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Skeletons shoot Tipped Arrows - Minecraft 1.9 One Command Creation

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I've created a One Command Block Contraption that makes Skeletons shoot Tipped Arrows when they have Potion Effects on them. Command: http://pastebin.com/raw/wD8jMeBV ---------------------------------------------------------------------- As always, leaving a like makes me happy :) Minecraft ReplayMod: https://replaymod.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/CrushedPixel Donate here: http://bit.ly/DonorCP | http://patreon.com/CrushedPixel
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Text Comments (56)
Nolan White (11 months ago)
Alternatively, you can just have the skeletons hold tipped arrows in their offhand. This works in 1.12, and I'm assuming it worked in 1.9 as well. Here is an example: /summon Skeleton ~ ~ ~ {HandItems:[{id:"bow",Count:1b},{id:"tipped_arrow",tag:{Potion:"poison"},Count:1b}]}
Lord Akenay Gaming (2 years ago)
are there going to be commandking semfinals??
TesterRest (2 years ago)
Now what is the music at the end called? I really loved it. Quick reply please.
WanderingSoulofTime (2 years ago)
Hey Crushed Pixel, i wanted to thank you this video, because with it, i was able to make my skeletons shoot tipped arrows for my creeper spleef map. Thanks man!
Crit (2 years ago)
That's simple and a bit at the same time! But i think there is one mistake, if skeleton was effected by something in the past, now that it doesn't have an effect it will still fire arrows with that specific effect...
cplnerf (2 years ago)
I spent more time trying to see what 0:54 said (still haven't got it) than watching the video …
Julia Hojsíková (8 months ago)
0:54 How on earth could my brain think it was a good idea to mispronounce "confusoin" this way?! that he said
Sarah Phillips (2 years ago)
Make it an only one command
ausra Staniene (2 years ago)
can i do same like testfor player {say /spawn} ---- next command is /tp player tp 111 11 111 to telepotr player in sapwn when i write /spawn in chat
Filippo Riva (2 years ago)
where's command king???
SimHotMiner (2 years ago)
CRUSHEDPIXEL, IMPORTANT COMMENT IN HERE! I use your To One Command v2.2, but when I click filter, it says "Exception during filter operation. See console for details. The generated command is too long for a command block, you are using too many commands in your creation" I really need this creation... Can you try to make it filter reduce the amount of the character? Because a command block has a character limit!
Stanley S (2 years ago)
Marek Bigaj (2 years ago)
I think that if you gonna shoot the skeleton with potion effect, the arrow will turn into tipped arrow just before it will hit that skeleton.
ReasoneWhy (2 years ago)
Rip 1.9 redstone block :'(
Cube does Stuff (2 years ago)
new mic?
Nathaniel Pangan (2 years ago)
more minecraft lol pls
ThunderViper (2 years ago)
Where command king finals
Ruben Bekaert (2 years ago)
you're still alive
AetherMinecraft225 (2 years ago)
0:54 How on earth could my brain think it was a good idea to mispronounce "confusion" this way?!
Cheesemuffin (2 years ago)
Whatss ap guys its me agaan Crushd Pixlllllllllllll, It's funny how you pitch up the end of the word pixel... :D
Bram Valstar (2 years ago)
Welcome back :D
CommandCoder (2 years ago)
O hey - You're alive. Wb
xClordon_ (2 years ago)
Fancy :D
Agent M (2 years ago)
you could use tag=onGround or tag=!onGround to save a commandblock and a objective entry
Moritz (2 years ago)
It would be better if the skeleton would give you the opposite of the effect it has, so Strength would give you Weakness, Regeneration gives Poison, and the other way around.
Sergio Garcia (2 years ago)
+MultiRedstonehunter these skeletons tip arrows only work if you throw a potion at it, so why would you purposefully make it harm you. Also you know how in 1.9 if anything goes through a spider web like arrows, ender pearls and snowballs you harvest them? This is a good way to harvest tipped arrows.
Moritz (2 years ago)
It doesnt make any sense that strong skeletons make you strong. I would say strong skeletons make you weak.
Sergio Garcia (2 years ago)
Why? That's so dumb
Agent M (2 years ago)
I hate it when youtubers do that on 0:54 especially when you are on mobile... on mac you just slow down the speed :p
IcyGalaxian (2 years ago)
true XD
HK Kingdoms (2 years ago)
Estevonnie Galatzias (2 years ago)
And what happend to CommandKing ?
Runaan (2 years ago)
dein englisch ist nicht mehr so deutsch wie früher :D
UrsonJr (2 years ago)
Wann geht "Command King" weiter oder hat das Projekt gestoppt? Ich will nicht nerven, ich würde nur ganz gerne wissen, was los ist, weil ich das Projekt echt gefeiert habe!
Purkler (2 years ago)
How on earth could my brain think it was a good idea to mispronounce "confusion" this way?! 0:55
FaRo (2 years ago)
A problem with this: If the skeleton has multiple effects, only the highest counts. But I also don't know how to solve this without programming arrows and tipped arrows from scratch, so I shouldn't complain. ;)
Lasha Kadagishvili (2 years ago)
0:53 "How on earth could my brain think it was a good idea to mispronounce "confusion" this way?!"
Azoru (2 years ago)
Dimensión cuántica (2 years ago)
Pixel is walking of the zombies. Yehh :3
Team Wooloo (2 years ago)
Vorname Nachname (2 years ago)
0.53 what was that notice?
Vorname Nachname (2 years ago)
+Rose Warrior +The Creeper Vortex​ Thanks m8's
The Creeper Vortex (2 years ago)
It says "How on earth could my brain think it was a good idea to mispronounce "confusion" this way?!"
Rose Warrior (2 years ago)
"I don't know why my brain thought it was a good idea to mispronounce 'confusion' that way." Sorry that's approximately what he said
Tim Sch (2 years ago)
Nice video and good work :) hast du gut gemacht
jjakob.h (2 years ago)
kommt jetzt auch wieder command king?
xrox555 (2 years ago)
Würd ich auch gern wissen D:
Dr_DragonKiller (2 years ago)
+Fire crob hat er schonmal geantwortet und außerdem twitter^^
19Pat 97 (2 years ago)
+Mr Soundso das find ich auch richtig :D
Mr Soundso (2 years ago)
Das hört man doch
Mr Soundso (2 years ago)
+Fire crob Er spricht deutsch
Thunders Kingfast (2 years ago)
Where is the command king ??
nir 731 (2 years ago)
STUDIOCRAFTapps (2 years ago)
Hine good job!
STUDIOCRAFTapps (2 years ago)
+Emile Chépas Je crois que oui
Tasi Geri (2 years ago)

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