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Minecraft World Edit Tutorial - Castle

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Charlie walks through how to build a simple castle (design inspired by TangibleFish) using minecraft world edit. It's pretty tricky, as there are a lot of commands and syntax but if you know each tool used well enough; it's very simple. The way I re-skin the castle is I mask cobble (or whatever the walls are) and use a sphere brush to make it into a new material which isn't the same as the ground (IF THEY ARE THE SAME YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RE-SKIN THE CASTLE ANYMORE). Then I mask the ground material and repeat. As you can see, I got a bit carried away at the end. SAVE DOWNLOAD: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38175022/Public%20Saves/Castle.zip Please comment with questions, comments, or suggestions for me. Or send me a msg. Also If you do not know how to change the config, or update World Edit: wait. I have a video explaining it made, I just need to upload it. As always, Rate, Comment, and Subscribe to Th3GamingGuys!
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Text Comments (4400)
Mateo Valdivia (22 days ago)
Tu voz es hermosa pero tu castillo quedó bonito xD
M4ttGamer (3 months ago)
Best thanks
Renan Mark Palaran (4 months ago)
thats true or fake
fili wirjosalam (4 months ago)
Kirito3030 (4 months ago)
Ernesto Molera (4 months ago)
Adam (5 months ago)
who knew this video would get 4,8 million views
Nele Mestdagh (5 months ago)
Nele Mestdagh (5 months ago)
Harvey Martin (5 months ago)
My command doesn't work
Spatox HD (5 months ago)
It looks awefull!
Memegamer (6 months ago)
How do u get that axe that sets the position
The Supreme Zorboz (7 months ago)
the "struts" or "alternating uppity things" are called battlements.
jkjoegunz (7 months ago)
CAVAND (8 months ago)
But can’t you select the whole castle then do --> cobble,cobble 70%stonebrick,10%stonebrick:1,25%stonebrick:2 <— so that it’s cracked mossy and normal stone brick!
Tommaso Biondi (8 months ago)
7 years ago and still usefull... No words.
Csöcs Rigo (9 months ago)
allen abayata (9 months ago)
fake dude it's not work to me idiot
Arda Demirbas (9 months ago)
Diw CH THAI (9 months ago)
Good day
Unknown Boi (9 months ago)
Matthew Gonzales (10 months ago)
If u like bad casle you can yous this🤐
Kovic TG (10 months ago)
it work it work yes the dislike button work!
Jonathan Irish (10 months ago)
Does this work in pe
esrom abera (10 months ago)
Beautiful castle
oliver dibbs (1 year ago)
*battlements Whenever you don't say that it triggers me deeply.
Luiz Games (1 year ago)
mim encine
Aquele Menino (1 year ago)
its a trojan dislike
Václav Vondrouš (1 year ago)
Cammm (1 year ago)
cool video mate
Njinja's Hyper (1 year ago)
thank you,i'm always watching your video
M3jmo Yahee (1 year ago)
TheJuanCOD (1 year ago)
Thank you very much!! it helps a lot
J-Hazey Haze (1 year ago)
mindcraft games (1 year ago)
hay that was not what the titel shows
they are castle nipples :3
hey how did you fly in survival
Solypsist (1 year ago)
What is the point of a castle you cant explore...
stark jr (1 year ago)
How you make that with the axe.Please someone to answer me.
dacupcakeGurle Plays (1 year ago)
i wish i did it but i felt a bit lazy of doing a castle all i do is a mansion
Not Arthur Caron (1 year ago)
Holy Crap I remeber this. I remember sneaking downstairs and watching this on my parent's computer b/c I had seen it and just been in awe. The nostalgia tho...
So good
Owen Royal (1 year ago)
Sami Oncel (1 year ago)
thx :D i did this on my server
VersaPro GT (1 year ago)
it is more easy just lava and water
VersaPro GT (1 year ago)
it is more easy just lava and water
General knowledge (1 year ago)
can it use in minecraft version 0.17.0
Kaleb Williams (1 year ago)
What mod do you have that says "Flying Builder" in the corner?
nem niang (1 year ago)
I like the castle
ondřej blažek (1 year ago)
ret neder  portallhuskfrunceore
enes Üçüncüsancak (1 year ago)
Beninkine benzemiş
Binnaa Dunwoody (1 year ago)
Build a modern house
Execution (1 year ago)
what is that world seed?
NotMason (1 year ago)
build a giant potato in minecraft.
Awesome gold minecart (1 year ago)
It IS NOT WORKING what version is it??
