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Minecraft Mini-Game: COPS N ROBBERS! (TOTAL LOSS OF CONTROL!) /w Facecam

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WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER COPS N ROBBERS, TODAY OKWARD TRIES HIS HAND AT CONTROLLING THE PRISONERS... Friends Channel Jin - http://youtube.com/JinBopGaming Ross - http://youtube.com/RagingHouse Okward - http://youtube.com/user/Okwardindustries Barney - http://youtube.com/ThatGuyBarney Follow me on these things! http://zergid.com/Sky http://instagram.com/skydoesstuff https://twitter.com/#!/SkyDoesMinecraf http://www.facebook.com/realskydoesminecraft Music used in this intro is by KevinMacleod at http://www.incompetech.com Music Used NoiseStorm - Airwaves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x9VeneffTM NoiseStorm - Renegade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjOeSzktwJs Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - http://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia I am a founding member of http://www.zergid.com Hey Guys, SkyDoesMinecraft is with ThatGuyBarney, JinBopGaming, RagingHouse and OkwardIndustries! And, today we are playing Cops N Robbers! Also, I want to be sure to give a shout out to all you guys and thank you for your support for this and all SkyDoesMinecraft games! To see more Cops N Robbers, make sure to slap that like button and comment down below that you want to see more videos like this and, you can also comment about who you would like SkyDoesMinecraft to colab with! So, OkwardIndustries is going to be our warden in this video! OkwardIndustries asks if there is anyone who likes prison! Um, this is a trick question, right? Well, it’s a serious enough so that when JinBopGaming answers that question warden OkwardIndustries rushes JinBopGaming in to a solitary holding area! JinBopGaming quickly bamboozles warden OkwardIndustries and slips out of the cell! Now it’s ultimatum time! Warden OkwardIndustries says that he’ll grant a prisoner’s freedom it they promise to dance with him! That’s a perfectly fair request! Maybe a bit creepy? Ok, it’s pretty creepy! Warden OkwardIndustries is asking for 2 teams with members chosen amongst themselves! The team winning the dance off get to go free! Things turn bad when RagingHouse is locked in a holding cell! It’s becoming increasingly harder for warden OkwardIndustries to maintain control over everyone and the prison is starting to spin out of control! Will OkwardIndustries gain control over inmates SkyDoesMinecraft, JinBopGaming, RagingHouse and ThatGuyBarney? Find out in this Minecraft Cops N Robbers video! Remember to comment down below and slap that like button! See you next time!
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Text Comments (12803)
wonderfox 413 (3 days ago)
Ok so this isn’t relaevant at all but Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco is stuck in my head
Ana Montesinos (11 days ago)
Anyone watching these episodes still in 2018?
SUNSHINE19787 (17 days ago)
Huskymudkips jess Ross and The frog
Jordan Jones (17 days ago)
Hey sky we want fnaf hide and seek
My wig Flew (18 days ago)
“I was in the army.” “Yeah.” *”No.”*
Luna Azul (18 days ago)
Adam cheated! Adam cheated!
Emo Missie (21 days ago)
HEY SKY! we want you back plz come back
Awesome Gamer Robot! (22 days ago)
VH-XZP Fan (23 days ago)
Graham H. (24 days ago)
Collab with ross, ross, and ross
flaming taco (24 days ago)
more cops and robbers with moosecraft or prestonplayz?
Frans Dreemurr (25 days ago)
I actually pressed the like button with my nose
visualwave (1 month ago)
Omfgggg.... i remember when i was into Minecraft and Sky is all i use to watch. rewatching this hurts alot man..
