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Final Fantasy 9 PS4 Cheats Guide - FF9 PS4 Remaster Top up your PS Plus subscription using my Amazon link and you will support my channel, thanks! US ► https://amzn.to/2MyYZeY UK ► https://amzn.to/2ySWrq9 ❤ Please consider helping the channel by becoming a Patron ❤ https://www.patreon.com/fuzzfinger Final Fantasy IX on PS4 includes a number of useful cheats and boosters that will help you on your way. Whether you use these hacks to trivialise the entire game, or just for the odd help through a tough battle is up to you of course. I'm just showing you where to find them :-) Full FF9 Walkthrough Playlist: https://goo.gl/pGhxWk Final Fantasy 9 was first released way back at the turn of the century for the original Playstation (PSX). Seventeen years later it's back in this PS4 re-release with updated HD models and graphics. ** SUBSCRIBE ** http://goo.gl/aZQxvv Want to say hello on my next live stream? Here is the schedule: All times given are in U.K time. I generally stream for over an hour each time. Mon - 2:30pm & 9:30pm Tues - 2:30pm Wed - 2:30pm & 9:30pm Thurs - 2:30pm & 9:30pm Fri - 2:30pm (sometimes 9:30pm too) Sat - 2:30pm I currently stream to both Youtube & Twitch concurrently. See you there: Twitch link 👉 https://www.twitch.tv/fuzzfinger ** FACEBOOK ** http://goo.gl/AhXZlz Here are some of my other completed Final Fantasy walkthroughs I believe you will enjoy: ★ Final Fantasy IV - https://goo.gl/WdpKpH ★ Final Fantasy VII - https://goo.gl/VujCcE ★ Final Fantasy VIII - https://goo.gl/sX7pZE ★ Final Fantasy IX - https://goo.gl/MA1gYs ★ Final Fantasy X - https://goo.gl/wKj7Zm ★ Final Fantasy XIII-2 - https://goo.gl/ckwVte ★ Final Fantasy XII - https://goo.gl/Ww6NjT If you enjoy this episode please remember to like, comment & subscribe :-) Fuzz Final Fantasy 9 PS4 Cheats Guide - FF9 PS4 Remaster
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Text Comments (62)
Tony Stark (1 month ago)
Do any of the achievements affect trophies? And getting Steiners sword is impossible! Since you’ll be missing a lot of content
Pablo (5 months ago)
When you're too stupid to enjoy the game as-is so you need to cheat, but you're also too dumb to figure out WHERE those cheats are.
RareHarmony (7 months ago)
Game Boosters are great for those that have beaten the game several times... if it's your first time playing this masterpiece, DON'T USE THEM. Please. You'll get a better experience.
DaFro3713 (9 months ago)
These cheats are for DSP levels of lousy gamers who don't want to actually play the game. It poisons the experience of a final fantasy game
Pablo (5 months ago)
Then read a novel or watch it online.
Oasis S. (5 months ago)
DaFro3713 meh, some of us just want the story. Jrpgs are ridiculously long and we don’t have 40-80 hours to commit to a game. I bought ff7/ff9 because the cheats are available. I wouldn’t want them in newer titles but I don’t mind them in the classics.
Red Deviltillidie!!! (9 months ago)
Infinite gill, could be useful. But the other boosts would just ruin the game for me. Beat it when it was originally released, so inf gill could make grinding a bit easier, for tents n Phoenix downs etc. The speed boost could be useful for grinding aswell. I remember when I wanted to finance a Gold choccoabo on final fantasy 7 on my second playthrough bk on ps1 so i could get knight's of the round and mime, etc etc and I used an Action replay cd to get max gill, that was useful, the price for stuff, medicine, tents etc on final fantasy 9 if I remember are quite expensive, so inf gill could be useful there.
Miguel Santana Rguez (9 months ago)
Everyone of the 4 cheats that you saw at first, disable the trophies?
Jeffrey Lee (8 months ago)
The cheats are in serarate places for that reason, the cheats that disable Trophies tells you that using them will do so, the cheats that won't disable Trophies doesn't say anything when you activate them.
Miguel Santana Rguez (8 months ago)
Jeffrey Lee but if you use that, disable the trophies? If not, the game is broken
Jeffrey Lee (8 months ago)
It actually doesn't, I tried it a few days ago and still got Trophies. The cheats in the config menu disable them because they're permanent. You would have to start a new game to disable those 3. The 4 from the pause menu can be turned on and off any time.
Miguel Santana Rguez (8 months ago)
Jeffrey Lee i think the 4 of the pause menu do. Because al 9999...
Jeffrey Lee (8 months ago)
The 4 from the pause menu don't, the ones from the config menu do.
Twon Jonson (9 months ago)
What about auto battle? Didn't mention how to toggle that
Jeffrey Lee (8 months ago)
That actually happened to me too, I ended up playing about 2 hours with it like that before looking up how to fix it
Twon Jonson (8 months ago)
Jeffrey Lee I was just asking cuz at the time I had toggled it by accident and couldn't figure out how to turn it off, that's all
Jeffrey Lee (8 months ago)
Auto battle isn't a cheat, it also tells you how to use it before the very first fight in the game. It's literally just an auto attack mode.
