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Taxing Mature Rated Games To Prevent Violent Children? | News Wrap Up

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Please consider supporting my videos on: http://www.patreon.com/tarmack Or if you’re shopping on Amazon anyways, just use this link: http://amzn.to/2BjWKKY Our title story today is on the tax bill proposed in Rhode Island which would assign a tax on Mature rated video games with revenues going towards mental health and counselling services schools, despite Mature rated games being intended for gamers 17 and above. Tarmack's Game Industry News Wrap Up covers the following stories this week: 00:05 Skip To: Rhode Island May Tax Mature Rated Games 01:27 Skip To: Druidstone Into Full Production 02:08 Skip To: nVidia May Unveil New GeForce GTX Line Up At GTC 2018 03:06 Skip To: Norwegian Consumer Council Says Nintendo EShop Refund Policy Is Illegal (Thanks to Hypergrip on Discord for the joke on this one) 03:55 Skip To: Metal Gear Survive Extra Save Slots Cost $10 Each 05:21 Skip To: HiRez Undoes Paladins Cards Unbound Pay2Win System 06:22 Skip To Upcoming Games: Never Stop Sneakin http://store.steampowered.com/app/792880/Never_Stop_Sneakin/ Moss https://www.playstation.com/en-ca/games/moss-ps4/ Gravel http://store.steampowered.com/app/558260/Gravel/ Tarmack's Discord Chat Server https://discord.gg/wJKG7Zh Feature Creep https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGHAo4zNj-bqmixbwlISsMwdSt1bLrqMD Game Industry News Wrap Up https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGHAo4zNj-bq-3ZuzXGHRhjXycXkdfV7J Reviews https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGHAo4zNj-brBEdTK-62uEMvJYY48ZgZZ My Computer Specs Can Be Found Here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGnomeCast/about Game Industry News Wrap Up is a quick news segment done in the same style as late-night comedy talk shows. It's just my take on making the news more interesting.
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TheOneTheOnly W (5 months ago)
This is only a test to get people more riled up about gun control... Pathetic.
TheOneTheOnly W (5 months ago)
Oh FFS!!! It's the parents, not the games, not the kids... the fucking parents!!! How ignorant are people!?
Jorundr Hrafnsson (6 months ago)
While I don't think video games can make a regular person act violently; Do we know if they might push somebody who is already predisposed to such behavior to more likely act out in the real world?
Tarmack (6 months ago)
It seems likely to me. However so can getting fired or failing a test, having a fight with a friend, waking up on the wrong side of the bed, etc. Ultimately, seeking to prevent society from having any sharp edges instead of focusing on the core problem (mental illness), it's doing little more than putting a band-aid on an arterial wound.
Greig91 (6 months ago)
Where's the evidence? Oh wait there isn't any, because this is just a ploy to divert criticism away from the NRA and onto a scapegoat. What message does this rumoured tax even really send? Think about it. "Videogames can turn you into a homicidal maniac, but if you're willing to pay tax that's okay." Yeah good job. Because that $4 price bump is really going to stop 15 year old Timmy from buying GTA5 then mowing down half his school right?
Draconicrose Gaming (6 months ago)
It was bullshit in the 90s, it's bullshit now. This is all tactics to get people to look elsewhere instead of focusing on the actual problem, as usual.
Fred Frederick (6 months ago)
I like how the FBI didn't do a damn thing about this kid, but it's video-games that are the answer. How about this: If you say your going to commit a terrorist attack, that is an act of terrorism, you go to jail, and you gun license is revoked. If this kid had been from the middle east this whole situation would have turned out differently.
Maldus Alver (6 months ago)
Yeah well welcome to Seattle. Soda Tax for Child Obesiety, Gas Tax for Climate Change.
Negaton (6 months ago)
Just like that hack Jack Thompson that RI fool just wants to scapegoat games using lies and misinformation.
Movie Man Reviews (6 months ago)
The only good thing I see here is that if M games are taxed and games that have lootboxes are all rated M then they will be taxed. Which would just make devs avoid making games with lootboxes all together. Yay!
Jesus McBeth (6 months ago)
Lmao no emission Lmao best place for debate
Jesus McBeth (6 months ago)
Jesus McBeth (6 months ago)
Fuck Nintendo
Jesus McBeth (6 months ago)
Damn! Great breakdown of that tax nonsense!
Koeppdan (6 months ago)
In the end, it will just create one thing: Publishers paying to get lower Age Ratings for their Games. PUBG suddenly dropped from a Mature Rating to a Teen rating over night. This shows well how buyable the ESRB is. I could not imagine, this Game getting a Rating under 18+ in Germany or anywhere in the EU.
