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Hilarious glitching in Trials HD.

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Text Comments (622)
Impractical (11 months ago)
This allways happens
cheesyblend (2 years ago)
I only just remembered this video and I cannot believe it's 7 years ago that it was posted! unbelievable.
Sir Orgy (2 years ago)
'nyooyenamyim!' Quote of 2015 😂😂
seth (3 years ago)
schalazeal07 (4 years ago)
I laughed so hard!!!! XD XD XD Oh my gosh!!! So funny!!! This is the best laugh that I got from 4pp!!
Cup (4 years ago)
Cup (3 years ago)
+TidalMello they had HD capture cards in 2009 and you know it!
TidalMello (3 years ago)
+MrGlorifiedCake This video is like 6-7 Years old. Chill out.
ben weaver (4 years ago)
ben weaver (4 years ago)
its easy HOLD Y
Marley McGee (4 years ago)
trials HD gets down :O
TheAndrewj96 (5 years ago)
Fuck the Harlem Shake.
Ty Crane (5 years ago)
4playerpodcast should merge with Roosterteeth. :P
Ichigo1932 (5 years ago)
Ha ha ha brad ha i cant stop laughing it hurts ha ha brad ur the best ever to be on youtube ha ha
NOAHROCK10 (5 years ago)
can i use this video?
andiesilly12 (5 years ago)
Harlem shake before it was popular.
summeriswarm (5 years ago)
this guy is hilarious
That Guy (5 years ago)
glitching: because hacking is just too mainstream.
mb78758 (5 years ago)
2:32 "rrooooonnyeee" So fuckin epic lmao
Filthy (5 years ago)
Makes me think of unrolling a tape measure and letting it go
iTzCookiee HDs (5 years ago)
206 bones in the body so Yes
GalenOfMilk (5 years ago)
It was Drunk Tank #19 that Gavin was talking about this video. Man...I remember watching this live lol. I kinda miss the old 4PP. But then again I'm real happy that they've gotten pretty far. *GAAASSSPPP* THEY SHOULD DO A JOINT PODCAST. Or be special guests :D
Peyton (5 years ago)
Yes there are 207 bone in the human body you idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Axel hernandez (5 years ago)
:D jajaja es genial
Abdul (5 years ago)
is he drunk thums up if you agree
Yzabelle Delosreyes (6 years ago)
TechnicallyCalm (6 years ago)
Can someone tell me what #10 name was. Because to me it looks like theRadBrad.
Ben Atkins Chafer (6 years ago)
drunk tank yeah yeah
Aidref (6 years ago)
Number 19 bro :)
Medical Vacuum Cleaner (6 years ago)
Number 7's hand streched like a tape measure.
Lvl54Idiot (6 years ago)
I believe it was #19. Could be wrong.
I SoldierSide I (6 years ago)
I have to ask, Which podcast # led to this?
TheBurritoBandit (6 years ago)
andrew228361 (6 years ago)
Wat with ur laugh
PompousPoggs (6 years ago)
As Brad would say, "It's a femur."
toastydark (6 years ago)
2:07 now thats what we call mr. fantastic on crack
SilentEcho8 (6 years ago)
@Fattybobatty1224 Thanks!
Fattybobatty1224 (6 years ago)
@Sephyvamp It was episode 19 of the Drunk Tank.
Mr Videos & Games (6 years ago)
They are all glitched because you're looking at the high scores. People get these massive scores by glitching. I don't know why the body sometimes stretches though.
Burnie Lemonhammer (6 years ago)
wow did anyone else see the dick in the top left hand corner
Brady Stanfield (6 years ago)
0:40 wat the heck?
Brady Stanfield (6 years ago)
how did you see thier videos or replays
Brady Stanfield (6 years ago)
1 time i did a pathetic 1 and hit the glass and all the peices were stuck in my body and i went everywhere! My arms were 10 miles long! IT WAS HILARIOUS! LOL!
GG (6 years ago)
The one with the pink and turquoise cyclist was epic.
Syn94 (7 years ago)
Chuck Norrish (7 years ago)
I almost pissed myself when he said ''Oh he got his head stuck, AH FUCK!!"" LMAO xD
Jack Dutton (7 years ago)
there 215 bones in the human body not counting the lower and higher ear fragment which is extreamly small smaller than a grain of rice :P stay off drugs kids !