Tyler Pepitone (10 months ago)
The 3 boostet disable trophies also
Riku Kinnunen (10 months ago)
fuck this.. they pussified final fantasy.. im not going to buy this now.. fucking cheats
Kyle Demers (8 months ago)
Iv never seen someone so butt hurt over some boosting option lol do you need a hug? And the fact you wont "buy this game" over an option is sad bruh.
Twon Jonson (9 months ago)
Wice Orc time is our most precious commodity, bruh. Once it's gone, you can't get it back. So forgive me for wanting to experience this awesome story of FF9 again in fast forward. Life is what you make it. If videogamss are your life, then so be it, but don't be upset with folks like myself who have other obligations that can't wait on me grinding in FF9 the old school way.
Riku Kinnunen (9 months ago)
What does ? `get a life` even mean? I have no urge to copy some other lifestyles to get life or whatsoever you are meaming. Nor I dont want to be part of life consuming work cycle who takes away all freedom and time.
Twon Jonson (9 months ago)
Wice Orc I duno who shitted in ur corn flakes but ur clearly insane. Ur acting like FF9 is Bloodborne or some shit, these games aren't hard. Since when did GRINDING require any level of skill? Running around the map leveling up is not any sort of challenge so I dunno why the fuck ur whining like a bitch and going on a tirade over some shit thats OPTIONAL. I already beat the original fucking game on PSone 17 fucking years ago, sorry my life has obligations that prevent me from pouring another 60+ hrs into a game I've already beaten. Stop showing your pussy on this thread, man. I was tryna be respectful but ur up here flying off the handle over some optional shit, so fuck that. There is not a SINGLE mainline Final Fantasy game in existence that is challenging, so stop crying like someone just stole your lunch money you lil whiney bitch. Get a life like the rest of us, then maybe you'll understand grown men don't have time to be wasting pouring empty hours into games they've already beaten. I can't speak for newbies who are playing for the first time tho, cuz that ain't me.
Riku Kinnunen (9 months ago)
LoL, first of all when you grind with autospeed and 9999 damage it takes no skill, no patience and it teaches you nothink. Im sorry to say it but i hate lazy people like you. But unfortunately you seem to be majority so the big gamecompanies are listening to you and not us (we who love final fantasy games). And yes its totally unfair to unlock all secrets of final fantasy without doing any effort.. and get real its NOT that hard to complete final fantasy it just need 60-70hours.
Fatih Nielsen (10 months ago)
I fucking hate that they did cheats available lile 9999. Okay speed run and no encounter is okay. But fuck this 9999 damage bullshit
Vegesther (10 months ago)
I test the infinite trance hp and mp boost and if you turn on the always do 9999 damage cheat and purposely hit your own party members for 9999 damage you will still die hence ozma's meteor spell can still result in game overs if it does more damage then your max hp and with the instant lv to 99 cheat used at the start of the game highest max hp would be steiner's at the 6000 hp mark.
sal 465 (10 months ago)
As soon as i saw this video of ff9 released and i bought it minutes later. Its all Thanks to you. Many thanks!
Jeffrey Mijares (10 months ago)
I think I'm just going to use the 9999 damge and the max gil first I'll see what the max boost stats are because I never gotten to 99 I came close
masta inc (10 months ago)
Cheating in a final fantasy game.. takes all the fun out of the game.
TheFreakingOne (2 months ago)
yeah dude i lost all the playfun as soon as i saw even the option of it being there, id rather stick to PS1
IrishBlaine (6 months ago)
darky scythe (9 months ago)
well, when i found out about the 9999 damage and speed mod i can finish leveling up faster and the same time, now when im about to die in a boss i can just turn on the 9999 damage. i fight the grand dragon with 9999 damage mode and i gain alot exp and im still chapter 1 so when i did this whats the points it gonna make the game less fun and less challenging . its a good game but when they added the 4 cheats it just ruin it cause now i can just skip everything and now i dont feel like playing it.
IamKnucks (9 months ago)
For you. Some people play for story. Some people have played it 100 times and want to shake things up.
darky scythe (9 months ago)
ya but sense they added the 9999 damage it makes the game less fun sense people just are going to skip alot of things
Lasjah (10 months ago)
So they just ported the iOS version to PS4...
Vegesther (10 months ago)
However for the infinite trance hp and mp boost can yo still die if you take more damage then your current hp ie fighting the lv 60 grand dragons on disk 1 only to trigger a 3000 thundaga spell on your way under leveled party would the hp regen part of that cheat still keep you alive or would that thundaga spell still off a entire lv 10 party instantly with it. Yes 3x speed boost includes not only timed dungeons in game but the speed boost also effects the 60 second chocobo mini game as well for digging those up via the forest lagoon and air garden as well so turn the speed boost off when trying to dig those up via those 3 spots since 60 seconds under 3x speed is more like 10 seconds per attempt at digging those up not worth it.
