work in Creative.
Jerome Algozo (2 years ago)
Can you do a gun mod
Jennifer Radtke (2 years ago)
Explosive chickens sound awesome
Blotzz Gamez (2 years ago)
Locklan Everson (2 years ago)
da chez gang (2 years ago)
this mod is wierd.
katriatheweirdo (2 years ago)
a dream that finally came true 🐥🌌
Johnny Hanna (2 years ago)
I always knew chickens were evil!
Michael Barbosa Jr (2 years ago)
exploding cats, pigs, wolf's, girlfriends, golden Freddy and mangel
SkinChanger (2 years ago)
Y U NO TAKE BEACON FROM WELL!?!?!? LIKE IF U WATCHED IT DURING 2015-FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tristan Moris (2 years ago)
David Russell (3 years ago)
there was a pig near the chickens you shot outside of the course and it made him DANCE
I.A THE THOT DESTROYER (3 years ago)
Troll Jen with the mod
David Russell (3 years ago)
you really should
edens120 (3 years ago)
Teresa O. (3 years ago)
i wanna explode by the chicken
Teresa O. (3 years ago)
its very funny when chickens explode
Teresa O. (3 years ago)
hey pat i was thinking if you can do a exploding chicken challenge with Jen and i felt a bit sorry for Jen about her 8 head in fact who would call someone an 8head?
Sebastian Luhur (3 years ago)
I like an opcical course
videogamemaster 07 (3 years ago)
Keep doing mod sowecases
Lifeless Charles (3 years ago)
What about exploding cows
Oblivionator36 (3 years ago)
sadly i dont have minecraft pc only pe... it sucks!
Oblivionator36 (3 years ago)
I Love all of your videos i only watch yours!!!
Oliver B (3 years ago)
Jen would love it
Da Waffle Turtle (3 years ago)
Da Waffle Turtle (3 years ago)
One last thing I think the chicken died
Da Waffle Turtle (3 years ago)
Glad I did
Da Waffle Turtle (3 years ago)
My friend told me about your channel and this video and I knew HAD to wach it
Rylen L (3 years ago)
wtf pig
angel salcedo (3 years ago)
That was a funny mod
Eric Brooks (4 years ago)
FlamingNinetales77 (4 years ago)
Just like in Skyrim...
Li Gek Lim (4 years ago)
Theres a pig dancing around the corner of the explosion
H H (4 years ago)
For some reason this reminds me of skyrim
Ryan Schoeff (4 years ago)
It looks cool
Ryan Schoeff (4 years ago)
Review the Star wars mod
BlondDiamond (4 years ago)
Keep on doing more courses
Sadiya White (4 years ago)
your awesome
FrozenGamer (4 years ago)
where was bomby D:
FrozenGamer (4 years ago)
Eh, I don't speak BlaherMajeg
Ben Jordan (4 years ago)
Uddingston 👅👏👅👅👅👅= == . + == ++"_ =_≠, = + 3-+='','?'3&+=_=3=
Nira Esper (4 years ago)
pat where is bomby
tim wagoner (4 years ago)
Is there a spawn egg for the exploding chicken?
ImHaru (4 years ago)
PopularMMos how do you name Bomby your baby creeper minion because when i name my baby creeper minion "szeax" its still shows "Baby Creeper Minion" and in the Damage Indicators Mod it shows "Baby szeax" pls help
A Khan (3 years ago)
how do I download minecraft mods plz tell me how plz plz plz plz pat tell me how
ImHaru (3 years ago)
I already used your no sense at all did you even tested it i already did it not working or do you even play minecraft/mutant creatures?
Josh Lefelhocz (3 years ago)
Use a name tag.
billy cook (4 years ago)
ha ha ha that is hilarious that is the best mod ever
alanna marsh (4 years ago)
Is there a mutent ecsploding chickin.
liz meade (4 years ago)
i gave u a like
DiegoDoesGaming (4 years ago)
I have that mod
sam's a bitch (4 years ago)
LOL THE BEGINNING. oh there's a little chicken! What are you doing here in the desert? **Chicken Explodes** OH!
d myles (4 years ago)
Scott Simpson (4 years ago)
This is a eggselent mod Sorry for bad puns
nath ramirez (4 years ago)
In the useful things in this mod is taming chicken ... AND EXPLODING EGGZ X3
Zion Smithiler (4 years ago)
the chicken ate to much beans :{
Sara Rahman (4 years ago)
Where is Bomby
jacob alba (4 years ago)
MafiaBoy (4 years ago)
use this mod on some maps
MafiaBoy (4 years ago)
"I can touch him all I want...yeah so..." WEEEEEEIIIIIRRRRRD
MafiaBoy (4 years ago)
did anyone else see the dancing pig at 2:12
Adam Awwad (4 years ago)
Actually I also enjoyed the idiot part since it never actually happened
ItzOblivionYT (4 years ago)
Daniel Odwyer (4 years ago)
I think minecraft is just arsum
pengi sr (4 years ago)
you were blown up by your o wn petLOL
Random Human (4 years ago)
HOW DO YOU GET THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KJP12 (4 years ago)
Time to chicken up a mountain! Get it?
