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✔️ IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH WHEN THIS VIDEO IS UPLOADED SO HERE'S A SCARY MINECRAFT PE VIDEO! This MCPE has Slenderman (or something like it Slenderina)... Enjoy! ►New to my channel!? Subscribe for more! - http://bit.ly/AA12Minecraft RageElixir - https://www.youtube.com/user/RageElixir Map Download - http://mcpedl.com/slendrina-the-cellar-map/ ▼FOLLOW ME HERE▼ ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/aa12 ►Instagram: http://instagram.com/aa12 ▼MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS▼ ►Minecraft Channel: https://goo.gl/GtWXdT ►Real Life Channel: https://goo.gl/bQnMMd ►Roblox Channel: https://goo.gl/iPoECq ------------------------------------------------- ▼ALL MUSIC USED▼ ►Intro Song: Ghastly - We Might Fall ft. Matthew Koma ►Outro Song: P-Holla - Do It For Love
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Text Comments (336)
Zane Gaming YT (12 hours ago)
Agent 720p (14 hours ago)
726k subscribers? but gets 1.9k likes ?
TheCoolBlue Dude (16 hours ago)
next one is granny
Mush Mush (18 hours ago)
You are a mod
I'm on it now
I'm the first to want it
flippy the bear (1 day ago)
Those are not heads those are books
joshua mcgregor (1 day ago)
is was like number near 1.8k
Farah Qistina (1 day ago)
Sasuke Uchiha kyle (1 day ago)
AA12 Why you Want 6 Likes we can give you 1M Likes you know!
Vida Esguerra (1 day ago)
How to play mincraft
Jonathan Garcia (1 day ago)
Gavin Harvey (1 day ago)
Isaac Westdorp (1 day ago)
Rage did you choose this realm? I heard there's a real games about slendrina the cellar and darkpower202 created this game.
Ridhiman Singh (1 day ago)
so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Kyle Wilson (2 days ago)
Kyle Wilson (2 days ago)
`Coolio mate`
Kyle Wilson (2 days ago)
Kyle Wilson (2 days ago)
My name in minecraft is WeddedZebra105 please add me friend!!!
Linda wolf (2 days ago)
Bloody Mary plz
Angelo Donga (2 days ago)
rage said head that is not head it is book
Theresa McCarroll (2 days ago)
My like was 1.75
Angelo Donga (2 days ago)
i dont wat yuo have heart attack
Thaikie Bondad (2 days ago)
that's like granny
Thaikie Bondad (2 days ago)
I think that's slenderina
axzyte 2.0 backup (2 days ago)
Is that slenderina
TECH PHOENIX (2 days ago)
TECH PHOENIX (2 days ago)
TECH PHOENIX (2 days ago)
TECH PHOENIX (2 days ago)
More more spam more mwahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahhahab
Sushant Pangeni (2 days ago)
2 w
Ashattack 9898 (2 days ago)
andrei tubegaming (3 days ago)
Ken King (3 days ago)
I love you aa.12
Savitar 666 (3 days ago)
U left all the books
Daniela Socorro (3 days ago)
More more more more more🙂🙂🙂🙂
abdulnasser eman (4 days ago)
is that slendirina
Benny Omar (4 days ago)
play minecraft Eyes the horror
Benny Omar (4 days ago)
I subcribe
James Lilly (4 days ago)
can ay multipleyer
will exequiel ignao (4 days ago)
what da... Brandon just played that lolololllllllll!!!!!
Theironman Legaspi (4 days ago)
Playing Slendrina:The Cellar is very easy,you have to find 8 books and run to the exit door if you found the 8 books. There are also keys you can use on locked doors. You know guys,I'm not scared at Slendrina at all.
That is slendrina you need to find books
Don't play that map on: Fri/13
Crystal Marie (4 days ago)
Me and Kerri play minecraft TO AA12 😉
Crystal Marie (4 days ago)
Me and Kerri play minecraft TO AA12😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉
Dorina Lilla Varga (5 days ago)
Omg slendarina es like my naym and the one ses Dorina es mi name
Mavhin Jann Malanom (5 days ago)
Selendrinas head attacked you guys I saw it with my own eyes
Janice Jumalon (5 days ago)
lymwel intong (5 days ago)
O scarry
Dominick Vaness (5 days ago)
No not 6, LET'S go for 1000
It works the like button workes!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Diamond Wong (6 days ago)
My logo is swordwarth picture. On stick war legacy , ' stick man games '
Diamond Wong (6 days ago)
Rage is don like horror games.
Diamond Wong (6 days ago)
Slendrina Asylum , is 3. chaptes , has slendrina mom. She is gonna kill you in games.
Diamond Wong (6 days ago)
AA12 , you wanted to know. Slendrina have 7 chaptes.
Diamond Wong (6 days ago)
AA12 , first play slendrina is horror map. I don know you get scared.
Diamond Wong (6 days ago)
AA12 , slendrina in the playstore in real life
Sh7 Typ3 (6 days ago)
what world is that
Moinuddin Shaikh (6 days ago)
I play slender rina not horror
Moinuddin Shaikh (6 days ago)
Brave man
Railey Finones (6 days ago)
That's slendrina
Detective Ice cream (6 days ago)
jhepry javier (6 days ago)
I Subscribe and Like
DARLING_SHARMING 201 (6 days ago)
I love u rageelixir
Jelle Hendriks (6 days ago)
Higher like's
Justine Jesalva (6 days ago)
I found two books
Lily Lily (6 days ago)
Sonam Tshering (7 days ago)
Branded and rage is pranking you
Krizmar Angelo Lamud (7 days ago)
I got heart attack dude
mj gaming (7 days ago)
You missed the books
Antonio Rodriguez (7 days ago)
When I was watching your vid l 🏃 I triped l brock my leg
Ashley Jimena (7 days ago)
Isaac Westdorp (7 days ago)
Rage Are you serious? Do you think slendrina was behind AA12?
deathwing 6213 (7 days ago)
Caleb Cole (7 days ago)
Deep Mala Thapa (8 days ago)
You missed 1 book
BeyBlade Gamer66 (8 days ago)
i belive rage
BeyBlade Gamer66 (8 days ago)
WE DO NOT WONT YOU TO GET A HARD ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
play Granny
Vellala Raghu Prasad (8 days ago)
Make a bigger like goal
Geoffrey Wright (8 days ago)
It's my best friends berth day Friday the 13th
Ian Taruc (8 days ago)
I play the true slendrina and i am always jump scare
Ian Taruc (8 days ago)
Play slendrina at 3:00am
Ian Taruc (8 days ago)
Play granny
Ian Taruc (8 days ago)
I want more
JH Henry (8 days ago)
Hi AA12 play mobile legends bang bang its an action game on playstore
James Carl Bacud (8 days ago)
Why u guys are not getting the books
James Carl Bacud (8 days ago)
Is rage record that
Omar Avila (8 days ago)
Just forgot to comment
Omar Avila (8 days ago)
I was like number 3
Surya Ananda Krishnan (8 days ago)
Do cellar 2!
JcJ AKO Conjab (8 days ago)
Is that real why
dakota mckneely (8 days ago)
U have been pranked
dakota mckneely (8 days ago)
Get on realms
dakota mckneely (8 days ago)
Get on realms
dakota mckneely (8 days ago)
Get on realms
Mr T_King (8 days ago)
aa12 rage and Brandon make your house with bedrock
Brenna Burton (8 days ago)
Christian CarrilloA (8 days ago)
Rage did a prank to you and he made your house out of betterrock

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