Kaitlin Dean (1 year ago)
Awesome gold minecart Zdancewicz it is a mod on minecraft pc called world edit
semgamerz (1 year ago)
Awesome gold minecart Zdancewicz you have to install worldedit its a plug-in for a minecraft server. You can instal the worldedit mod than you can use it in singleplayer
Hackeur YT (1 year ago)
venais rejoindre mon serveur minecraft 1.8
Ahmad Ayoubi (1 year ago)
You don't world I don't like its terrible I do hateq
Didit Astradinata (1 year ago)
itu gimana sih caranya
iiPrivate (1 year ago)
Thx im gonna use this for my server!
Plasma Gaming (1 year ago)
BIGDICKDAVEJr Gamer (1 year ago)
This castle is my server spawn thank you tu make this video
jou can not fly on survival
Dawn Perdew (1 year ago)
can you bulid a space station
doreen korner-thakrar (1 year ago)
Those I work in iPad PE vision 0.16.0
Ivan Lo (1 year ago)
gustavo toledo (1 year ago)
i bilive i can fly
Meatrockball (1 year ago)
people are still this shit holy crap??
Caribde (1 year ago)
OGExcused (1 year ago)
to me and comment please
OGExcused (1 year ago)
or sub
OGExcused (1 year ago)
email me
kumatora abomination (1 year ago)
OGExcused (1 year ago)
Geomotrix (1 year ago)
Lol, when soul-console'rs (Xbox players for example) think Minecraft is supreme on console, but they only know half the shit in this video because it was made on PC: where Minecraft has more possibilities than console Minecraft could poke a stick at.
• ROBIN • (1 year ago)
> //hoyl cobble 10 25 > //CYL cobble 10
Firman Hidayah22 (1 year ago)
hi guys I am from Indonesia where
Zille (1 year ago)
how do you fly?
Morten Floor (1 year ago)
is this still legit?
mocolate chilk (16 days ago)
it used to be included in the single player commands mod
fun fact its also a mod
Bryan 21 medina 21 (1 year ago)
Morten Floor
WaveDave (1 year ago)
you can download it on singleplayer...
Maisie Neish (1 year ago)
Maisie ,s. Hsnl
+The3GamingGuy plz build a spawn for my server
husain iss (1 year ago)
you stupit
kumatora abomination (1 year ago)
You are even more stupid for spelling stupid wrong.
beverly lutich (2 years ago)
anarchist99999 (2 years ago)
One of the best 'basic world edit' tutorial i've seen, i i've seen alot of them... I need something like for all the basic commands...
Rachmalina Latifa (2 years ago)
Sri Wedaringsih (2 years ago)
Sri Wedaringsih (2 years ago)
l liked your vid
Syrus Penaredondo (2 years ago)
that's cheat
Ally Austin-Armstrong (2 years ago)
I'm not sure I'm not good at this please do it on Xbox 360 please
Geomotrix (1 year ago)
Meant for console: haha, idiot.
Geomotrix (1 year ago)
And that a lot of PC players use a cracked account/program. (Not me though, hehe)
Mr Serb (2 years ago)
+Ben Avey You can play with your Friends Easier. You have more people to play with. And the controls are easier. It was Meant to be a Console game 100x More people play the xbox version than the PC Version
Mr Serb (2 years ago)
Minecraft on Xbox is better i see what you're getting at but. Unfortunatly World edit isn't For the Xbox 360 or One World edit is Something you have to download from the internet And you cannot Download Anything In the Xbox 360 or One. So Just try your Best to do it on the 360
William Warrem (2 years ago)
Love it
Hey Its Althea Charize (2 years ago)
weird u cheat!u can fly in survival?
Sombavlogs (2 years ago)
This video was made back in 2011. Even in Creative mode you still had a health bar an you could die in creative mode
Cheats and or mods.
Nejad Gaming (2 years ago)
Mari Garcia (2 years ago)
how did you fly un srbible
kelvin suckieedz (2 years ago)
cacat loe
Unkn (2 years ago)
World Edit is cool
No_One (2 years ago)
Cody Nutz (2 years ago)
Sovian Hadi (2 years ago)
hai nama saya reval fiilmnya cacat bohong
teo martinidis (2 years ago)
no mods?
Yeti Gaming (2 years ago)
@Ellen Leynes its the older version of Minecraft cause there was a cheat for it
Adi Bushusha (2 years ago)
2016 plz?
Adnan Syarif (2 years ago)
Desi Amelia (1 year ago)
Adnan Syarif I can not I've tried to please teach makes palaces diminecraft
Vexylion (2 years ago)

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