Gee slick (1 month ago)
we want more cops n robers
Stella Gunjevich (1 month ago)
Gee slick Sky doesn’t do minecraft anymore
Savannah Sire (1 month ago)
Okward: I was in the army! Adam: Yea? Okward: No. LMFAO
Temy_games (1 month ago)
its not a loss of control its a ROSS of control
Cookie D.C (2 months ago)
Has anyone noticed that Adam has been in the same sell every time
Cookie D.C (2 months ago)
majestic lemonade (3 months ago)
I had a really bad day you made it so much happier I was crying cus I got bullied but you make me happy
Aleida Hernandez (3 months ago)
with aphmau and me
Se puso en creativo
Jayce DeLisle (3 months ago)
TOTALLY legit 👍
BasherOf Beans (3 months ago)
ross looks like a narwhal a 6:17
Bonnie The Bunny Gaming (4 months ago)
Umm did you office the texture pack?
Jayce DeLisle (4 months ago)
Emo Animator (5 months ago)
Sky you should collab with aphmau
Ivan Lugo (4 months ago)
emo animator he stoped doing Minecraft
Dr. Strange Bat (5 months ago)
Luna Draws (6 months ago)
dude them and aphmau were squad goals,i miss them
cheetah girl (6 months ago)
Hey sky! we want more cops n' robbers and you should colabe with aphmau
Angel Briggs (6 months ago)
Ross just stop
4:17 when u realize u have no friends...
Mysteries Unrapped (6 months ago)
Sky “did” minecraft... wow
brad18672 (6 months ago)
We want more cops and robbers
ARIAL MUNGUIA (6 months ago)
Hey Sky!!!!!! WE ALL WANT hide and seek PLEASE
Michelle Barker (6 months ago)
Hey sky we want more cops and robbers
Copmen TheGamingXED (7 months ago)
When he say "I been in the army" triggered me I have an marine in my house and I live in a city with military personnel and I'm in MCJROTC and it still triggered me
happycloud rain (7 months ago)
I missed this
David Spitler (7 months ago)
10:02- one punch man XD
Nicholas Kasprzyk (7 months ago)
No episode will ever beat the watermelon episode
TheLegend420 (7 months ago)
SpaceShip Ryan (7 months ago)
HEY SKY!!! We want more cops and robbers! Cry too
Kenny Wheeler (7 months ago)
hey Sky we want more cops and robbers
Hey sky we want more cops and robbers
apples arenice (7 months ago)
Apple apple apple apple apple apple appreciate allple ablepgj ablple
Charlie-Ann Goodridge (7 months ago)
SKY WE Want more XD
Nala The Therian (1 month ago)
He quit lmao
5:57 I DIED ☹️💥🔫
Madelyn W (7 months ago)
Brianda Zapata (7 months ago)
Sky we want more cops and robbers even im in 2017
Sarah Elsden (7 months ago)
Hey sky! We miss you :(
golden gacha (7 months ago)
Hay sky we want more cops n' robber's
Marlene Montero (7 months ago)
Hey sky ,we want more cops and robbers
K Pup (7 months ago)
Is anyone else just binging sky’s old videos
Kalea Bryant (7 months ago)
I miss you sky come back plz
Evelyn Wineke (8 months ago)
Hey Sky I want more cops and robbers I know he is gone forever
The T Family (8 months ago)
Okward: "I was in the army" Sky: "Yea" Okward: "No" Me: (cracking up)😂😂😂
Leia McGill (8 months ago)
Hey sky i want more cops and. Robers
Nainoa Keolanui (8 months ago)
We want more cops and robbers . love your videos
Lorelei L (8 months ago)
Hey Sky! We want more Cops n’ Robbers!
Regan's World (8 months ago)
You should play baby cops and robbers with Ross,Barney,Jess,and Shelby
Giovanni quite (8 months ago)
It Ross time
Derpy Animations (8 months ago)
Have you ever been trolled? *Read More*
K Pup (7 months ago)
Oh wow
Derek García (8 months ago)
Hey sky I want more cop and robbers
XxSS GliTcHxX (8 months ago)
Derek García dude, he quit Minecraft. This video is like a year old or more.