Girish Sardey (6 months ago)
Gravel!, Cuz DIRT is taken!!
Insert clever name here (6 months ago)
Hey you have to buy a whole new game to get another save slot in pokemon
AdamTheGameBoy (6 months ago)
Let me remind everybody the tax revenue would never go to mental health services. Politicians always hijack taxes like they have brutalizing poor social security. If you dig and look at the path of the tax revenue, and unless your local government is somehow 100% saints, you'll see even in your local government, little of the new .5 cent taxes earmarked for a purpose actually goes to schools, parks or roads and most goes into the pockets of the politicians.
Tomáš Berecz (6 months ago)
Great work on the wrap-up. :)
BasementMinions (6 months ago)
mjc0961 (6 months ago)
Good ol' PlayStation and their timed exclusivity. 🖕 It was bullshit last gen when Microsoft kept doing it for the 360, it's bullshit now when Sony keeps doing it for the PS4.
mjc0961 (6 months ago)
Absolute fair play on companies like Nintendo not being allowed to ignore European law (and why the hell is it only European law?). But also, who the fuck is pre-ordering a digital game that doesn't go out of stock?! There's no reason to do that. I understand preordering a limited physical item, but for a digital item that will never go out of stock, stop that! This industry doesn't deserve your money up front!
Thermal Ions (6 months ago)
Will be interesting to see if/when Nvidia brings out mining cards. They'll need to be at a price point to make them a more attractive purchase for miners, while making the actual hardware non-viable for gamers to use (or the problem simply gets reversed /evil laugh). I'd imagine any attempt to block gamers via a firmware or driver lock would likely be worked around in short order.
Cadeyrn Dragheim (6 months ago)
I say tax schools for not doing a proper job at education. What do all school shooters have in common? schools of course!
dotanuki (6 months ago)
Don't judge a book by it's cover and all that, but the featured politician couldn't look more sleazeball if he was purpose bred in a lab. I'll never get how the public can put their trust in people that look like they would suck the shit out of their dead mother for a nickel.
UnivegaSuperSport (6 months ago)
A video game "sin" tax? How low can you go? The nation experiences another gun tragedy that killed kids. Politicians Rather than addressing the problem, human garbage disguised as politicians find a way to cash in on it. If you can't save a life, find a way to make money from the dead ones.
Player Slot Available (6 months ago)
Wait, wasn't Moss on steam before? I seem to recall adding it to my wishlist..
kingdomrains (6 months ago)
To add a few more questions to the idea of taxing games purely on the fact that they have a "mature". A game does not need to be violent to get a mature rating, so does this create a prejudice against any developer who wants to make a game that is not "kid friendly"? I also wonder if this would even survive a court challenge since they are effectively taxing artistic expression, which to my (very limited, I am not American) knowledge of the first amendment ensures freedom of expression in artistic endeavors. Feel free to correct me if I am mistaken.
Thermal Ions (6 months ago)
It also sounds like he wants a tax based upon a voluntary (and in some cases self-assessed) rating scheme which the Government doesn't control (given the ESRB is essentially industry run).
Robert Simpson (6 months ago)
You should look back at what Hi-Rez has done to Tribes, that made them "neutral" in my book. However their recent move away from twitch with Smite has me concerned they are making really bad business plays.
Vashkey (6 months ago)
Um, most of the Metal Gears games are fantastic even without the story.....
Smitty Jagerman (6 months ago)
Unstable world leader gets a hold of powerful weapons? General public appalled they even have access to said weapons! Unstable town resident gets a hold of powerful weapons? Politicians appalled that...... people play video games?
mjc0961 (6 months ago)
Those NRA puppets have to find something to try and deflect the blame towards so they can keep protecting their right to "bare arms". (yes, "the right to bare arms" is something an actual NRA member was ranting about on Twitter. I for one am thankful to the NRA for protecting my rights to wear sleeveless shirts)
Jesse Mathis (6 months ago)
Unstable world leader gets a hold of power? People are appalled someone that unstable is allowed to run a nation! Unstable kid gets a hold of weapons? People are appalled the kid got access to weapons! Not saying we shouldn't pay some attention, but too many mentally ill people running around this day and age is an even bigger problem...
mitori (6 months ago)
do all those companies have refund policies at all? I thought steam and xbox were the only platforms with that option.
mjc0961 (6 months ago)
If "call their customer service line and hope like hell whoever you talk to is feeling generous" counts as a refund policy, then yes. However, it doesn't, so no.