Kimberly Hall (7 years ago)
WildeYoutube (7 years ago)
cringlator (7 years ago)
Drunk tank
alan byrne (7 years ago)
his laugh is wats funny hehe
Jenami (7 years ago)
ROFLMAO! mr fantastic?! hahahah My face hurts from laughing....
lukaszaz (7 years ago)
i love wen you say at 0:56 mr fantastic and w3n you say oh no fuck what the fuck at 4:35 :D!!
Le78753 (7 years ago)
dood your reaction to the dood at 2:02 has had me laughin for the past 20 min hahaha
GameSomeNess (7 years ago)
LOL Drunk Tank leads to 4playerpodcast
biteme2367 (7 years ago)
My favorite is @ 2:46 he starts to seize at the end.
biteme2367 (7 years ago)
My favorite is @ 0:46 he starts to seize at the end.
MsPheonixfox (7 years ago)
roflcopter :D
Medical Vacuum Cleaner (7 years ago)
Brad, there are 208 bones.
basfrans (7 years ago)
I must go, my people need me!
James Carmichael (7 years ago)
2:31 you sound like the rain man.
Dat Pentakill Tho (7 years ago)
I like howtheir glitchi-HUNNNNNNNN hun hun...
Mary Sweeney (7 years ago)
thats unfair coz he glitched? Thats how the top 1000 got 206 bones broke
yeemeister94 (7 years ago)
i've seen this more than 50 times and i STILL lmao omg
Slobbert (7 years ago)
At 0:26 you ask if there are 170 something bones in a human body, well there are actually 206 bones in an adult human body (but you bring up a good point and now I wonder if you had glitched a little harder, could you have passed 206?)
MrNixon911 (7 years ago)
nawwwww nuh nurrr
Gimpy (7 years ago)
Huh. I had no idea Dhalsim did motorcross.
drdrummerman (7 years ago)
mr fantasic!!!!!!!!!
Pataroo1 (7 years ago)
ultimategmer (7 years ago)
ehis is perfect for the 1911 theme XD
Nimeron fühn (7 years ago)
I guess 02:09 is the most terrfiying thing i have ever seen in a normal game.
milkenobi (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if you also think this guy is the double rainbow guy
cabagejo (7 years ago)
Michael Walters (7 years ago)
hahahahahahh 2:08!!!!!!!!!
CJ_Roret (7 years ago)
crazynate73 (7 years ago)
2:08 is the best
Manfred (7 years ago)
Only Brad can make this game fun and entertaining to watch....
brazy999 (7 years ago)
@FunkiiMunkii2 chinese
O (7 years ago)
2:06 *Rage Quit*
SaberZoro (7 years ago)
@EmoAlex97 Rofl
SaberZoro (7 years ago)
@EmoAlex97 Rofl ^^
Old Account1 (7 years ago)
SaberZoro (7 years ago)
Akane Splatter (7 years ago)
second time watching this :D
Jason Jimenez (7 years ago)
lol @ 2:15 omg this person did terrible
Alpha Bromega (7 years ago)
Pehedro Gonzalez (7 years ago)
@adamrichie2002 it's just a bit of fun dude, get a sense of humour.
chriszaysaloha yeah (7 years ago)
laught .
chriszaysaloha yeah (7 years ago)
BigNick (7 years ago)
Doodle Bob at 2:33
dirtbikerdan (7 years ago)
dumbass there are 208 bones in the human body you fuck-tard . after 2:27 rofl
dirtbikerdan (7 years ago)
dumbass there are 208 bones in the human body you fuck-tard
videogamemaniac001 (7 years ago)
Dude you sound like Doodle!!
Eric Antonik (7 years ago)
As the mighty Ogre once said, "nerds......Nerds........ NERDS NEAAAAAAARDS!!!!!!" Great job.
Alucard Winter (7 years ago)
4:30 is the best
BumWarts (7 years ago)
Your voice reminds me of a comedian called Emo Phillips.
Lowie Verriest (7 years ago)
mister fantastic xD
Daniel James (7 years ago)
Great glitches shame about the idiot commenting
whambamham77 (7 years ago)
wot the hell actually causes these glitches? been trying for ages to do them XD
Aneurysm (7 years ago)
@TheBoredomOtaku Trial HD
TheBoredomL (7 years ago)
what game is this O_O
rudorot65 (7 years ago)
i found a 206 bone glitch # 1 right now

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