Guy Ender (4 years ago)
do more
Audrey Silva (4 years ago)
you should use bedrock insted of obsidian
Hyper Venom (4 years ago)
SteveTheBest01 (4 years ago)
+IRL Ryan I was telling her how to spell it. T_T
Rae (4 years ago)
+IRL Ryan DUDE  
Hyper Venom (4 years ago)
+Glen Mason Your retarded read her comment again -.-
SteveTheBest01 (4 years ago)
+Kaley Jones its better btw
Kyra Robertson (4 years ago)
Keep making videos
Rae (4 years ago)
aww it olaff I spelled it wrong didn't I?
Matthew Mennona (4 years ago)
It is silly when you talk to animals
ROFL7 7 (4 years ago)
I love ur videos man I want minecraft PC but I have Xbox 360
ROFL7 7 (4 years ago)
OK mine is rhys154 add me ok I have downloaded maps
Rae (4 years ago)
umm I think it's Kaley
ROFL7 7 (4 years ago)
What's your name on xbox
Rae (4 years ago)
Do you mean do I play?
ROFL7 7 (4 years ago)
Do you tho
FeelingRobloxian (4 years ago)
Cool mod
Romejanic (4 years ago)
Thanks! Awesome video man! I appreciate it!
Leonardo Holguin (4 years ago)
It's a lol mod. Good for pranks! >:D
Rae (4 years ago)
I know right
XboXeXplorer125 (4 years ago)
They should say bitch
TheGoldenShot45 (4 years ago)
At 2:10 you can see a break dancing pig in the back round
Dotty Dot (4 years ago)
It say stupid
Xochitl Lopez (4 years ago)
the first chicken i saw was humping another chicken
Rae (4 years ago)
hahahhahahhahahahh! :D
freya mcnally (4 years ago)
I LOVE all of your mod showcases.Thanks for all of the tips
lekso (4 years ago)
ed it tu your sission5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BBTN (4 years ago)
i wish i could smash it more then once i literally smacked the keyboard 
BBTN (4 years ago)
i forgot too say keep up the explosive mods and love the obstacle courses nice bro i love the mod
BBTN (4 years ago)
you used this in the modded survival season 2
austin strang (4 years ago)
Maybe ultimate armor would probly Provent it from killing you
TheOnlyOne (4 years ago)
nothing can :D
austin strang (4 years ago)
The eggs dropped by chickens have a chance of exploding when you pick them up
Anna (4 years ago)
lol.............CHICKEN'S REVENGE
TheOnlyOne (4 years ago)
Potato (4 years ago)
You are cool
William Brown (4 years ago)
awesome big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vaughn K (4 years ago)
Lol 9:10
Rae (4 years ago)
Wow is that a like a oger zombie? in your picture thing
TonyPlayz (4 years ago)
U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR VIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert santos (4 years ago)
I will never be close to a chicken in minecarft
jin yuan lin (4 years ago)
Lo Lol
Fouad Assoum (4 years ago)
Its so cool the obstacle stuff
cain denolf (4 years ago)
wow dont trust chickens
cain denolf (4 years ago)
i now it dont trust them
cain denolf (4 years ago)
Rae (4 years ago)
Mahala Esau (4 years ago)
Lol =D that is funny
Joe Burnikell (4 years ago)
i thort u were going to kill the enderdragon with it
Theo Marsden (4 years ago)
chickens are basicly creepers in this mod
TheOnlyOne (4 years ago)
AudiTTdriver (4 years ago)
Maybe somebody hacked the hodge twins?
Britt Rathbun-Woo (4 years ago)
whats a coal block?
sjsninja (4 years ago)
Keith?.... Kelvin?... What is this?
XxLil_SkintxX X (4 years ago)
dude ur really cool plz Keep making videos
Angela N Kidd (4 years ago)
Awesome thanks for your awesomeness!

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