Jeremy B (10 months ago)
Do you have a PSN so I can add you as a friend? If you want to give it out that is:)
Valentina Alzueta (10 months ago)
Hey Fuzz, I just wanted to thank you for all your help with your FF12 videos! Platinum-ed it last week! I'm about to embark on FF9 now, and looking at the Trophy list that just came out, the only one that has me shaking in my boots is the 1000 jump rope trophy... CAN YOU PLEASE DO A VIDEO WITH SOME TIPS FOR THIS TROPHY?? Thanks!
Andy (10 months ago)
i just wanted to write the same i was like yeah im gonna get plat .....then i saw the trophy list xD
FuzzfingerGaming (10 months ago)
Yes, I will get to it... at some point . Tbh I never succeeded with it in the past so here is hoping this time is different :P
paul colter (10 months ago)
Do the final fantasy 9 have trophies 🏆?????
Martin Fretes (10 months ago)
Thanatos420 (10 months ago)
What you didn't mention in the video, and what i'm sure everyone is wondering is: Do the cheats disable trophies? Or is it like in FF7 where you can use the cheats and still platinum the game?
Thanatos420 (16 days ago)
You have to jump a total of 1000 perfect jumps without fail. That is the only way to get the trophy. There's also another for 100 jumps as well. Both can now be easily obtained via a script/remote-play cheat that Fuzz has gone into detail on within a separate video. And Akira, don't get me wrong. I actually over-stated my opinion on Tetra Master. I only said it sucks because it's not as beneficial to the player as Triple Triad is, due to the Card Conversion ability in FF8, which makes Triple Triad amazing. You can convert you cards into useful stuff in FF8 whereas in FF9 that's not an option. Making Tetra Master a simple card-based mini-game and nothing more. Do I still think that means that it sucks? No. But that does mean that I find it far less of a utility. Making it less of an in-game priority. Which means it's easier to ignore when you're not forced into it since nothing it rewards actually benefits the player in the long-run.
Akira Kamisaru (9 months ago)
Thanatos420 Tetra Master, And Triple Triad Are Two of The Best Card Games, Next To Gwent.
Joenel Saracho (10 months ago)
Thanatos420 is 570 jump close enough thats my personal record in ps3
Thanatos420 (10 months ago)
Oh God. No. Please. PLEASE?! No. No?! NO! Lol. Okay, yeah. That's annoying. Putting it mildly. I actually FEARED they'd put in a trophy based on that stupid jumprope game if this ever got a release on PS4. And now low and behold, SE trolled us like I thought they would. I mean one for Excalibur 2? Fine, I can handle that by using Safe Travel and Speed Up while skiping FMVs. Not even Ozma is that bad. I can beat him just fine. But the stupid jumprope mini-game!? Ugh...I actually might not plat this game, afterall. But I will get DAMN close! Seriously though, anything involving the card game and the jumprope mini-game is just...nope lol. Now if this were Triple Triad...i'd be all over it. But no. It's Tetra Master. And it sucks lol.
Derp THAD (10 months ago)
This is still going to be the hardest to get a platinum on. You have to do the 1000 jump rope still. Literally thee worst thing in life to try and do
Emonkey12345 (10 months ago)
Has anyone told you that you sound similar to 2D from the Gorillaz?
eric tate (10 months ago)
can you still die have 9999
Nathan Straker (10 months ago)
Does speed up speed the black loading screens before battles or just the random battle game play? I love the game but hate the long loading times in between random battles
Thanatos420 (10 months ago)
I would assume it only counts towards gameplay and the on-screen timer in scenarios where you're being timed to do something. The loading times are based on the system itself's ability to read the game's data, not the in-game cheats or anything else. The screen transition when going into battles would probably be speed up, but the 2 second wait after the chime hits is probably still there unless they utilized the PS4's tech to improve the load times when transitioning into battles to make them instantaneous. Honestly though, I agree with you. If I had to complain about one single thing in FF9 outside of it's card game, it would be the load times that can seriously screw you over when going for Excalibur 2 thanks to random battles. Luckily, that's now kind of mitigated with the "Safe Travel" cheat.
Jace Belerin (10 months ago)
I'll definetly use the speed up option hehe
Derp THAD (10 months ago)
You can also skip the FMV's as well
Thanatos420 (10 months ago)
Me too, for the most part. However, there are a few sections in the game where I can see the option actually being an INCREDIBLY bad idea to utilize. Specifically, during sections where you're timed with an on-screen timer that's counting down. Because if it's anything like the speed up option in FF7, it ALSO speeds up the on-screen timer as well. Which in a few cases in FF9, could lead to an outright game-over. But for the most part, yeah. It's a good idea. Very useful (along with Safe Travel) for those going after Excalibur 2.

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