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Garry's Mod | Purple Guy vs Animatronics | Garry's Mod Sandbox

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This game was completely made just so Tony can scare the shit out of me.. thanks a fucking lot Tony. Subscribe:http://www.youtube.com/Alex4higher?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alex4higher Gamesdeal: http://bit.ly/Alex4Games Tony: https://www.youtube.com/user/TCTNGaming Music: http://www.audionautix.com/ Music: http://incompetech.com/ Outro Music: Music by Approaching Nirvana http://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvana Song: Final Flight Buy the song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/GUIByk
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Text Comments (88)
The Boss Tornado (2 months ago)
But play on the gmod fnaf maps that have events on them
The Boss Tornado (2 months ago)
Hey Alex do some more gmod fnaf on the maps you played on but this time use face came from now on
#kebabhešteg (3 months ago)
Why is the graphics quality so fucked up
TheGameingUniverseMusic (4 months ago)
alfredstrokes (4 months ago)
this is my fav vid
Kalan Jaden (6 months ago)
Alex your the best youtuber😃😃😃
Noah Hughes (6 months ago)
Tony cheated because he said you can not be invisibl when you get in the room and you were not but tony was so he fuckin cheated
alexthegame 35 (6 months ago)
Poor alex
Russshlawn Lee (10 months ago)
Can you make Alex a werewolf
Russshlawn Lee (10 months ago)
Can you turn Alex in to a werewolf
Ni'Caela Rowland (1 year ago)
It is taken out by one thousand
Anthony R (1 year ago)
Sara Wolke (1 year ago)
Doge Warrior (1 year ago)
Latario Rustin (1 year ago)
umiarsi 25 (1 year ago)
tony..... the pulse rifle is 1000 damage
Chiquita Turner (1 year ago)
Marley Waggoner (1 year ago)
myn namw Iz jevf
Rusty Frierson (1 year ago)
poor Alex NJ CV HB BC xbbcjgy
Brian Cacini (1 year ago)
I would hope the animatronics won
pelicano warrior (1 year ago)
Jeff Fitch (2 years ago)
Alex4higher you are so funny in the video's
Nathan White (2 years ago)
dear Alex4higher you are such a bith
tracey calumpang (2 years ago)
so funny XD
Andrea Guerrero (2 years ago)
purple guy has kill animatronic
pupet has cool
ben moore (2 years ago)
1000 damage each hit of the plazma ball/combine's balls
walichon78 (2 years ago)
Springtrap dose not scare me but i love your Channel by the way
Danny Montejano (2 years ago)
your so so so funny
Marisa Irrobali (2 years ago)
Alex is scared Angelb1101
mangle fox (2 years ago)
ah,fuking hell!
RICHARD DAWES (2 years ago)
Watch the fucking one punch man anime bicth 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠
JustinTFC (2 years ago)
!! love that !!
Essau Bangun (2 years ago)
alex i really like your video when you make the video
fox gamer (2 years ago)
I love u alex4gigher!!!!
fox gamer (2 years ago)
yeah!it's so funny:pant!pant!pant!ah ya gotta be fuki'n with me!!!¡
Barry Allen (2 years ago)
i wathced tony playing this on him video
Alexis Cormier (2 years ago)
your video was awesome alex
Cameron Austin (2 years ago)
How do you make It night?
Darkslayer 1403 (2 years ago)
man up and take it like a man
Luka Pacich (2 years ago)
purple guy is springtrap
colby connor (2 years ago)
No one can't , can't not love your vids keep going cause their funny.
Diego Espinoza (1 year ago)
colby connor has been the most amazing person I ever had on the phone with the family of my friends
Ro Lagir (1 year ago)
colby connor i
Andrew Murphy (1 year ago)
colby connor butt
spring bonnie (1 year ago)
fox gamer
Ezra Kahui (2 years ago)
+LPO LPO weird?
Blair Doyle (2 years ago)
poor alex bby
RockyBrooks Gaming (1 year ago)
Alex4higher hi can I be in a video with you
Gabriel Nevada (2 years ago)
+Alex4higher I really like your videos when u guys do this it is so funny
Blair Doyle (2 years ago)
+Alex4higher ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alex4higher (2 years ago)
+Silly Gurl thanks <3
Shanan Underwood (2 years ago)
i. like. your video
Scott Blek (2 years ago)
Is spring trap the scariest animatronic to you?
Rhino Ranger (2 years ago)
where did tony get his springtrap pill
De'andre Witty (2 years ago)
I laughed and had a heart attack then die and started laughing again
erik gomez (2 years ago)
I know your videos glintchinginthedark
cross sans (2 years ago)
i subscribed to alex4higher
Maria Reyes (2 years ago)
can i be in it please alex and tell tony to come
funtime freddy (2 years ago)
purple guy is in springtrap
Mazahs96 (3 years ago)
the gun takes a thosuand of health each time it hits you
HMETAL96 (3 years ago)
this vid was on my birthday! :D
Lars Peter Nørholm (3 years ago)
tony toy Bonnie is not scary
James Jovicich (3 years ago)
Jack owe69th wswar (6 days ago)
James Jovicich
Eileen Ramirez (3 years ago)
I'm a big fan of evrybody
N. Marie (3 years ago)
I liked it so much
N. Marie (3 years ago)
N. Marie (3 years ago)
GATORSK8TER (3 years ago)
anyone want to game i have a channel and im trying to get a crew together if anyone wants to join look at my channel and see if you like the same thing
edenfinity (3 years ago)
*waves arms* umg what a nerd :v all them jumpscares  xD
salman khan (3 years ago)
Great video love the jump scare 😂😂, penis
TheToastyBizzzness (3 years ago)
NCT Videos (3 years ago)
Kyla Lavallie (2 years ago)
Kyla Lavallie (2 years ago)
Remilia Scarlet (3 years ago)
I get it help me a slender reference
NCT Videos (3 years ago)
glitchez net (3 years ago)

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