Jonny SPOOR (8 months ago)
Why did you leave minecraft you were awesome at it
Angel playz (8 months ago)
The good old days when sky did not give a f*** about it
Donald Hatfield (8 months ago)
im with u
Bad BoyZXZ (8 months ago)
Who’s watching in 2017
-0- Hey sky! I want more Cops n Robbers (i think) WITH UR OLD FRIENDSSSS
Ghost the Wolfanimations (9 months ago)
Can to do a Kalab with Gizzy Gaza and moose and mango tango
celestina Reyes (9 months ago)
Hey sky we want more cops and robbers
Asimo 3089 (9 months ago)
5:04 there can only be one *punches* Adam *looks up* you son of a bitch
Sensi Stabby (9 months ago)
Keep up the amazbutt work
captian poopsalot (9 months ago)
Dragon gaming (9 months ago)
HEY SKY! We won't more Cops n' Robbers
hyper beam sqaud (9 months ago)
The best guy here
rin len (9 months ago)
9:55 oh no no no no EEEEEE. XD XD XD XD XD
yeah randoms (9 months ago)
here comes johny I was drinking warter
Piper Woodard (10 months ago)
Max isn't here. Adam said "I'll watch them!!" Adam is turning into a snitch when max isn't here
Mars Pikachu (10 months ago)
jiaoying li (10 months ago)
Eli Mitchell (10 months ago)
"I call this one the moonwalk" R.I.P Michael Jackson
Crazy Panda 66 (10 months ago)
Hey sky we want more cops and robbers with ross and barny
DJ Slime Gaming (10 months ago)
DJ Slime Gaming (10 months ago)
Hey Sky! We want more Cops'n Robbers
Cyro Frost (10 months ago)
9:56, actual screams of rage.
EnderSeer Productions (10 months ago)
Anyone else watching this after sky quit minecraft
Akitøra Sama (10 months ago)
Barney = Purple Guy?!? CONFIRM IT GAME THEORISTS!!!
Sandra Najera (10 months ago)
hey sky I want more cops and robbers
Radman Mustafa (10 months ago)
collaborate with Ssundee pls
Ja'nae The Person (10 months ago)
Awkward: Oh No, Oh No PLEEEASE. Where he at?
Always Victorious (10 months ago)
I'm sad these were awesome but his music vids are cool
Dr Jack (10 months ago)
It's been a long day wait out you adam and I will see on the other side
Wacka Dood (11 months ago)
Fransic Haws (11 months ago)
Who is watching this after he quit
Okward: I was in the army! Adam: Yeah? Okward: No... 😂😂😂
Shannon Sorvillo (11 months ago)
Read more for story Once there was a potato that ruled the world her name was Funneh and there was the rest of the krew but then they saw Adam and his friends so they talked "Hello, I'm Funneh how are you? And what are you?" Adam and his friends hesitated and he said " well me and my friends are butter so yea" "ok nice to meet you! We are potatoes here are my friends names Draco, Lunar, Rainbow, and Gold" said Funneh " wow nice names may I ask what's dracos real name?" Said Adam "His real name is Jean why u ask just wondering?" Said Funneh "Just curious it's that a problem for you?" Said Adam " No! Ugh *rolls eyes*" Said Funneh "ptttt Really we were becoming good friends untill you started a fight!" Said Adam "you started it!" "BOOGIE BOOGIE ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!!" Said Ross *everyone dances to "Freaks by. Timmy Trumpet"* "WHOOOOOOOOO" Says everyone. THE END Ross always brightens the day! Guys is this a good story I'm writing a novel and I need suggestions of what it should be about! Plz tell me 🤔
Nano kittens (11 months ago)
More cops and robbers and try with aphmau too pleade
Chan Pei Min (11 months ago)
I want club ice back
Carla Alexander (11 months ago)
hey sky can you make more cops and robbers? plz
Janice Wilkinson (11 months ago)
The end part was so cool sky and okword fighting and falling down from a big height and after sky wins Ross does a matrix jump to the boat and they win
Baily Draws (11 months ago)
What is the server Ip you use?

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