ANIMEman0519 (6 months ago)
mitori I’ve gotten some refunds from PSN before but I had to jump through some hoops to get them.
BahamutDKing (6 months ago)
Every time some bloody fool tries to politicize tragedy before the bodies are cold and buried the government will use your ban the things to ban things you like stop asking the government to do stuff when ever your upset it will bite you in the ASS!
Bitter Cynic (6 months ago)
I've got 99 reasons to be violent but video games ain't one.
atropabelladonna12 (6 months ago)
Fucking great, because guns fund the government our video games get taxed instead. Miserable corrupt bastards.
The Jaded Warlock (6 months ago)
We're going through this song and dance again? Have we learned NOTHING from the LAST 20 YEARS?!?!
Benjamin Beltran (6 months ago)
Many people said "if you don't like lootboxes vote with your wallet and don't buy the game. Once you get the eye of Sauron of the state on gaming they will start taxing for bullshit reasons" well. Apparently that wasn't such a far fetched claim...
Alvaro CAro (6 months ago)
only in the usa?
David Yeakle (6 months ago)
Did I wake up in the 90's? Did Mortal Kombat just come out? Weird, for a second there I could have sworn it was 2018 and multiple scientific studies have proven games don't cause violence. Must have just been a weird dream. Welp, see you in 3 weeks when my 64kbps dial-up finishes downloading this video.
shard gaming (6 months ago)
David Yeakle nothing is ever truly proven.much to our dismay there's plenty of studies that somehow correlate violence and videogames. There's too much contradictory information.
thelastgogeta (6 months ago)
You mean Moss is a "God Game" not a "God Hand" game. It would be cool if it resembled God Hand though. On the MG Survive character slots, I can't confirm it but if you can have a second save by using another PSN account (Steam won't be so lucky probably - you need to buy the game again). Konami are bad but you would have a free workaround.
Nicolas Medel (6 months ago)
The developers of Faster Than Light (a great rogue like strategy game) are releasing "Into the Breach" the 27th too. I find the focus on mechanics before graphics and the history of the devs makes ItB a promising indie
Simone (6 months ago)
Nicolas Medel I second this. Personally I've been waiting for a tactics type of game just like this.
adamsrealm (6 months ago)
0:07 “ *CEET MARP* “
adamsrealm (6 months ago)
If you think about it, it’s quite clever that trump is managing to capitalise for the government off of stupid hysterical idiots. It’s Immoral but brilliant....
oplu45 (6 months ago)
There is evidence that children exposed to guns at a young age are killed. So tax guns?
Mikail Elchanovanich (6 months ago)
it could be argued that a gun tax violates the second amendment, since not everyone with the "right to bear arms" will be able to afford it, however that doesn't account for the fact that guns cost money in the first place, and see a right wing American capitalist explain that one.
GobyWanKenobi (6 months ago)
Taxing guns is a good idea for different reasons.
Grendorf (6 months ago)
thats probably the reason they do this, NRA lobbyist: QUICK! BLAME SOMETHING!
4everdefective (6 months ago)
nice. might get back into paladins now.
Matt Roszak (6 months ago)
Why do people still pre-order digital items? They're not gonna run out of stock, yo! Well, some people have actually told me it's "because I have money now and might not later", which is a terrible reason! Manage your finances better!
thecoolguy010 (6 months ago)
Wow, it's really Matt! I LOVE YOUR GAMES
Matt Roszak (6 months ago)
Fair enough about wanting to play the game as soon as it comes out. That's not something I care much about these days, but when I was younger I definitely got a lot more hyped for game releases and would have liked that.
ANIMEman0519 (6 months ago)
Matt Roszak I just love the pre-loading feature. Like being able to download bayonetta 2 on switch a day before so I can just wake up and take my switch to work to play it on breaks is great.
Tarmack (6 months ago)
The only situations that it's valuable to me, is collectors editions which are limited supply, and the possibility of the preorder being cheaper which it often is through Amazon and such. That said, I haven't preordered a game in years at this point.
Hal Motley (6 months ago)
To be fair I didn't think of preloading and Max Payne 3 was HUGE. I wonder how many more games I buy will weigh 30GB or more.
Rigged for Epic (6 months ago)
If you like the Grimrock games I was wondering if you ever played the Dungeon Master games and Atari ST/Amiga?
Thermal Ions (6 months ago)
Personally, I'd judged Tarmack's viewership as generally above the teenybopper bracket. Not all of the Atari/Amiga generation, but generally mature enough to hold a reasonable conversation.
