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Minecraft | WORLD WAR 3 TITAN TAKE OVER: Rival Rebels Mod Showcase!

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Minecraft has a brand new mod showcase from the Professor Pikalus himself! This Minecraft mod is the Rival Rebels Mod! The Rival Rebels mod adds in weapons of Mass Destruction! And a GIANT KILLER ROBOT! Rival Rebels Mod: http://test.voidswrath.com/mods/1-7-10-rival-rebels-mod-installer/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▼Realm of Atlantis▼▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬► Atlantis Adventures Roleplay: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhnl0i0tFCQHGHUF2jrabR8Sc3B_q9U7H ► Atlantis T-Shirts: http://voidcollection.com/ ● TheAtlanticCraft Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAtlanticCraft ● Sneaky Sisters Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp9AkWp4jfrEyZKhOTo5rbA ● Kraken Kid Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcoXbmaUfns8Kx4E5YbwIZA ▬▬▬▬▬▬▼Professors Social Media▼▬▬▬▬▬▬ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProfPikalus Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/profnmc/ Twitch Livestream: (COMING SOON) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▼Our Minecraft Servers▼▬▬▬▬▬▬ Vanilla Servers ● GTA IP: gtahub.com (Vanilla 1.9) ● Clash Of Clans IP: play.craftofclans.net (Vanilla 1.9) Mod Pack Servers ● Voids Wrath: mc.voidswrath.com (Voids Wrath mod pack) ● Crazy Craft: crazy.voidswrath.com (Crazy Craft Mod Pack)
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Text Comments (70)
Pikarem 1 (20 days ago)
ahh the old days where things made sense. 2018
Diamond King (1 year ago)
Use that on krakenkid
darkxlight2 (1 year ago)
Did anyone else notice when he shot the nuke out of the hack at the robot the robot deflected it way with a plasma shot lol also that it goes strait under water but in air it has no aim and that plasma drops like a grenade launcher good to know
Alex Alcantara (1 year ago)
because you are da diseym drawing of the YouTuber
Alex Alcantara (1 year ago)
wait are you a YouTuber
wyatt reid (1 year ago)
Cody is growing to kill you for that
IgnacioPlays (1 year ago)
remember kids, when you're in your mech, try to don't press G XD specially if it is the mammoth :V
Chris Mercuro (1 year ago)
It doesn't work in water
hunter and blu'e (2 years ago)
Black Plague (2 years ago)
some thing don't work under water...
RRedux (2 years ago)
Kraken kid will never have a chance against the nuke
motion man (2 years ago)
better get more guards to protect those weapons of mass destruction so Kraken kid doesn't get them
shredder rodriguez (2 years ago)
kraken kid doesn't stand a chance xD
Prow Knight (2 years ago)
Alex Vazquez (2 years ago)
professer what have you done
arrowman gaming (2 years ago)
nukes baby
swat 64 (2 years ago)
why Rhode's
Kristal Kesselring (2 years ago)
Epic explosion!😱
Renata Fediakiniene (2 years ago)
cracan kid = god
Renata Fediakiniene (2 years ago)
your realy dumb not kwnovin anathyng and my ceybord is broke agian
Fire the m202 hack into the kraken kids caves!
Gmodiscool15 (2 years ago)
The gas isn't working because your underwater idiot
Yuel Aj (2 years ago)
prof the gas bomb wont work to the water xd
Michelle Saliba (2 years ago)
Michael Kerr (2 years ago)
Lol and oh no. COEDY is going to have your heed on his walls if he fined's out you did that to the place .😄😂😋😉
Im a Chair on Denzel (2 years ago)
Professor you are excssively destructive :D
Illuminati Comfirmed (2 years ago)
Sasha Jackson (2 years ago)
SonicSlayer 500 (2 years ago)
whay did you call him docter pikalus
bio baby rapstar 101 (2 years ago)
Liam Allgood (2 years ago)
😐 Uh...COOL
Brittany Albrecht (2 years ago)
ho are you in real life
anchor face poop (2 years ago)
that robot was awesome
anchor face poop (2 years ago)
willdaboss51 (2 years ago)
u think eletrecety would spread all over and kill everone
George Games (2 years ago)
cody broke your runway
Pigchops MC (2 years ago)
21st comment
Sir Cause (2 years ago)
Biger nuke
Micah Schmitz (2 years ago)
20th comment!
Naruto Uzamaki (2 years ago)
cody brok your runway
prof. pikalus cody broke your runway
Trapper X101 (2 years ago)
You are In big trouble because of that wall exploding aren't you
Trapper X101 (2 years ago)
Do the ICBM mod but you would have to change it so it could be fired in water but still it would be AWESOME
Dude Awesome (2 years ago)
Mewblue (2 years ago)
This will lag my computer so much if I use it but I want to
Xeno_Dragon (2 years ago)
RR nukes are desighned too be not as laggy as regular explosions.
Not really it does not lag much at all mind you I use windows xp... It's old now
Colin Jones (2 years ago)
Gundam or Armored Core
Eli Campos (2 years ago)
hi a am new
crazy randy (2 years ago)
what cabnet or funniture mod is in atlantis
PopeDaddy 7 (2 years ago)
at 2:47 the zombies will just float out under water remember silly pikalus
Jinny song (2 years ago)
weapon of pew pews and boom booms!
Luca Gamez (2 years ago)
2nd like
Conner McLaren (2 years ago)
hi i have seen your video sens the begining
Goofy Ryan Gaming (2 years ago)
Well that was a tad bit excessively destructive! :D
Noah Checkman (2 years ago)
but congrats on polluting atlantis.
Noah Checkman (2 years ago)
you shouda done this in the overworld.
Staci Knipp (2 years ago)
At first i thought cody might not notice because of the terrain but your dead
Mileonas Lionclaw (2 years ago)
pikalus i mean
Mileonas Lionclaw (2 years ago)
because of that. And mechs are flippin awesome. and more fun. plus, i think you should trick sushiface into stealing bismuth, and telling him it's powered by kraken dna. hehehe.

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