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Minecraft Mods | Superman Mod | Man Of Steel | Laser Vision & Doomsday | Mod Showcase

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Hey guys can we reach 1000 likes to add this mod in the future Minecraft Comes Alive Mod Pack? Follow Me On Twitter:: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec Like Me On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm Superman Mod:http://tihyogames.wix.com/superheromods#!superman-mod/c1qyd Minecraft Superman Mod Showcase! Become The Man Of Steel in Minecraft and gain the powers of Superman with super strength, flying, and laser eyes! With every Superhero there is a evil villan ; get the man of steel suit and defeat the evil doomsday boss! All music in this video was used with permission from its creator
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Text Comments (46)
CornerGaming Mighty (1 year ago)
What addon called is that I will download it
and it's called the superman mod
it's a mod not an addon
Sid-Anthony Simpson (1 year ago)
thats awsome
Ethan Fleming (4 years ago)
Ethan Fleming (4 years ago)
Xander Chia (4 years ago)
Mobzilla can kill superman.
Xander Chia (4 years ago)
Seriously?Superman holding krptonite.
Egypt Hampton (4 years ago)
Lol my love bro say to me yo
Egypt Hampton (4 years ago)
Bro liles this but I'm a girl and I love it when u say yo yo
flerpaderp (4 years ago)
Am I the only person that thinks the mod creator should add in his hair and suit and when you press a button with the whole suit on it turns into the Superman suit or Man of Steel suit?
Norma Canales (4 years ago)
That is cool
Taylor Wyatt (4 years ago)
It's a bird it's a plane wait what the f*** is that
Jeremy Tenorio (4 years ago)
TheAmazingL1nk3rz (4 years ago)
is it just me or does the link to the mod don't work?
Clare nv salon exeter (4 years ago)
awesome man super man epic
It's Me Dio (4 years ago)
no kypta night is only one not his only one he could lose to a witch on minecraft because he is weak 2 magic
Dylan Hughes (4 years ago)
I love that good job
Matthew Dickerson (4 years ago)
Love your shows whatched all of your shows GG work
Jolee Stewart (4 years ago)
Mob vs mob
nora nasri (4 years ago)
Jack Meoff (4 years ago)
what version of Minecraft is this?
Elijah Mullican (4 years ago)
Mob battle
silvana7413 (4 years ago)
Doom agenst herobrine
Ben Braun (4 years ago)
Wheres teamcrafted survival?
Fraxfang (4 years ago)
King is a lot better
BlazedG (4 years ago)
please do Doomsday vs every orespawn boss PS: Doomsday is the only person who has killed superman :D
lieneke bos (4 years ago)
PokemonCyber70 (4 years ago)
What is the intro song?
you are so awesome man!!! search for more superhero mods
skytimeae (4 years ago)
dude your amazing!!
Will Wray (4 years ago)
I used to popover watching you play runescape D:
Jack Milner (4 years ago)
What's the texture pack?
Sky Le (4 years ago)
Doomsday vs Mozilla
Titan Potter (4 years ago)
Do sonic mod
Michael Liga (4 years ago)
I really want you to ad it into minecraft comes alive
Michael Liga (4 years ago)
Put the boss vs mobzilla
Mine project (4 years ago)
Add it i n the mob battles
EliTE KEYEO (4 years ago)
Your intro rocks
Omega Mass (4 years ago)
3rd Comment
Justin Oldham (4 years ago)
Love ur mod reviews
Kevin Huix (4 years ago)
second coment
AsYouShouldMyGuy (4 years ago)
Hey guys can we reach 1000+ likes to add this mod in the future Minecraft Comes Alive Modded Survival
ExotixZ (4 years ago)
hey dude nice vids
Aswin Biju (4 years ago)
first comment!

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