NoJusticeNoPeace (6 months ago)
Yes, but the self-fellating circle-jerk of semi-literate suburban teenyboppers who get nostalgic feels for last week crowd out any other discussion. Notice how many "thumbs" Rigged for Epic got?
Thermal Ions (6 months ago)
No, but some of us grown-ups who subscribe to YouTube gaming channels have.
NoJusticeNoPeace (6 months ago)
None of the kids who subscribe to YouTube gaming channels have played Dungeon Master, Ultima Underworld, Wizardry, or any of the other forerunners Grimrock is based on.
ClexYoshi (6 months ago)
I know this is going to sound like a lame excuse, but due to the heavily intigrated multiplayer nature of Pokemon, I think the one save slot thing, while a nessessity on the original battery backed games, was kept because of a game balance thing of wanting players to only have one copy of certain items per playthrough, as items, certain rare pokemon you make the choice between, etc. are meant to be choices that have weight to them, and you'd be able to easily undermine that intended experience, especially with the use of services like Pokemon bank. this argument of course goes straight out the window when a second game is purchased, of course.
ClexYoshi (6 months ago)
I mean... I generally like Pulseman, Drill Dozer, Tembo the Badass Elephant, and HarmoKnight. I think maybe they were a studio too small to pull off massive JRPGs and Ape/Creatures Inc were the bad devs involved in all this...
Jesse Mathis (6 months ago)
I agree to an extent, but I wouldn't take anything GF does as intentional, generally. They're bad devs that occasionally make good decisions, and that's all they are.
Naimiira (6 months ago)
Or parents could just... you know pay attention to what games they let their children play...
tsartomato (6 months ago)
nah my mom found for me how to shoot in DN3D because using a mouse in games at that time was a crazy idea. i was like 8 probably watched all 80s american movies with my dad since the beginning all that garbage about violence affecting children is fake news how did kids grew up in middle ages with public beheadings and marriage at 12 to progress to the stage where we sent a human into space? violent media is entirely american pointless invention to milk taxpayers money and extort money from the artists
Jos Meijer (6 months ago)
That's seriously a thing? In my country (Netherlands) it's a very uncommon thing to happen.
DragoonKnight790 (6 months ago)
Jos Meijer I'd also say it probably has something to do with teenage pregnancy going from a rarity and super taboo, to commonplace and accepted as an inevitability. We shouldn't have to have a room in a highschool that's for daycare and parental classes. Children should not be having children.
Jos Meijer (6 months ago)
Have you ever looked through the ''terms and agreements'' in a video game? all of them state that a kid under 12 years is required to have parental agreement before any online purchase. Furthermore whenever a kid makes a purchase (who is under 12 years old) and the parents did not give permission, they can ask for a refund and will almost always get that refund. Plus lootbox systems aren't really the thing the gaming industry is arguing about. It's the fact that underage kids are playing overage games. That is still something a parent should look out for. Whether they will or not is yet to be seen, but it is still their responsibility.
mjc0961 (6 months ago)
It'd be easier for parents to pay attention to what games they let their children play if the ESRB did their fucking jobs and rated any game that has loot boxes you can pay real money for (or you can pay real money for currency which you can use to get loot boxes) AO like they're supposed to.
Arctiq (6 months ago)
Politicians (except Chris Lee, he's awesome) are idiots. Let's not heavily tax the thing that literally kills people. Let's use the entertainment industry as a scapegoat
sunyavadin (6 months ago)
Turns out the criteria for us empathising with something on an unconscious level, pretty much boil down to "four limbs and a head".
sunyavadin (6 months ago)
In fact there's neuroscience results suggesting the opposite, that it reduces such tendencies, as every time you do something bad in a game, however innocuous, the processes detectable as what'd be described as your conscience fire. And that doing it repeatedly acts to reinforce those pathways, making you less likely to want to do it in real life.
DragoonKnight790 (6 months ago)
There's been an in depth study (I think it was in Germany) to see if videogames make kids/young adults violent. They don't. Videogames making people violent is bs.
sunyavadin (6 months ago)
Funny how the rest of the world, where we have all those same games, doesn't have killing sprees in their schools. It's almost as if we already have proof that games aren't a causal factor...
treos2 (6 months ago)
treos2 (6 months ago)
4:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbdAlBoBNeI care to try again with that fuckkonami news segment? turns out they've got a price tag on more than just character slots.
Tarmack (6 months ago)
I only have so much time, and Konami really isn't that important. :P

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